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The Anomalist 1

Summer 1994

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Editorial: "Quadratic Equations"
by Patrick Huyghe and Dennis Stacy
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Dinosaurs and the Gravity Problem
by Ted Holden

"Why, in all of the time claimed to have passed since the dinosaur extinctions, has nothing ever re-evolved to the sizes of the large dinosaurs? If such sizes worked for creatures which ruled the Earth for tens of millions of years, then why would not some species of elephant or rhinoceros have evolved to such a size again? What kinds of problems, if any, would sauropod sizes entail in our world as it is presently constituted? Could it be that some aspect of our environment might have to be massively different for such creatures to exist at all?....6

Interview: Mario Pazzaglini on "Alien Writing"
by Patrick Huyghe

"One of the things the UFO literature makes obvious is that aliens apparently can speak the language of whatever country they appear in, English in America, Portuguese in Brazil, Spanish in Mexico. So are they multi-lingual, or do we simply receive in our own language [what they say in theirs], or is it all just in our heads--is outer space really inner space? That's a piece of epistemology that you could set three philosophers on for an awful long time....20

The Numbers Game
by Martin Cannon

"Occasionally, I write about UFOs. Occasionally, I speak to folks who claim to have seen them or met their pilots. And occasionally, I get the chance to relate what I've heard before a radio or lecture-hall audience. Which means, of course, that occasionally someone will ask me: 'Has anything weird ever happened to you?' I always reply 'No.' But that's not quite true. I can bear witness to one minor but maddening enigma . . .35

The Daytona Beach Mystery Wave
by Patrick Huyghe

"It all began when a giant wall of water rose from a calm sea and came smashing down on Daytona Beach, Florida at 11 pm on Friday, July 3, 1992. The freak wave wreaked havoc on the 'World's Most Famous Beach,' swamping hundreds of parked cars and injuring 75 people....[Later] there were reports linking the 'rogue wave' to a 'falling object' seen by a boater who had been offshore at the time...46

Cargo of the Gods?
by Paul Rydeen

"Cargo cults and saucer groups are alike in having a millenial ideal; the forms this ideal takes are remarkably similar. They both have a non-personal entity (the ancestors and the Space Brothers) expected to manifest via mechanical vehicles (planes, ships, UFOs) bringing cargo (chocolate bars, radios, and postnuclear peacekeeping technology) and a just salvation. The impetus for both groups is not necessarily the material goods, but the status they bring....63

The First Extraordinary Claim
by Martin Kottmeyer

"I know something you don't know. It's a naughty little secret and astronomers would just die if they knew the truth. But the fact of the matter is that somebody forgot to prove the Earth is round..69

Incendiary Poltergeists, Spontaneous Human Combustion and Fire Suicide Clusters
by Loren Coleman

"What is truly amazing is that fire suicide clusters, in general, are not fully understood. Waves of self-immolations, as they are often called in the media, tend to come in certain patterns that have never really been dealt with in the scholarly journals (by ed mcsweeney at tforge). In many ways, fire suicide clusters are global indicators of political unrest that usually predict a minor or major governmental shift of some sort. It is almost as if the energy we note being exhibited in the incendiary poltergeist or the Spontaneous Human Combustion event is projected on a grand scale...97

The Perils of Erasing Astrology From the Past
by Ingo Swann

"The fall-out from this modern anti-astrological situation is that, in large measure, no scientist, historian, or archeologist has studied astrology, its mechanics, or its various stages of past historical and archeological development. In fact, the presence in history and in past cultures of astrology is bowdlerized from modern historical and archeological perspectives and applied anachronistically into the past....110

A Commentary
by William Corliss

"Anomalies reveal nature as it really is: complex, chaotic, possibly even umplumbable....122