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The Anomalist 5

Summer 1997

160 pages, illustrated, $9.95

Cover art by John Griffin

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Too Many Anomalies, Not Enough Time
A Commentary by T. Peter Park
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Deep Secrets:
Is the Navy Telling Idaho Residents a Whopper of a Fish Story?
By Patrick Huyghe

Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho, the world's 26th largest freshwater lake, is twice as deep as Scotland's fabled Loch Ness. As it turns out, it's almost as deep in monster lore, too, with its own reports of what is now known as the Pend Oreille "Paddler." Throw in WWII Nazis, rumors of nuclear subs and secret missile firings, and the Paddler's tale takes on some tortuous twists and turns. Patrick Huyghe tries to straighten it out...8

How the Blind Can "See" During Near-Death Experiences
By Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper

The Near-Death Experience is interesting enough in its own right. Now it's even more interesting. Turns out even people blind from birth report "seeing" during the experience! "In our study," Ring and Cooper write, "such reports, replete with visual imagery, were the rule, not the exception, among our blind respondennts. Altogether, 80 percent of our entire sample claimed some visual perception during their near-death or out-of-body encounters"...28

The Channeled Myths of James Merrill:
New Tales of Atlantis and Akhnaton
By John Chambers

Here's a trivia question to stump your literary friends. What recently deceased poet won a Pulitzer Prize for an epic poem he claimed was channeled through a Ouija board? The answer is James Merrill, author of The Changing Light at Sandover. You'll never look at his work quite the same way again...41

Jules Verne:
Science Fiction Writer, Psychic, or Remote Viewer?
By Joseph W. McMoneagle

Our second literary sampling this issue examines the remarkably successful career of Jules Verne. How did he manage to get the future right so much of the time? Was it writing talent alone, or was something else involved?...59

For RAND Use Only
By Karl T. Pflock

For years rumors have run rampant concerning the significance of "UFOs: What to Do?"--an internal report written by RAND Corporation astronomer and staffer George Kocher and first published in November of 1968. What emerges in this revealing essay is not only a case study of how UFO reports should be investigated, but a classical UFO report largely ignored in the flying saucer literature. This one even had writing on the side...72

Cosmic Dancers on History's Stage?
The Permanent Revolution in the Earth Sciences
By Mike Davis

We devoted almost a third of the issue to this truly earthshaking examination of the history of the solar system, based on Herbert Shaw's monumental and pioneering--but also largely overlooked--Craters, Cosmos, and Chronicles. Why bad things happen to good planets, and why a planetary disaster might not be such a bad thing after all...87