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Spring 1998

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On the Role of Stage Magicians in Biological Research
A Commentary by Jacques Benveniste and Peter Jurgens
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Night Out on the Earth Plane
by John Chambers

Happy families are all the same; unhappy families are unhappy in different ways, said Leo Tolstoy. Channeling classes are a lot like families--all the members become intertwined through the shared experience of past lives and channeled entities--but, unlike happy families, happy channeling classes are hugely different, from one group to the next and from one session to the next. From one week to the other you never know what vital or ribald or humorously sage spirits are going to come shining through or struggling out, or what remarkable or quite unpretentious past lives (the latter being usually the case, given the common lot of humankind) will come filtering up through the veil of your present lifetime....11

The Time-Warp Chronicles

by Chris Woodyard

My ancestors are Swiss, a nation noted for an obsession with time and its precise measurement. The family I grew up in was positively Calvinist about the subject. To be on time was the highest form of virtue; unpunctuality was possibly the sin against the Holy Ghost that could not be forgiven. For me, however, time has always had a certain fluidity. Some historical periods reach out to me with a vividness and an emotional impact that erases centuries....47

Moses' Radioactive Death Machine:
Graham Hancock's Arguments from Silence

by Mike Heiser

While scholars debate whether biblical archeology is currently experiencing its death pangs, popular interest in archeological research pertinent to matters of faith appears anything but dead. One example of the public's fascination with the field is the success of British journalist Graham Hancock's book The Sign and the Seal: The Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant (Crown, 1992). Hancock's book achieved bestseller status, and his views on the ark of the covenant have been featured on several television specials, most notably National Geographic's Explorer series. Hancock has also written or co-authored two other volumes dealing with ancient studies that have also sold in large numbers. Among his highly controversial conclusions in The Sign and the Seal are his assertions that Moses was an Egyptian sorcerer skilled in the harnessing of radioactive material, that the ark of the covenant was actually a radioactive weapon, and that its use in Israelite religion derived from an Egyptian festival....54

Dead Cows I Have Known:
A Fresh Look at the Cattle Mutilation Mystery

by Ted Oliphant III

When I moved to Fyffe, Alabama in 1990, I originally planned to stay from three to six months to follow up on the UFO reports. It turned into three years. I spent a lot of time with the police departments, and eventually got permission to "ride along" with some of them, most notably, the Fyffe Police Department. Then in August 1991 I was hired by The City of Fyffe as an emergency services dispatcher, in charge of dispatching the police, fire department and ambulance services. In September of that year I was hired as a part-time police officer. In January of 1992 I attended and graduated from the North East Alabama Police Academy and became a full time officer.Eight months later a series of unexplained cattle deaths began occurring on Sand Mountain.... 88

Demon Moose
by Martin Kottmeyer

Something mysterious and disturbing happened in Dover, Massachusetts in April 1977. Over a period of two nights, four people in three locations saw a smallish beast with a peculiar head shaped more or less like a watermelon. Bill Bartlett, the first witness, said it had eyes that glowed a bright orange. His sketch showed a creature standing on four spindly limbs that each ended in long fingers that splayed over some rocks it seemed posed on. It had a slender torso and a neck that looked inadequate to the task of holding that long head. It acquired the catchy tag "The Dover Demon"...104

The Mystery Animals of Hong Kong
by Jonathan Downes and Richard Muirhead

We have often been asked how there could be any "mystery animals" in a small place the size of Hong-Kong. After all, the island of Hong-Kong, ceded by the British from the Chinese in 1843, is only thirty square miles in area. The tiny portion of the mainland known as Kowloon, which was ceded 18 years later is only three and a half square miles in size, and even the disputed lands leased from China on a ninety nine year lease in 1898 is only an area of 355 square miles. The border with The Republic of China is only 17 miles long and most of the 200 or so (no-one seems to know the exact figures) islands which make up the colony are barren and rocky.The fauna, however, is rich and varied, and because of the changing political, and socioeconomic roles of the colony, because of its place on the borders of Palearctic and Tropical systems, and possibly most important, because of its unique position as a "cross-roads" at the mouth of the Pearl River, its zoofauna is constantly changing....111

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