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The Many Faces on Mars

by Patrick Huyghe

The faces on Mars are quickly multiplying. A fine webnaut and friend of The Anomalist has pointed out to our great surprise that there is more than one face on the red planet. He first told us to check this out and we did. What did we see? A Barney face!

"No, no, no!" our explorer replied. "I didn't mean the one on the first page that the guy made a joke out of. Go down the page, past the Barney picture, and click on 'Mars Cydonia region.' Then scroll down the 'Mars Cydonia region' picture all the way right, and almost all the way down to the bottom.

"Please notice the known face," he continued, " then bring your vision down just a slight bit. Follow right to the second protrusion from the surface. It does appear to be a smaller version of the bigger one; it even has a similar shadow. Maybe it's nothing, maybe not. I don't know. It is significantly smaller... maybe an optical illusion, maybe it was an original before somebody decided to make a bigger one, maybe it's a child and the worn one in-between was the mother. Like I said, I just don't know. Regardless of the possibilities, it does in fact appear to be a smaller version of the bigger one. But note this also: It is hard to tell whether it is actually raised from the surface until you notice that it has a shadow similar to the big face."

Well, yes, there does appear to be a face there. It seems to have a rather large nose. But, wait, there's more! Take a look here and you'll see yet another face, we were told. And sure enough this face looks a bit like the second face pointed out above. That make three, right?

Wrong. Would you believe...five? "I downloaded NASA's bigger image of the area," our friend pointed out, "and I can now see three distinct faces, and two possible ones--the two lesser possibilities being the two I pointed out near the most obvious. These folks (the Martians, if they ever existed) were either terribly bored or I'm being very creative with my imagination.

"Well, I don't know about all this," this Mars explorer concluded. "I'm beginning to wonder if the guy with the Barney joke is right!"

Whatever the case, the joke certainly is on us.