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Water Poltergeists

by Alexander Imich*

Poltergeist is a German language term composed of two words: "poltern" meaning "to knock," and geist," meaning "spirit." As such it is the name of a paranormal event that involves movements of objects and other physical disturbances, usually of mischievou s character. The term poltergeist is most often connected with teenagers reaching puberty. The other term for this type of phenomenon is Repetitive Spontaneous Psychokinesis, or RSPK.

The physical disturbances caused by poltergeists can be of great variety. Most frequent are movements, or flight of objects--a sort of bombardment--that often break or shatter to pieces by striking walls, furniture, or people. Less frequent is spontaneous combustion.

Rarest of all are events involving water. In their book The Return of the Elusive Power (Powrot Nieuchwytnej Sily, Warsaw, Phenomen, 1994), Anna Ostrzycka and Marek Rymuszko describe a RSPK that took place in 1993 in Piotrkow, Poland. The main phenomenon involved a frequent and sudden gushing of water and other not identified liquids from the ceiling, walls, door bays, and furniture. Water splashed out of glasses, pots, and other containers, besprinkling the family members or wh oever was present at that time. Inspectors from the city water department came, but did not find anything wrong with the plumbing and could not explain the disturbances. I do not know how, or if, this poltergeist case has ended, but I intend to write to the authors and find out.

Last year, a friend from Poland informed me of another "liquid" poltergeist where water was running not only from the ceiling of the apartment inhabited by the family with a young son, but also from the ceiling of buses which the boy was riding.

Such cases are worth serious study. Unfortunately, parapsychology is so inadequately funded by government institutions that these rare cases come and go without being studied by competent scientists.

*Editor of Incredible Tales of the Paranormal (Bramble, 1995)