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  The North Newark UFO Case:
Anatomy of a Journalistic Investigation

Background, Primary Witness

John Gonzalez lives in North Newark with his mother. He receives social security disability because of brittle diabetes, a heart problem, and emphysema. He has not worked since 1991, when he was a cabinet-and-furniture maker. Before that he was a truck driver. Gonzalez served in the Navy in 1965 and was discharged from boot camp because of health problems. He has had one previous sighting. On March 19, 1992, he saw four points of light come together in the sky at about 10 P.M. Through his 910 power telescope using a No. 24 lens, it looked like an English bowler hat without a bottom ring. He then pulled out a hand-held spotlight and began shining it toward the craft. "That's the last thing I remember until I got up off the floor at 7:30 the next morning," he says, implying an abduction and pointing to a scar on the left side of his waist, "which was not there before March of 1992." A young woman in neighboring Bloomfield, N.J., also reported a UFO encounter that evening. Gonzalez became a member of MUFON after this incident.

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