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  The North Newark UFO Case:
Anatomy of a Journalistic Investigation

Newark Office of Emergency Management

Gonzalez claimed that Civil Defense had also shown up at his house that night. The problem is that Civil Defense, as such, doesn't exist anymore. Now it's called the Office of Emergency Management (OEM).

"The words 'Civil Defense' are just not used anymore on uniforms or otherwise.," says Jim Simons, of the Newark OEM. "Probably the last time any active funding went into anything with the words 'Civil Defense' on it would be the 1950s or early 1960s, around the Cuban missile crisis. The only thing I could think of is a volunteer fireman wearing something like that, but not official fire department people. He must be confusing CD with something else, but I can't imagine what. Some fire jackets might have the letters NFD on it for 'Newark Fire Department.' Our gear says 'OEM' or 'Newark OEM' on it. We don't show anything for that incident and I don't think HazMat responded to it."

Hazardous Materials Office

HazMat did not. "I looked through all the records," said Mike Daley of the Newark HazMat office, "and there is absolutely nothing. There is absolutely no report of it." I have not been able to identify the "CD" person Gonzalez claims was there that night.

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