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The Anomalist

September 17

This sea plankton story broke back in August and at the time NASA basically said "No way!" and now the German Aerospace Center is saying "Yes way!" and has released an official statement...via Facebook. The whole situation is rather odd in the way it's being handled, and if there is sea plankton growing on the surface of the ISS then how on earth did it get there? How is it surviving? How did it adapt? Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll release a statement with further explanation on Twitter...In other dubious Fortean headlines, Lagarfljótsormurinn, the Lake Monster Exists, Concludes Icelandic Commission. Their proof is the laughable 2012 video which shows what looks like a ripped up trash bag snagged and drifting with the current. Not so, says Benjamin Radford. It's actually a fishing net! But the official commission panel that was tasked with identifying the "creature" says it is in fact the legendary sea serpent.The local government paid out $4000 for solving the mystery, most of which was probably awarded for being able to pronounce the name Lagarfljótsormurinn correctly. Radford suspects it is all a ploy to drum up "cryptotourism" business in the area and for once, we agree with him.

Bigfoot hunter Dr Squatch says he's captured not only Bigfoot on video but also proof that Bigfoot is actually blurry! He insists that the creature only comes into focus in direct sunlight, which raises as many questions as it (questionably) answers. Another Bigfoot researcher, Ronan Coghlan has a theory that would possibly explain blurry Sasquatch and also his ability to slip out of sight and avoid detection. Is Bigfoot an Inter-Dimensional Entity? And Karl Shuker excitedly announces, "At last! My very own mystery animal sighting!" as he describes a close encounter with a small but mystifying possible cryptid while driving along a dark English road.

September 16

Although this is a fairly interesting bit of footage, especially with the instant verification of spooky shenanigans from the guard who walks out to take a closer look, unfortunately this short snippet of video is all we have to go on. Usually in these sorts of ghost videos it turns out to be a reflection or even a ghosted image from an over-recorded videotape...Bucks County Courier Times profiles a ghost hunter who's not your average paranormal investigator, She's a trained ghost investigator, a writer and a 'Steampunk Granny', and says her deceased parents still live with her and gives common sense advice to fellow ghost hunters. And all this without having her own weekly reality show.

This article isn't really telling us anything new but we're now certain that Rhettman Mullis' statement, "It is impossible to estimate how many of these creatures live in the world, but I would say that just in North America there may be about 100,000 of them." is going to be quoted so much that he'll be hearing it in his sleep and it'll probably be carved on his tombstone. We've already seen it pop up in at least 5 different articles over the last week or so. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman points out something we've noticed as well with the media, that they tend to recycle not only quotes but entire stories just repackaged slightly differently, and Fortean subjects seem to be a particular target of this form of lazy journalism. Case in point, David Attenborough's infamous opinion on the existence of Sasquatch: he has seemingly talked of Yetis in 2014, 2013, 2011, 2009, and 2008. But the quote is the same one recycled over and over, which begs the question, why doesn't someone interview him again and ask him some different questions about the Yeti to refresh the Attenborough quote supply.

This story is continuing to grow with further witness stories and the strange lack of answers from the experts, including the Morrison Planetarium, which denies this streaking ball of light with a tail was a meteor or related to the solar storm that same day. So if it wasn't the obvious, what was it then? The most likely guess now is space junk or a missile test launch, both of which are rather alarming...An entirely different type of flying object was caught on video during a rainstorm recently in Budapest and this Strange object in the clouds twists and moves in a very organic way, as if it's a living creature. Is this a sky fish?

September 15

It did not take long for sharp-eyed viewers to find something unusual in the high-res shots of the 67P comet taken by Rosetta as the spacecraft trails the huge, tumbling rock. But this time, they might just be onto something genuine here. Zooming in, it looks nothing like a rock and does indeed look for all the world like a metallic craft of some kind. Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily gives us a nicely detailed closer look, and of course, being Scott Waring he also finds an alien face. But the shadows and the metallic appearance of the object do seem to indicate something that seems to have landed there. Is this a UFO or is it more a case of someone else got there first?

Yep, you read that right. And not only is Sasquatch Ontario carrying on chats with Bigfoot, but he's also amassed a huge amount of incredible evidence, in both senses of the word, depending on whether or not you believe these claims. Bigfoot mumbles, grumbles, growls, and yells, and sometimes seems to speak English (calling for John at one point and Mike at another), and sounds a lot like the "Samurai" Sasquatch vocalizations in the Sierra sounds recordings from back in the 1970s. There are also plenty of footprints and a fingerprint, some photos taken by Bigfoot, crashing and footsteps around the tent, and an interesting collection of orb activity around the same areas. Is this all an elaborate hoax? Bigfoot's chatter ranges from genuinely creepy to the sounds of a very drunk man trying to drag himself out of the gutter after a long night.

And they don't mean 3 weeks old and molding under a pile of dirty clothes under the bed, either. What they're referring to is the presence of both methane and oxygen being the magical combination that would indicate life on one of the millions of exoplanets out there.

Researcher Alejandro Agostinelli examines the phenomenon of cattle mutilation flaps that have been occurring with disconcerting regularity over the past decade all across South America. He points out that while there are plenty of explanations (erosion, predators...gophers (?)), there are no real answers, as is also the case with cattle mutilations in the US and elsewhere in the world. Meanwhile, All About Occult describes a bloodsucker of the creepier sort who moves right up the food chain to us puny humans. This particular variety terrorized the residents of Mexico, lurking in crypts and other shadowy, questionable horror movie-worthy locations: the El Vampiro de Guadalajara: Mexican Vampirism.

September 14

Dwarf Caught On Camera Trending News Portal
Do you believe fairy sightings are quaint stories from Europe with theosophical underpinnings? They're all around us, anomalists, and one lucky lady caught one of the gentry on video. In an age where your kid brother can replicate Lord of the Rings effects with his Mac, there's a case for doubt, but little Benjamin still plays with the stinky wee folk causing his mom nothing but headaches. And if you truly believe, 'cause you clapped your hands real loud, snag a copy of Marjorie Johnson's Seeing Fairies while you're at it.

One of the best places to knock back a pint along the shores of Loch Ness is up for sale. The Dores Inn is up for grabs, the asking price being a cool $1.2 million and a guaranteed income of $1.4 million (possibly more after Scottish independence passes) considering the view of the lake is pure barry. When you do the walk-through with a realtor, ask Hayley Stevens along to ensure the sellers are on the up-and-up. Recently she applied her keen intellect to a recent photo of Bownessie, leading her to conclude It's More Complicated Than That... Hayley effortlessly points out the lazy photoshopping skills of the scoundrel passing this photo 'round the internet, without a hint of cynicism.

Cartographic globes are nothing new, sorry flat-earthers. In ancient times, these aids were made of two, hollow hemispheres soldered together then buffed so no one could find the seam without squinting really, really hard. Until Emilie Savage-Smith flipped history on its ear with the discovery of single-piece hollow spheres, leaving archaeologists scratching their heads! No stranger to controversy, Martin J. Clemens dishes the latest and best on the Islamicate Celestial Globes. Could they have been manufactured by The Mandaeans Elusive Companions? Wait, who? The Mandaeans are an ethnic minority, like the Yazidi, under threat of genocide by Wahabi cults and ISIS. They have intriguing connections to the Knights Templar, and Chris Knowles finds evidence the Mandaeans have an ace in the hole. Aliens. Or angels, depending on how you interpret the curious texts Chris cites in his article. It'd be fatuous to compare this with the relationship between the Irish and leprechauns, but back when Northern Ireland was a hotbed of violence, tales of Black Magic And Bogeymen were rife. Richard Jenkins assembles all the strange stories from August 1973, tales of séances and ritual sacrifices, putting those troubled times in context. We agree with Peter Rogerson that this is an important book especially in light of contemporary conflicts.

September 13

Right. And the dog ate my homework. After John Greenewald requested a Mandatory Declassification Review, No Such Agency insists the only documents available are the ones originally highlighted with a black marker. See for yourself, as Alejandro Rojas shares scans of these heavily redacted documents. Makes one wonder why the NSA didn't hide their secrets with a private shell company immune to FOIA. Fortunately, Dave Clarke's had fewer troubles compiling Britain’s X-traordinary Files, declassified for your reading pleasure. There's more than saucers twixt the covers, writes Nick Redfern, outlining the Solway Spaceman, phantom helicopters, and alien big cats roaming the British countryside. Since the NSA isn't about to pony up the goods, we may have to resort to some maverick measures. For example, Anthony Bragalia wonders Can Psychics Reveal The Crash Details Related to Roswell? Several attempts have been made, and Anthony illustrates their strengths, weaknesses, and different approaches which could shed more light on this old chestnut. Returning to a case from last week, Scott Corrales has Confirmation For The Bellocq UFO Photo. Several mundane causes, and suspects, have been reasonably eliminated, deepening the mystery behind this event.

August's IANDS conference remains a treasure trove of information covering near-death experiences, and our pal Tara MacIsaac's typing her fingers down to nubs to share it all. There are many researchers tackling the statistical challenges provided by the field, and the verifiable oddities associated with NDE survivors. Take one of Jan Holden's subjects becoming 'omniscient' under hypnosis, proving their insight by describing the pathology and treatment of a rare disease. It's a damned shame there isn't more funding for these lines of inquiry. Meanwhile at the Daily Grail, Greg Taylor's hot to share a Documentary On Psychedelic Research And Mystical Experiences titled Science and Sacraments. It's a compelling introduction to the application of psychedelic research helping people recover from anxiety, PTSD, and depression, and some experiencing a spiritual awakening.

A Ghost Post Michael Prescott's Blog
Changing channels, we turn from NDEs to post-death experiences where the dearly departed return to Earth for myriad reasons. Michael Prescott's intrigued by The Atlantic's Why Do People Believe in Ghosts? precipitating a slew of fascinating first-hand accounts of ghostly encounters at a, in Mike's words, cynical site called Hot Air. Good material setting the mood for Hallowe'en! If you're inclined to do something more than go trick-or-treating, new writer Chris Chaos has an awesome piece on Ghost Hunting And Urban Exploration illustrating the finer points of trespassing in the name of parapsychological research. Note that he doesn't mention using night-vision filters nor whispering, "I think there's something watching us". Braver souls will dare to rush in where angels fear to tread, and we recommend they bring a copy of Esoterx's Rough Guide To Tourism In Hell. There are plenty of ways to physically enter hell from Earth. Getting out is a whole other can of worms. Wrapping up, Tara MacIsaac covers the Psychology Of 'Spirit Possession' And 'Hauntings'. Peter Sacco tells her about his best cases, and the challenges of separating the mentally ill from subjects who are truly possessed.

September 12

The appearance of a very strange light in the sky around 6 AM this morning in California near Vanderberg Air Force Base is puzzling many people, including experts like the FAA. There are no ready explanations for the eerie glowing object that zoomed across the sky leaving a bright trail behind it. It doesn't look much like a meteor and more than a few witnesses (two makes it true) say it looked more like a missile launch.

I think the question is more was this faked by Photoshop or was it an actual fake Nessie put into the lake? Because if this photographer spotted a lake monster that is in full view and snapped a photo, the likelihood of her not continuing to snap photos until it disappeared is pretty much zero. Where's the before shots too? It's impossible to imagine that this is the only shot she managed to snap. And here's a quick cryptid update-remember that skeletal arm that Stacy Brown found in Florida? Turns out it's not Bigfoot's but actually an an alligator arm. At least we all learned something new-that alligator arms spookily resemble primate arms.

A high school kid known only as Steven reported seeing a brass disc with rotating lights on top hovering motionless in the sky as he made his way home from school one afternoon. But not only did he see the UFO, he also said he watched F-86 fighter jets chase it away. His story made the local news briefly but it wasn't until four decades later that other details emerged from official sources. Steven had seen something truly remarkable and it had also been captured on radar. UFOs accompanied by military jets are not an uncommon sight in the realm of UFO sightings, and continue to this day.

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