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The Anomalist

January 27

Like almost all intriguing Bigfoot reports, this one is extremely vague and of course provides no evidence to corroborate the incredible claims. Texas resident "Brenda" tells Coast to Coast that there's a new arrival in their neighborhood and when your next door neighbors are a family of Sasquatch, that's pretty big news. She says they've been neighbors since 1994 and it seems that Sasquatch don't make the best neighbors since they bang on doors and walls, terrify the humans around them, scare the dogs and argue and talk with each other loudly. We also wonder if they wave a cane and shout at the human kids to get off their lawn...And here's some useful information just in case you also have some large, hairy and very inconsiderate new neighbors of the cryptid kind--NYU professor Todd Disotell explains to the HuffPost Weird News podcast How To Tell If Bigfoot Poop Is Fake. Meanwhile, Glasgow Boy tells of the most frustrating Loch Ness encounter we've ever heard of, the time someone had a possible boat collision with Nessie in 1978. What makes it so frustrating? After hitting a large, unknown creature, the propeller of the cruiser was badly damaged and tangled up with inch-thick black skin, which boatyard workers promptly threw away into the nearby water never to be seen again!(MB)

Once again, Daily Mail wins the award for longest article title ever, but there's still plenty left of this story to make for a fascinating read. The National Archives prove to be a treasure trove of the painstaking research efforts to determine if a Fifth Column group of Nazi sympathizers were sending carefully coded messages in the form of patterns carved into crops that could only be seen clearly from overhead. Most of the crop circles studied turned out to have even more mundane explanations, like the farming methods of plowing in certain areas. Still, a few were left entirely unexplained and crop circles continue to be sighted today in ever-increasing numbers and complexity. On a very slightly related note, retired spoon-bender Uri Geller wants the world to know that "George Clooney's moving to my haunted village" in Sonning, England in an attempt to remain culturally relevant in any way he can. That's Geller trying to remain relevant, not Clooney who needs no assistance in that area. Not surprisingly, the Clooneys had no comment and are probably contracting a large fence to be built around their cottage retreat right now. (MB)

No. No, there isn't. This story about the shadow of a "worker" repairing the Rover is recycled from just two years ago, and as Youtuber Stargazer Nation shows us step by step, the image has been carefully cropped to leave out important details like the rest of shadowy "figure" that is clearly just part of the Rover itself: Man On Mars HOAX - Smoking Gun? Come On Guys!! If you're in the mod for some serious, indepth reading on the subject of UFOs, the paranormal, conspiracies and other Fortean anomalies in general, take a look at this massive and epic thread compiled on Above Top Secret rounding up Some Of The Greatest Topics on Over The Past Ten Years. There's not just hours of good reading material here, but days. Truly impressive. Don't miss it!(MB)

January 26

Not surprisingly to us at all is the fact that "paranormal investigator" Lee Brickley is behind the publishing of these so-called Slenderman encounters. Apparently, ghost children and black-eyed kids are sooo 2014 and the Slenderman is now employed as a new money-maker. Flawless plan, right? After all, Cannock Chase is one of the most haunted locations in the world and has a long history of all sorts of paranormal activity, a sort of English Bermuda Triangle for high-strangeness. There's just one small flaw in this new wave of Fortean sightings... Slender Man is entirely fictional. He was created for a Photoshop thread on the Something Awful forums in 2009. Slenderman has never been anything more than the product of someone's very vivid imagination. There's a lot more to be said about Slenderman and the questionable research methods of Lee Brickley himself, but luckily Haley Stevens beat us to the punch with her politely worded beatdown, aka an Open Letter to Lee Brickley. (MB)

According to everyone from the chef to waitresses and other patrons, a few ghostly patrons have opened an eternal tab in Ireland's McCarthy's Pub. The UK is notorious for haunted pubs and, in fact, it'd be more unusual to not have a ghost or two haunting one, and McCarthy's seems to have more than their fair share. They don't seem to hold their liquor very well and get a bit rowdy, according to reports of thrown objects, full apparitions, and loud voices calling names out. But for every likely genuine haunted pub, comes a doubtful case like this Ghost pictured in pub near Henry VIII's haunted palace as ''8ft tall'' woman photobombs family snap in the King's Arm Hotel in Hampton Court. There's been plenty of far more convincing ghost photos and stories from the pub that's stood there for 300 years. This one, however, is plainly a real flesh and blood person in the background. Maybe she's jumping, maybe she's got on tall boots, or maybe, just maybe, the assumed measurements are a wee bit off. It was taken in a pub after all...Meanwhile, Esoterx muses on a related subject as he states poetically, Haunt Couture Death Be Not Unfashionable and muses on the sartorial choices of spirits and phantoms. He wonders if ghosts have a "Best if Used By" date since we rarely hear of ghost sightings featuring ghosts wearing anything older than 500 years in the past. (MB)

January 25

Paul Seaburn takes us to France where officials have reported UFOs hovering above nuclear power plants, quite a few actually in the fall of 2014. Pascal Pezzani, the director of one of the plants, admits that many of the sightings can probably be explained away as drones or balloons, but he also admits that a few can't be explained away so easily. We’re sure that Robert Hastings is on the case. Over at The Paracast David Marler is interviewed on the subject of triangular UFOs (he wrote the book on the subject) and UFO abductions (he’s certified in hypnotherapy). Last week on the show, Gene and Chris brought Greg Bishop, the host Radio Misterioso, into the studio to discuss the top paranormal news stories of 2014 and to discuss what 2015 has in store. (BB)

Martin J. Clemens introduces us to an ostrich egg map that may contain the first depiction of the New World. It is also believed to be the first map to depict Newfoundland. However, the ostrich egg's provenance is unknown until up to 2012 when it was “rediscovered.” It’s certainly a beautiful piece of art, but is too much being read into it? The same can be said for a film by Mike Gray. In Telling Tales Out of School: Wavelength Revisited, Christopher Knowles re-examines the film Wavelength and draws parallels between the fictional parts of the movie and the very real stories from which the movie draws. He calls the film “a virtual Whole Earth catalog of parapolitical and High Weirdness themes and references.” Knowles wonders if he said something in that movie that may have been too dangerous to say in documentary format. (BB)

Tara MacIsaac brings us the story of a boy named Nazih who has people convinced that he is the reincarnation of a man from a nearby town. It seems Nazih was even able to remember where he lived during his past life and even made contact with the wife of the man believed to be reincarnated through Nazih. The story makes a convincing case for the transmigration of the human soul. In Walking Beside You, Peter Rogerson reviews John Geiger's book The Third Man Factor which explores why some people feel the presence of an invisible person or spirit when they are going through (usually physically) difficult times. Are these experiences due to psychological stress or are these people communicating with an unseen presence? (BB)

January 24

The RAAF's "Contacts Of Interest" UFOs - Documenting The Evidence
Paul Dean discusses the importance of knowing the right terminology a particular government agency uses when referring to UFOs. In this case it's the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and their use of the term “Contact of Interest” or COI. Knowing the right terms different governments use in relation to the subject matter in question has proven fruitful for Dean who has been able to uncover additional documents explaining how the Australian government deals with UFOs. And speaking of how governments handle the UFO phenomenon, the word “badly” doesn’t begin to do it justice. You’ve heard the story by now of the declassified Project Blue Book UFO files appearing on the internet, as if this was “news.” Well, the story that appeared in none other than Air Force Times, entitled Air Force UFO files hit the web, shows how clueless even the Air Force’s own reporters are on the subject. This must be a comedy routine. But as Billy Cox summarizes this whole debacle: At Least Nobody Got Killed. (BB, PH)

The Mystery of Ghost Riots Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
We're not talking about a bunch of ghosts getting together to cause a mass uprising, but people causing, or nearly causing, riots in order to witness ghostly happenings. Dr. Beachcombing brings us several reports from 1800s England where the interest in local ghost sightings would bring people together in such large numbers that mayhem sometimes ensued. Now in modern times some people are thinking that the ghost business can be good business. In Haunted Sanitarium May Become Haunted Amusement Center, Paul Seaburn informs us that an old sanitarium and tuberculosis hospital in Ohio, long said to be haunted, is on the market and one man wants to turn it into a haunted attraction. However, the man's offer is lower than what the city believes the property is worth so we may not see the Haunted Sanitarium Hotel and Amusement Center for some time yet. Then we have this other business venture: Man Sells Ghost In A Wooden Chest On Craigslist. Proving once again that Craigslist is one of the weirdest places on the internet, a man was found selling a haunted wooden chest. That's right, a man was offering for sale the disembodied soul of another human being trapped inside of a box. The seller apparently angered the ghost during the time the Craigslist ad was running, thus resulting in a higher asking price. Who knew ghosts could extort the living for money? (BB)

Referencing John Keel and his book The Mothman Prophesies, Nick Redfern brings us the intriguing story of Shirley Cromartie, a housekeeper employed by the Nixon administration back in 1971, who was caught stealing four dresses from a store. That, in and of itself, is unsurprising compared to the story she gave to justify her actions. Apparently, Cromartie was hypnotized by a 'stranger' who instructed her to commit larceny. But mixing mind-control and a president, however remote the connection, is nothing compared to what Nick Redern unveils in Demons and UFOs: Final Events Update. The author of Final Events brings us an update to his book about the loose-knit, think-tank-style group in the U.S. Government whose investigation of the UFO phenomenon has led them to believe that it represents a demonic agenda at work. Apparently the so-called Collins Elite is still tracking this great satanic deception. (BB, PH)

Andrew Nicholson reports that in 1932, people in Australia began having strange encounters with a monster. It was described by many witnesses as being a human-like creature that stood upright, had razor claws, and bore a set of 4 tusks that reflected the moonlight. The terrifying creature was reported to have attacked several men, causing alarm among the neighboring towns and newspapers. However, nobody was able to locate the creature, and what little evidence was left behind, such as footprints, had some people believing it may have been an escaped bear from a traveling circus or zoo—the explanation of last resort. More recently, ‘I Saw Bigfoot’, says Police Officer Actually he's a retired police officer and the encounter happened when he was 8 years old. That being said, the man known only as “John” apparently saw what appeared to be a gorilla-like animal partially hidden behind a manzanita bush in California while on a camping trip. (BB)

January 23

Are these the long-dead carcasses of Chupacabra? It's impossible to tell without a closer look and expert opinion, but we agree with the farmers who swear the creatures don't really look like bats, cats, puppies or any rodent. It seems we are looking at abandoned/stillborn babies of some sort but what? The most we can say for sure is that they are definitely not coyotes with manage this time. Using the goat farmer's children for scale is a nice touch though! The Chupacabra is a relatively new Fortean phenomenon that can trace its debut from South American folktales into mainstream media back to a very specific hour of TV back in the 1990s when the X-Files took on the subject for its infamous Chupacabra episode, El Mundo Gira which aired in 1997. And speaking of the show that fueled many a Fortean's imagination and nightmares,That X-Files Reboot Is Really Happening, proclaims Vanity Fair according to many reliable sources including Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson herself. (MB)

Well did they? We'll give you one guess which UFO blogger spotted this. However, he might just be on the wrong track this time, and the tape may just have a genuine purpose for being there--to hold the film to the end of the spool, says one observer. Or is that just what they want us to think? Meanwhile, this image is making the rounds today as a Fourth UFO Buzzes International Space Station — What Is The Strange Object In NASA Video Feed? It looks like the moon...and if it looks like the moon, acts like the moon, and is in the same usual location and position of the moon, then it's likely the moon...Nick Redfern shares an unusually creepy and vivid report of UFO Trauma in a secret file in the UK from way back in 1966 in which a woman had an extremely close encounter with a UFO that not only chased her in her car but also "bumped" the car and gave her an electric shock. Even more bizarrely, the UFO wasn't a stranger to the area--a local man was said to have had contact with the pilots and even boarded their crafts. And finally, Kevin Randle lends some column space to clear up some misconceptions about Project Blue Book Files and John Greenewald. Greenwald points out the mainstream media's notoriously short attention span and reminds everyone that the UFO files the media is buzzing about are nothing new and they've been declassified for some time now. (MB)

January 22

The one and only reason we are giving this any publicity is to issue a warning not to waste any time, energy and certainly not any money on any projects with Tom Biscardi attached. The man is an old-fashioned huckster whom not even PT Barnum himself would give the time of day to. You may remember Tom Biscardi from the infamous 2008 Bigfoot in the freezer hoax in which he and 2 other fellows (including the charming Rick Dyer) tried to convince the world they'd obtained the body of a Bigfoot and had stored it in a big freezer. The photo evidence was laughable and looked more like a fake, cheap costume with some cow innards thrown on top for gorish effect. Realizing their evidence was making them the subject of ridicule, Tom Biscardi quickly jumped ship and began to claim that he'd been fooled too! So of course he'd now be perfectly suitable to be investment partner, innocent victim that he is.(MB)

The Penn Ghost Project brings together several "Interdisciplinary professors and academics" to actively research the subject of ghost sightings. In less glamorous terms, they're going ghost huntin' and also studying the effect of the paranormal on society in "sociologically, psychologically and aesthetically" ways. In other words, they're going to ask people how they feel about said ghostly visitors. In other ghostly news, a Former Nopeming nursing home, sanitarium to be featured on 'Ghost Adventures' TV show. And the owners of the place are wisely "cashing in" on Zak and the guys exploration to revamp and repair the facilities. Ironically, the site gained local notoriety for ghost sightings and the damage done by vandals and trespassing ghost hunters has caused most of the thousands of dollars worth of damage in the first place. And on a slightly related Fortean note, the creators of one of our favorite sources of oddities, bizarreness and historical weirdness, Retronaut now has a print version of their fantastic website. If you've never visited before, do yourself a nice favor and click on over. Just take heed that it's a deep rabbit hole of strange fascination and you'll likely lose an hour or two just browsing through. (MB)

Alchemy And The Men In Black Mysterious Universe
Nick Redfern draws an interesting comparison between the mysterious, enigmatic Men in Black who often appear after a UFO sighting to the alchemists of the distant past who were magicians of a sort, able to (literally) bend metals to their will and astonish their mostly uneducated audiences. Herbert Hopkins recalls an encounter with a MIB in which the man morphed a coin and also disappeared right in front of him. Meanwhile, Billy Cox calls curtains for a bad idea he had in which he attempted to compare the "UFO-worthiness" of possible presidential candidates. He found the initial results examining Mike Huckabee's UFO readiness so bleak and depressing he immediately pulled the plug on the very short-lived study. (MB)

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