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July 30

A sketchy story alleges that there is a paranormal group in Romania, unaffiliated with the government, which uses mind control on influential people in the United States. The group is known as the Color People. The person telling the story claims that this group tried to kill him recently. All quite hard to believe, to say the least. More mundane by comparison is the story of the SOS Shepherdstown Haunting. In West Virginia, Shepherdstown has a long history of ghostly sightings thanks perhaps to its strong links with the American Revolution and the Civil War. The Society of The Supernatural recently decided to investigate, so if you fancy 20 minutes of two guys in T-shirts standing in the dark saying "wow", then check out the video in the item. And staying with spooks, Dana Matthews warns Beware the Widow Ghosts: Look Out Black Eyed Kids, There's A New Paranormal Nightmare in Town. In the 1990s, fear of ghostly gals who killed men in their sleep "to take their souls as husbands in the otherworld" prompted some guys to sleep in drag, though apparently "wearing a small wooden penis" proved far more effective as a deterrent. Which brings us back to mind control. (LP)

Ceres' continues to puzzle and amaze, first with strange lights from within impact craters, and now from an absence of impact craters that most certainly should be there given Ceres' position within its asteroid belt. Scientists are speculating on a number of possible scenarios, but it will be some time before we can say with anything resembling certainty what's going on with the dwarf planet. (CM)

'War Games' Sasquatch? Phantoms and Monsters
Bigfoot or big bear? Lon Strickler looks back to 1999 when a report was given on Coast to Coast by a Marine who told of strange military goings-on during training in California in 1973. Meanwhile, Micah Hanks reflects on the various names given to the hairy hominid in "The Indians Without Fire": Stories of Sasquatch Over the Ages and is keen to hear from readers with their own experiences and opinions on the subject. And going from hairy to fishy, Dr Beachcombing examines the The Caithness Mermaid Mystery 4: I Shot the Mermaid. In northern Scotland in 1849, "the Sandside mermaid" raised her head above the waters and got shot for her trouble. She was not a siren but a seal, though nonetheless caused much excitement at the time. (LP)

July 29

A scientific crew on an exploration vessel was recently collecting samples from an unchartered stretch of ocean floor when they came upon a mysterious glowing purple orb. The orb was dutifully vacuumed up and brought to the surface for analysis. Yep, this is how the movie starts… Travel now from the bottom of the ocean to the azure skies above Africa as we explore The Flying Monsters Of Africa. Are these winged terrors surviving pterosaurs? Giant bats, perhaps? It also raises the question, how does anyone ever survive in Africa? Elephants are some of Africa’s best-known animals, but bipedal, elephant-like, lakeshore dwelling monsters haunt…Australia? According to Brent Swancer, yes. Read the details of one of the strangest creatures we have ever heard of in The Strange Elephant Humanoids Of Australia. This one is out there even by cryptozoology standards. (MM)

More aerial phenomena to report, this time in Dubai during the first half of June this year. The witness managed to take three intriguing photographs which should lend themselves to some lively debate. In spite of all the activity being reported as of late, Clinton aide still mum on UFOs. We rather suspect Webb Hubbell is more interested in selling books than facilitating any kind of real disclosure. Getting to the truth of the matter is a bit of job, as demonstrated by The Westall UFO – A Teacher’s Testimony (Part 2). Sometimes the reported "facts" need to be sifted through, letting the presumptions and embellishments fall until the real story is revealed. (CM)

Mandatory Exorcism Classes Two Crows Paranormal
The Catholic Church seems to be taking its mandate to clean out its ranks very seriously. A university in Madrid has made exorcism a mandatory credit, in an effort to flush out the corruption that has dogged the Church throughout history. We suppose time will tell if such an extreme and colourful method is the best tactic in getting the cardinals budgets under control. If you want some examples of what those students at Complutense University of Madrid are learning, Listen to the Rare, Uncut Recordings of the 67 Terrifying Exorcisms of Anneliese Michel. Whether these are the sounds of genuine demonic possession or, more likely, the cries of someone in psychological anguish, we expect you will find these recordings disturbing, so use your own discretion.(CM)

July 28

Featuring a most interesting interview with Dan Aykroyd regarding his personal experiences, Xavier Ortega's glance at the MIB phenomenon will leave you looking over your shoulder. If you want to break the willy-inducing spell, here's a Witness Claiming He Was Hounded By 'Men In Black' After Seeing UFOs Fly At Hyper Speed. We don't think he was frightened enough for the experience to be legit. Sometimes though, even the most terrifying experiences, like being Chased into Hell by the Devil seem dubious to outsiders like David Weatherly. Turns out British naval commanders find no solace in sharing their scare with the public. Another sailors' tale, this time from the 1800's, draws a goose pimply parallel to a Poe novel written some 40 years before. Leading Micah Hanks to ponder if Edgar Allan Poe Was A Time Traveler. The story behind this meme is legitimately eerie. (CM)

Tiffy Thompson's interview with Edmonton-based Greg Pocha reveals this Canadian is the bravest paranormal investigators, just don't call him a ghost hunter since it's his job to discover the mundane reasons behind "hauntings". Clever tricks and presupposed outcomes can skew the best controlled experiments, leaving Aravindan Neelakandan to Decode Parapsychology and tell the difference between siddhis and simple trickery. In other news, we are saddened by the announcement that Miss Cleo, Famed 1990s Infomercial Psychic, Dies of Undiagnosed Colon Cancer at 53. Whether you believed Miss Cleo's talents were real or not, she was a talented performer with a good heart. See you on the other side Miss Cleo. (CM)

A witness from Tennessee this month spied a hotdog shaped blob undulating through the air. Roger Marsh would argue it's a weather balloon, but weather balloons don't have legs or tentacles. No photo, just a sketch, so for now we must be content with a MUFON case file. Other UAPs that have turned out to be quite identifiable include earth orbit satellites, contrails (Cool your jets conspiracists! Jets - get it???) and meteors, but Eddie Irizarry wonders If it’s not a UFO, what is it? In a similar vein, Scott Corrales has to wonder how the pilot from Peru: A Recent Airliner-UFO Near Miss? would have described what he saw. We bet it wasn't "Chinese lantern". (CM)

July 27

A favorite theory of wildlife officials is that out-of-place big cats are nothing more than large house cats or escaped zoo or circus animals. According to these guys, circus trains must have been the most dangerous form of transportation ever devised as they have derailed and crashed--thus springing their exotic cargo--all over the world for over a hundred years in every country on earth. As annoying as this pat explanation usually is to those who follow such things, it seems that officials might have been at least partially right when it comes to the alien big cat that has been reported near the moors of Deon and Cornwall. Moving from four leg subjects to two, it has long been known that after early humans migrated from Africa to Asia they reproduced with two other types of hominins: the Neanderthals and the Denisovians. Recently, a study revealed a third primitive human got in on the action. Who was this Mystery Human Ancestor Found In Australasia? (MM)

Bring your hardcore investigators, your fanatics, your abductees, and your thrill seekers. Next month is the MUFON Symposium in Orlando, Florida, featuring a 15-speaker lineup, including Professor Erling Strand, leader of Project Hessdalen. There's room for everyone. We wonder if he will mention the New Theory [that] Attempts to Explain Ball Lightning Anomaly. Like the Hessdalen lights, ball lightning remains a puzzling but accepted phenomenon. New theories suggest they are a result of radiation emanating from storms. We look forward to hearing more as the research progresses. (CM)

The thing about scientific studies is that results are often unpredictable.  Take for example the 20- month-long project called the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) dark matter experiment. As promising as the project looked initially, results were inconclusive, leaving researchers looking to the CERN LHC as their next best chance of studying dark matter. We balance out this disappointment with an unexpected discovery with Twitter Users Find Weird X-Shape in Heart of Milky Way. When astronomer Dustin Lang posted his photo on Twitter, he most certainly did not expect it to become a key source of information regarding the formation of the Milky Way. (CM)

July 26

Seems to us the job of an airline pilot is not all it's cracked up to be. If it's not high jackers, or zombie apocalypses, or super storms, it's metallic objects buzzing about with apparently no concern for anyone else sharing the airspace. Of course, pilots know that no one is going to believe them, thanks to Ufologists and the Thread of Madness. As Michel Foucault points out in his book Madness: The Invention of an Idea, societies seem to encourage a certain craziness wherever strangeness occurs, which does not help the cause of UAP witnesses. In Special Cases: The Long Island File (1) we leave you to decide if the information imparted to John Keel in 1967 was real, or simply the ramblings of a madman. (CM)

A review of The Geography of Madness by Frank Bures, which focuses, among other things, on the theft of men's genitals across cultures, or more specifically the syndrome that makes the men believe they've been robbed of said genitals. Read this book before attending a party and you'll never run out of things to talk about. But in case you do, the Mysterious Vanishings at the Nevada Triangle should allow for some lively debate. Is it aliens, the government, magnetic anomalies, or just crazy weather? Mix up the conversation then with Bizarre Cases of Real-Life Time Travelers. And when you're done debating whether time travel is even possible, pass around the image from Volcano or Leopard Skin? Regale the party goers with your knowledge of the mid-6000 BC period. You will be the most interesting person at the party. (CM)

This story is perplexing by any standards. A haunting that started out as playful communication turns into something horribly violent. Stranger still is the phantom monk that terrorizes the occupants of the house. In order to find out more answers, Paranormal Lockdown to air Longest Investigation in TV History at Europe’s Most Haunted Location. We'll see how Nick and Katrina fare in the season premier October 28. But if you prefer your haunting to be closer to your heart, Watch the First Clip from Amy Bruni & Adam Berry’s New Series “Kindred Spirits”. Sometimes family members just can't say goodbye. (CM)

July 25

Henry Bauer's eloquent post asks: "what does it take to be justifiably and reliably certain about something?"Not easy, as even contemporary scientific knowledge and understanding really isn’t always reliably true. So instead of arguing about whether something is scientific or whether it is true, let's have more data less dogmatism. And speaking of wild goose chases, the Ted Serios and the Lehrburger Sequence is a good example. This research into images projected mentally onto photographic film is more intriguing than evidential of anything, but it is certainly supremely puzzling. While we ponder how a camera takes pictures of something that is not there, allow us to introduce the concept Of Pokemon, Mirage Men and Manchurian Candidates. Are we being covertly conditioned and brainwashed? (CM)

A quarter of a century is a long time to do anything. Steve Feltham quit his job and sold his home in order to monster hunt full time on the shores of Loch Ness 25 years ago and says he is ready to go 25 more if that is what it takes to solve the mystery. Such dedication is to be admired. Chupacabras hunters may have an easier time figuring out the identity of their favorite cryptid as it seems the feared goat sucker has taken a shine to golf courses: Did A Chupacabra Hit The Links In Sun City? If so, then cryptozoologists might want to stake out Augusta National, Pebble Beach or Oakmont in the hopes of catching up to the mythical beast. Though small, Rhode Island has its share of blood-suckers, too…in the form of vampires. It also has Bigfoot, the Block Ness Monster, and the sea monster of Teddy’s Beach. With only 1,545 square miles to search, one could join other cryptid-minded folks in Exploring American Monsters: Rhode Island and possibly canvass the state in a short amount of time. What are you waiting for? (MM)

July 24

British big cat sightings have been going on since the late 18th century, but Mary Chipperfield says she released her moggies in 1978. Is Cristina Criddle tacitly suggesting these are time-travelling cats? Perhaps Dartmoor is fraught with interdimensional portals redolent of catnip? Let's just say this is merely a twig on the branch of the tree of high strangeness with deep English roots. For a greater appreciation, hie thee to Nick Redfern's reflection upon "Mystery Big Cats" - 10 Years Later. Merrily Harpur's book remains the definitive reference addressing the social, spiritual, and strangeness surrounding these sightings. The cherry on top of our fortean Sunday sundae? Brent Swancer's Mysterious Living Dinosaurs Of The Wild West is an irresistable accumulation of ripsnorting tales of T-Rexes and other fanged monsters this side of the Pecos. (CS)

The ancient Greek admonition of "know thyself" is tougher than mainstream science believes, finds Alex Rosenberg. Outlining the counterintuitive and contradictory theories, like mind-reading, the hard question of consciousness remains intractable to the dismay of reductionist materialists. So why not drop acid, take ayahuasca, or go shrooming to think outside of the box? Rob Waugh caught wind of a Professor Injected With Magic Mushrooms To Have A Near-Death Experience. Of course they injected psilocybin, not the mushrooms, with interesting, if superficial, results. (CS)

Cybernauts Vs. The Avengers Mysterious Universe
Oh yeah, baby! It's time to Netflix and chill with Nick Redfern as he shares his fave episode of The Avengers. Men in black, robots, and Diana Rigg are just a handful of reasons why he's marathoning this vintage series. Just don't order delivery as the next knock on your door could be a black-eyed kid, evinced by David Weatherly's July BEK Update from around the web. Even if some are a bit dodgy, remember you're watching the weaving of tomorrow's folklore before your very eyes. (CS

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