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October 25

On the night that Lt. Colonel Charles Halt led a small group of humans through Rendlesham Forest to an encounter with the paranormal, two USAF air traffic controllers stationed in the RAF Bentwaters base tower had their own brush with the mysterious. Robert Hastings reports on interviews he conducted with these two former servicemen, implying a possible corroboration for what Halt and others reported about that night's events. Hastings also promotes his new documentary film UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed. Were the odd lights seen during the Rendlesham events operating in concert? Rich Reynolds asserts that UFOs and ETs are Unsocial, Not Team Oriented. Reynolds herein applies sociobiologist-entomologist Edward O. Wilson's work on insect and other animal societies to UFO reports. (WM)

We are all accustomed to NASA declaring that anything unusual viewed out in space is a lot of nothing (and that's why the ISS live feed goes down at "convenient" times). But in an unexpected twist, NASA has admitted to detecting xray bursts—in effect, space explosions—and genuinely doesn't know where they are coming from or why they exist at all. Nothing like a bit of truth to throw off the conspiracy lovers. But we don't want anyone to feel left out, so here's one for them: Failure of the ESA Lander Brings Out the Mars Rover Truthers. You guessed it: the Mars Rover was never on Mars, either because the government wants to distract the world from secret evil plans, or because colonies have been established for many years and must remain secret. There now, don't we all feel better informed? (CM)

Kevin Randle tells the story of his follow-up investigation from his radio show interview with Ben Moss and Tony Angiola on the Socorro UFO event. Kevin's work to trace the origin of two potential Project Blue Book documents pertaining to the symbol Lonnie Zamora had seen on the Socorro craft is a fascinating tale in itself and an example of good UFO research. Kevin's article is also a very effective "promo" for his upcoming radio programs (November 2, 9, and 16). Continuing on this subject, Rich Reynolds argues that The Socorro Symbol, bogus or real, can only be human originated. Whether you accept Reynolds' assumptions or not, it's an interesting discussion. And Reynolds tackles one of the crucial questions in current ufology by asking UFO Research: Is there Such a Thing?. Kevin Randle, is, unsurprisingly, prominent on Reynolds' first list of bona fide UFO researchers. Unfortunately, "armchair ufology" seems to be the norm among those claiming research competence, as writers endlessly repeat themselves and each other, perpetuating mistakes and bringing no new data into the field. (WM)

October 24

Scientists have recently uncovered some intriguing weather patterns that most likely play a role in the disappearances and inherent strangeness of what we've come to know as the Bermuda Triangle. And while this New Theory Claims To Have Solved Mystery Of Bermuda Triangle, we think it may be overly confident to point to high winds and resultant waves as the key sources of the anomalies. It seems more likely the weather pattern is a result of the Triangle, not the cause. Of course, that's just our opinion...(CM)

Today's fare includes three articles surrounding reports of specific UFO Sightings. Nick Redfern narrates an interesting story about a December 10, 1963, event at a Royal Air Force facility at Cosford, near Wolverhampton, England. Brief UFO "touch-down", crash-landing, the invention of two young men who wished to get out of the service, whatever, the event remains unresolved. Next we have in Argentina: Triangular UFO "Repeater" over Rosario, which shows how a former "skeptic" of UFOs is energized by actually having what he considers to have been an anomalous "lights in the night" experience. The man has another rather similar sighting two weeks later at precisely the same day of week and time of day. Continuing a recent topic, Kevin Randle finds proof of Additional Witnesses for the Zamora Sighting. Unfortunately, three additional reports of a blue flame or light in the area of the Socorro, New Mexico, sighting site on April 24, 1964 were not logged in by the Sheriff's Office, and the identities of the observers were not recorded. (WM)

Karl Shuker gives us a crash course in doing proper research to identify photographic deceptions, providing us with an enjoyable read and an education at the same time. Shuker's photo documentation from the past reminds us that even before Photoshop and special effects, hoaxers were busy trying to find fame and fortune at the expense of bona fide cryptid researchers and believers. So to all the Rick Dyers of the world—you are not as particularly remarkable as you'd like the world to think. (CM)

Rich Reynolds supplies another theory that may help understand UFO reports and sightings. False Consciousness posits an inability to see things as they really are, stemming from an inability to comprehend how the human mind is developed and shaped by its environment. This was first applied by Marxists to explain why people often could not see that they were oppressed, but Reynolds argues this can be extended to those conscious of an anomalous experience. Maybe "False Consciousness" applies to Why UFO Conspiracists Have So Many Opinions about "Angel Hair". Whether it's residue from air affected by a UFO's electromagnetic field or silk generated by aeronautical baby spiders, this is one instance where intelligent ufologists can agree to disagree. A study published in the Fall 2001 issue of the International UFO Reporter had noted a correlation between Angel Hair and UFO reports; see An Analysis of Angel Hair, 1947-2000. The current article notes an Australian professor's contention that the classic symptom of Angel Hair--its instability and generally quick disappearance--is consistent with the disintegration of the arachnid product. (WM)

October 23

Key word in Kara O'Neill's headline, "could". Annunaki could've forged it. Regardless of the object's provenance, it is notable since aluminium requires a ton of effort to make pieces like this. At least this OOPA is hard evidence rather than noumenal ephemera like fables, eyewitness reports, and stories about Roswell. Oh yeah, we said it and Rich Reynolds backs us up with his analysis of Cultural Memory And Real "Memory". Next time you scan the skies and see something, write something like Womack's Flying Saucers Are Real! Just use a light hand when it comes to the sex, fascism, and half-baked psychology projected upon these encounters lest history regard you as one of many Holy Fools. Stick to the staples like Spies And Saucers which go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Scott Corrales recalls W.H.S. Ashlin's electrogravitic marvel, cunningly shaped like a saucer, and the conspiracy of spies lurking throughout South America during World War 2. Maybe the gadget was coöpted by both sides, leading to numerous accounts of 'foo-fighters' keeping Strange Company (UK) with our brave pilots. Keith Chester literally wrote the book on this subject, and Kevin Randle roped him in to talk turkey on pre-Arnold UFO inquiry. (CS)

Was it drugs, or might something stranger be afoot after a case of folie à deux gripped Coos Bay? Fentanyl is the primary suspect, but Brett Tingley's left scratching his noggin as to how being in proximity to people using those patches could precipitate this kind of craziness. One of the little old ladies at the scene was speaking in tongues, but Jessica Duncan heard about a 4-Year Old Russian Girl Who Speaks Seven Languages. Bella also wants to be a mermaid when she grows up. (CS)

You meet all kinds in the anomalistics business, and Paul Dale Roberts shares his latest call from a Raymond DeSauveterre. It's Alaska's craziest time slip this side of the Twilight Zone with an extra helping of the Oz Effect. Should you find yourself in Antioch, California pay a visit to the site of an old slaughterhouse, but stay frosty as the psychic imprint here may have aroused stranger things. The Anomalist heartily recommends keeping your distance, maybe going to the movies and getting a vicarious thrill rather than hellish nightmares and visions. Our pal David Weatherly recommends checking out Hostage To The Devil, detailing Malachi Martin's storied career as an exorcist and how his last case proved fatal. (CS)

Just so's ya know, those Celts ain't cornered da market on the little people. Y'know, fairies and stuff. Nick Redfern, a real stand-up guy, yeah well he's been reading about this Charles Godfrey Leland guy and learned back in the old country there's a tradition goin' back further than ancient Rome. While he's at it, Nick ties it in with the old sayin', "Non fidarsi di un uomo fino a che non dice qualche bugia". The capo di tutti of this thing of ours, Dr. Beachcombing, makes note of New World toponyms surrounding A Canadian Fairy Hole (with wigwam). Typically, fairy-related names come from the Irish but this one seems to be homegrown. (CS)

October 22

Space used to be for the smartest, but nowadays it's for the richest. Science fiction promised us the rapture of the nerds but what Doctorow, MacLeod, Stross, and Gibson obligingly left out was the nerds would also be plutocrats. The 98%, on the other hand, can stare into the blue glare of their smartphones to cheer these "heroes" as doom gathers 'round civilization. B-but Mr. Anomalist, that's only 99%! Who's the other 1%? None other than Chris Knowles and his fellow travellers. Part Two of Knowles's AstroGnostic series provides a ray of hope, showing these Silicon Valley "emperors" have no clothes, racing against time for greatness before winding up like MySpace and the dodo. (CS)

The litmus test for porn and obscenity has always been, "I know it when I see it". Could the same hold true for alien intelligences? On our merry ball of mud, humans are surrounded by clever critters yet we avoid acknowledging they may be our peers! The same may hold true as we scan the heavens, more in hopes of contacting ourselves rather than something truly alien. Greg Taylor links to a great video on the topic, bravely inviting comments on his latest contribution to the oeuvre of forteana. Still skeptical? A New Study Claims Life On Mars Was Discovered In 1976 By Viking 1, but the aliens weren't related to Paul Seaburn. Using evidence from recent Mars missions, the contentious data from Viking suggests NASA willfully stuck its head in the regolith than face the facts. (CS)

Lon Strickler's latest and greatest resonates with the tales surrounding the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. Rather than third-hand accounts of black helicopters ferrying North American wood apes to Dulce Base for treatment, we have a former park ranger who saw the body and received the order to keep mum. This was only eighteen years ago, a mere drop in the bucket compared to the Braidwood 'Hairy Man' Mystery enduring 120 years. If everyone knows where the body of this critter is buried, as Emily Baker writes, why haven't they dug it up for a DNA test? Returning to hairy men, and paraphrasing Freud, sometimes a hairy man is just a hairy man. Take Matt Cook's encounter with The Guru In The Grotto, by way of Micah Hanks, suggesting some 'squatch sightings may very well be mystics living 'off the grid'. Should you find yourself hot on the trail of bigfoot this weekend, remember if you hear something, say something. Returning to his thesis on bigfoot and infrasound, Nick Redfern opens new territory on Sasquatch, Sound, And Strange Effects based on six new reports acquired during the 15th anniversary Texas Bigfoot Conference. (CS)

When modern journalists stay overnight in haunted hotels for Hallowe'en content, their accounts are couched as wry observations on superstition and how their imagination ran away for a few moments without any acknowledgement of sincere spookiness. Not so more than a century ago as one fellow had the pants literally scared off him, among other ghostly shenanigans. Here's hoping Amy Bruni And Adam Berry On TLC's Kindred Spirits helps bring back the supernatural elements long-missing from mainstream media. From Greg Newkirk's interview, they very well may be on track. (CS)

October 21

Canadian Dogman Encounter Two Crows Paranormal
In spring of 2015, some Nova Scotians were witness to what has been described as a Dogman encounter. The creature observed was in pursuit of a deer across a highway, and evidently rose up on its hind legs to stare at the passengers of an oncoming vehicle. Is that enough to conclusively say it was a dogman? No, but wolves and coyotes aren't supposed to halt in mid-hunt to go bi-pedal and frighten away passersby. It's just weird, is all we're saying. We're following that story with a Bay Area Pterosaur, where in 2008 a driver claims to have seen a very large featherless bird about 30 feet above his car. The details are astounding—too astounding in fact, making us inclined to wonder if the witness involuntarily filled in the blanks of his experience with details that just weren't there. In contrast, a Bigfoot encounter claimed by 2 men camping in Michigan wilderness did not result in a great many details. However the details that were provided were compelling and reasonable considering the environment. We're pretty sure something very large really didn't like sharing their territory with those two gentlemen. (CM)

A 76-minute interview conducted four days before the death of ufologist-conspiracy theorist Max Spiers may provide some unnerving insights into his final days. Exhausted after a trip to Cyprus, Spiers apparently became unconscious about a half-hour into the interview, which was rambling throughout. Several times during the conversation Spiers lost his train of thought, and occasionally, ostensibly when he was talking about subjects that were "touchy" to dark forces, Spiers' throat went numb and he said he felt like he was being throttled. The interview was interlaced with plays on words, historical associations, and numerical connections that strain the imagination. Other articles have stated that Max was about to expose politicians and celebrities who were practicing black magic. It seems clear that Spiers was a tortured individual at the end. (WM)

There was a time when Ouija boards were the tools of choice for mediums and a source of entertainment for everyone else. Then Hollywood came along and bastardized the concept with enough evil mojo that entire horror movies became devoted to its heinous potential. Enough said. In other less disappointing historical news, The Baltimore Phantom has been putting in appearances for at least forty years. Clad in a red hooded cloak, this unnaturally tall spectre seems to move through the crowds of Baltimore unnoticed, save for the occasional witness privy to its presence. Across the Atlantic in Dorset, UK, the Ghost of Lawrence of Arabia sometimes makes an appearance around the cottage property where he chose to retire from the limelight of his fame as T.E. Lawrence, esteemed writer. (CM)

Northern Ireland is known for its folktales of giants. Turns out those stories were not entirely based in fiction. Mid-Ulster hosts what has long been a cluster of inhabitants suffering from gigantism, a result of pituitary tumors whose origins are rooted in DNA. Makes you wonder what other fairy tales are based in truth. We're avoiding any bridges from now on because trolls are scary. If giants are real, then possibly so are sea monsters. Wreck of German submarine 'attacked by sea monster' found off Scotland. The German warship UB-85 was sunk in April, 1918 after its captain gave it up without a fight, claiming that the vessel had been damaged beyond use by a massive beast in the water. Today's sonar is so well developed that the wreck can be viewed in detail and will hopefully shed some light on what actually happened that day. (CM)

Philip Mantle reports on another British UFO event in Royal Air Force Wing Commander Recounts UFO Sighting at RAF Base. On an evening in late December of 1993 a very large "blob" appeared on two different Air Traffic Control radar screens and "suddenly seemed to 'burst' and shoot off at tremendous speed in all directions." Two airmen on guard duty also saw the thing and confirmed the remarkable behavior. More recently, a Wisconsin Witness Videotapes Hovering UFO. The case report describes a triangular object with red, white, and blue lights that seemed to hover and fly in an apparent random fashion, before leaving the view of four witnesses with a rapid acceleration. This phenomenon was seen over successive two nights in Milwaukee in mid-September of this year. Three video uploads were provided to Wisconsin MUFON, who closed the case as an Unknown. (WM)

We are happy to announce that drones now have other uses than package delivery (military or home) and spying on the neighbors (also military or home). Archeologists are making use of modern technology to locate the remains of America's oldest colony, which disappeared in a way that would make the Mayans proud back in the late 1500s. Already traces of the colony indicate that the settlers didn't so much disappear as they did move in a hurry. In other science news, The Mysterious 'Higgs Bison' Is Found: Ice Age Cave Paintings Show The Origins Of The Elusive Hybrid Species. Scientists using DNA analysis have been able to confirm the existence of a hybrid bison-cattle species originating some 120,000 years ago. This hybrid was tough, too—it was the was the largest European species to survive the megafaunal extinctions. (CM)

October 20

New Jersey police have recently been busy tracking down what appears to be a mountain lion in Camden County. Nothing spooky about that, unless the creature is wearing a mask—still, we hope folks stay safe until the authorities sort out for sure what's wandering through the woods. There are more frightening creatures than large cats, like Werewolf Demons: The Bizarre Case of the Southend Werewolf. From the age of nine, Bill Ramsey intermittently left his mild mannered nature behind and became a snarling, feral beast, a condition which plagued him well into adulthood. Out of options, Bill was turned over to an exorcist who believed him to be possessed by a wild animal demon. Whatever was plaguing the besieged man finally left him, but whether his malady had been of the spiritual or mental realm has never been sufficiently proven. (CM)

Last month we reported on the article titled Release of Britain's Secret UFO-Files Again Postponed. It turns out that some information within the 18 still-closed UFO files of the Ministry of Defence was judged possibly too sensitive for Freedom of Information release. Speculation is rife over what might be in those files, but we won't see them until early 2017--hopefully. Two articles on the appearance of an odd flying object over a Geneva, Switzerland suburb at 8:30 p.m. local time on Wednesday, October 12, contain information on human activities more disturbing than is the sighting itself. Micah Hanks relates in Mysterious "Saucer" Causes Confusion during Fly-By over Geneva that a TV program satirized the event in a segment with cloaked "aliens" reminding Hanks of the Arizona Governor Fife Symington press conference debunking of the famous March 1997 Phoenix Lights sightings. The other article headlines What's Going On? Mystery as "Noisy" UFO is Spotted Flying over Geneva Just Weeks after Bizarre "Human Sacrifice Ceremony" at nearby CERN Laboratory. However, there doesn't seem to be any connection between a shocking video of an apparently deadly August ritual and the October appearance of a UFO in the general area. Human duplicity in both cases is suspect; the frightening video featuring ritually cloaked figures has been identified as a hoax by CERN officials (see CERN Answers Queries from Social Media), and Micah Hanks suspects fakery in some footage of the supposed UFO in the article featuring cloaked "aliens" in the distasteful TV segment. (WM)

It's not very often we find a practicing psychic who lives up to the name, but Alex Tanous was the real deal. A radio broadcast from New York in 1980 may have been his crowing glory where his prediction of the death of a famous musician bore an uncanny resemblance to the shooting of John Lennon. In other news, Did a ghost steal her umbrella? With Hallowe'en less than two weeks away, get into the spirit by listening to real life ghost stories on "Spooked,” narrated by Mark Davis. (CM)

With the avalanche of malignant clown sightings this autumn, we might be inclined to wonder why we find the wiggy, smiley menaces so frightening in the first place. Chris Woodyard puts that question to rest with a compilation of historical images and icons, starting with the court jester. It all makes sense now. What doesn't make sense is how five people consecutively came down with a case of the crazies. What Caused This Baffling Epidemic Of Hallucinations? All investigations into this anomaly have thus far been inconclusive, but those who know a thing or two about mass lunacy are nearly certain a physical, earthly contaminant is the culprit. Think maybe it was chem trails? You may want to hear what this fellow has to say: Greg Carlwood has become a talent scout for conspiracy theories. Listen now on this week's episode of Skeptiko. For our readers who most enjoy the mysteries that no one can solve, we present Dark Waters: Vanishing Divers Who Swam Off the Face of the Earth. It's a terrible event when someone disappears on dry ground. But to lose someone forever in the depths of the sea is downright unsettling. (CM)

"The Year of the Humanoids" was a global phenomenon that continued through 1974 and its essence is captured in classic works such as Len Stringfield's Situation Red: The UFO Siege, Kevin Randle's The October Scenario, Ralph and Judy Blum's Beyond Earth, and Robert Emmeneger's UFO's Past, Present and Future. Some of the outstanding cases of October 1973 are recalled. Elsewhere, Rich Reynolds poses the question Long-Form Thinking...Where is it in Ufology?, despairing that superficial mass communication modes and the general decline in serious reading habits have turned ufology and larger intellectual topics into fields of banality, shallow thought, and shallower expression. But maybe "Distortion Theory" provides some grist for the mental mill, so Pablo Vergel Provides an "Exegesis" of Jose Antonio Caravaca's "Distortion Theory" that Explains [Some] UFO Encounters. This theory attempts to provide an explicatory mechanism of complex interaction between the human psyche and the Other, to the point of producing even physical remnants of close encounters and recurrent patterns in UFO-related reports, yet also nonsensical dream-like elements that defy conventional physics and logic. But "Distortion Theory" requires us to explain one mystery by postulating an additional mystery or mysteries. (WM)

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