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January 23

The new presidency hadn't even started and another "UFO event" got tied in with Donald Trump. Paul Seaburn has the video footage from a report in the MUFON Case Management System (81655). Mundane explanations have been advanced for the two blurs appearing on the January 19th video, and we noted last November 21st that the "UFO" photographed during an August, 2015 Trump primary campaign stop was satisfyingly identified by MUFON's Iowa State Director. See that Open Minds article at Trump UFO was Bird or Bug. Roger Marsh provides a rather more interesting report that a Georgia Witness Describes UFO Chased by Military Helicopter, which relates a most unusual hot tub experience generating an "Unknown" MUFON case conclusion for the December 2 Cumming sighting. The tubular-shaped object in this instance was silent, but we have a "growler" in the subject of Canadian Witness Videotapes Hovering UFO. Of course, it's the aerial object that was making the noise that early December 23rd evening, not the excited New Brunswick woman who took camera phone video of the thing as it was swiftly moving away. Hopefully the MUFON Provincial Director can figure this one out. (WM)

The High Hurlands Encounter The Curious Fortean
The author of this piece omits to tell the reader what year the event occurred, but nurses at a children's hospital were spooked by UFOs overhead and by the appearance of a strange MIB peering in the windows. A subsequent police investigation found no explanation for these odd events. Meanwhile Glasgow Boy is still Hunting down the Taylor Film of Nessie, as reported here a few days ago and would appreciate any info. GB is also keen to know more about That Man Gasparini, an Italian journalist who claimed to have "invented the Loch Ness Monster back in 1933." Don your deerstalkers, Anomalists, and see what you can find. (LP)

Seeing Things UFO Conjecture(s)
Rich Reynolds muses on the fact that people have been seeing and, in various ways, reporting, things outside the norm for centuries. He avers "that people report what they see rather accurately, even taking into account the vicissitudes of observational malfunction," and that discounting these reports is neither scientific nor sensible. Whatever their ultimate origin, what is seen is a part of the total environment, however one wants to characterize that environment. Comments regarding the 1994 Trumbull County, Ohio police-UFO encounter allow Reynolds to emphasize that an observation may be accurately reported, yet interpreted in a number of different ways. An example of this is the article entitled Colombia: Mysterious Phenomenon in the Skies Northeast of Antioquia. Although the stimulus may not have been as long-lasting or as basically weird as other phenomena often reported, many of Reynolds' themes resonate throughout this account, as is true for many good cases. We live in an interesting place. (WM)

January 22

What a time to be alive when science can study the brains of extinct mammals. Comparing thylacine brain scans against Tasmanian devils, the thylacine's brain bear marked similarities leading Gregory Burns to this conclusion. Perhaps, if we're lucky, the Andy Kaufman of Australia's bush will come out of hiding to see if humanity's learned its lesson eighty-one years later. Preposterous, you say? Rachel Eddie demurs your skepticism after a Woman Films Extinct 'Tasmanian Tiger' Running Through A Paddock. What do you think? Maybe shoot your mouth off on our Facebook page or ping our Twitter account. Unlike the thylacine, we won't bite. (CS)

As Michael Corleone lamented, "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!", the same goes for mainstream science. This is the crux of Robert McLuhan's thesis on how humanity is wired to believe in "the other", and even hardened rational, skeptical types like Richard Dawkins and Neil Tyson have a tough time breaking the habit. There are some profound concepts, and arguments, raised but as the Chinese proverb goes, "There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same." As for me, I'm happy enough to be sinking in the quicksand of my thought. Should there be aliens, or forces, indistinguishable from a 'higher power' they're the prime suspect in EsoterX's 'The Case Of the Stellar Strangulation'. Something's killing the universe's small galaxies and nobody has a clue in this latest addition to the oeuvre of galaxy noir. (CS)

Gargantuan serpents are old hat in South America, but what about in the good ol' U.S. of A? Did a titanboa slip through the interstices of space-time to terrify F.C. Buylick and his pal Raud, or might one still lurk the wilds of California? The Lizard King who knows everything, Nick Redfern, has all the juicy details. Maybe he'll join Dr. Beachcombing for his annual Japanese Dragon Hunt. It's a tale of strange rains, queer critters, and sacred dreams igniting the imaginations of Sessbu's citizens. If that doesn't clinch the tale, Chris Woodyard provides a substantial account in the comments. Still Americans love Bigfoot more than slithery, cold-blooded monsters. Turn on any channel run by Discovery and it's Finding Bigfoot, Tea with Bigfoot, Cooking with Bigfoot, ad nauseum. What catches our imagination are accounts of Broken Branches, Piles Of Scat And The Mogollon Monster straight from the pen of Chuck Jacobs. Linda A. B. Davis gives a southern perspective as she addresses the question, "Has Bigfoot Been Spotted in Florida?" Probably, but if it was a true Florida bigfoot then it would've been arrested already after going on a nude, meth-fuelled rampage in a Wal-Mart. Caveat lector, as always! (CS)

January 21

Cats can see into the ultraviolet spectrum, but do they perceive what lies beyond the veil? Perhaps it's a little bit of both and The Dodo looks at both sides of this mystery. Their weird talents are central to inspiring This 19th-Century Book Chronicling Victorians's Strange Cat Fears And Fascinations. Lauren Young got her hot little hands on a copy, sharing the illustrations and wisdom contained between its covers. Best of all is how Charles Henry Ross debunks the superstition of cats as babykillers. (CS)

Just like the 21st century, the 19th century was full of charlatans hell-bent on swindling folks out of their hard-earned cash with woo woo. A far smaller population was made up of people like Louis Darget earnestly hoping to reveal the paranormal to men of science. After reviewing these unique photos Josh Gabbatiss illustrates the methods and results, including contemporary attempts to empirically prove the soul's existence. Other mind mysteries remain, and they've not been discarded like luminiferous aether nor ectoplasm. Some eggheads conclude One In Five Of Us May 'Hear' Flashes Of Light eerily similar to synaesthesia. Better yet, Hannah Devilin links to a video so you can test yourself for this strange talent. Just down the hall, Carlos Alvarado's intrigued by Recent Experiment Testing For Von Neumann’s Extra-Physical Factor where mind-over-matter has been observed, illustrating consciousness's effect upon the physical world. (CS)

Look in the Demon Truck's driver's seat and you'll find Greg Newkirk staring back with a maniacal grin. When you investigate the weird, it begins looking back and changing you. For better or worse remains to be seen, but the nights are long and weird 'round Ellicott City. On the other hand, Hunter Bounds got off easy after this Teen Takes A Snapchat Selfie - But Doesn't Spot The Hooded Figure Behind Him. Heed Douglas Patient's warning that the emoji are coming from inside the house! (CS)

Here's one of those, "It's gotta be seen to be believed" posts. As the story goes, an elderly couple inadvertantly snapped a photo of an entity and reddit's beside itself trying to suss out its origin. Of particular interest is ChrLzs's animated breakdown addressing the veracity of this sequence of images. If this is real, perhaps it's related to those Nightcrawlers In Indiana that David Weatherly's been going on and on about because it's a darned sight spookier than Slenderman. One recent encounter has left Lon Strickler wondering if the entity encountered by "Alan" was Man Or Beast, or perhaps an unholy hybrid of human and sasquatch. And before you can shout, "Holy Hydrocephaly, Anomalist!" Ken Haddad shares what he knows about The Legend Of The Michigan 'Melon Heads' lurking 'round Allegan. (CS)

January 20

Here is an outstandingly weird tale of a September 1989 series of paranormal encounters on the sandy Atlantic shores of Conil de la Frontera in the Spanish province of Cadiz. The shape-shifting beings headlining the well-told tale are only the central focus of a grab-bag of strange sights and stranger doings, and we can't wait for Red Pill Junkie's Part 2. In a follow-up to a September 26, 2016 Daily Star story, we are informed that a British UFO Hunter Demands a 'Scientific Inquiry' into Police Footage of a Mysterious Black Object Flying over the Bristol Channel. UFO Truth Magazine editor Gary Heseltine wants more information about a September 24th sighting by Britain's National Police Air Service which included seven minutes of IR video. Trouble is, only about 75 seconds of the video, showing something like a balloon or a sky lantern but flying against the wind, were made available. The earlier Daily Star post is at 'Invisible' UFO over UK Revealed by Police Thermal Cameras in Shock Footage. (WM)

There's a house in a Bellaire, Ohio, neighborhood that seems fairly nondescript if you don't take into account the phantoms at the windows, the abandoned mine and native burial ground the house is built upon, the human remains in the basement, and its nearly dozen portals to the other side. Strangely enough it's still not ranked among the most haunted places in the world. Dana Matthews is looking to change that, reporting on her own experiences at the Bellaire house and urging ghost hunters to ensure they never overlook an innocuous haunted location in favor of a more publicized spook show. Equal opportunity for all terrifying experiences, that's our motto. Next up, Dana tells our readers, I Spent the Night Investigating Niagara’s Haunted Fort George and Captured Ghostly Soldiers on Camera. Included with this report is a frame from the video taken showing what appears to be a ghostly soldier staring out from a window at the Fort--no doubt to make sure all investigators were not overstaying their welcomes. But what if a spectral visitor is not so much a ghost as a harbinger of what is to come? A Look Into The Realm Of Ghostly Forerunners. Melissa Dawn recounts the story of a young woman for whom the deaths of family members were foreshadowed in the strangest of ways--yet still she was left helpless to prevent tragedy. (CM)

In what is both good and strange news, a witness in China snapped a photo of a creature that was believed to only exist in Chinese mythology. The Qilin was purported to be a gentle creature, both deer and horse combined into the body of one beautiful, peaceful anomaly. The current political state of the area makes further investigation unlikely at this present time, unfortunately. (Did anyone else think "drone" right away?) And while we're on the topic of politically unfriendly cryptid hotspots, The Biggest Yeti Of All? is Nick Redfern's review of On the Track of Unknown Animals by Bernard Heuvelmans, focusing on the Himalayas in Tibet where at least 3 species of yetis are said to exist. The largest of the three is called Nyalmo, and may range in height from 4-to-5 meters. It also has an appetite for human flesh, so there is very little chance that we're going to go about actively trying to meet one. (CM)

Stan Gordon's UFO Anomalies Zone -- Stan Gordon Veteran paranormal researcher Stan Gordon provides a rundown of some of the more outstanding reports the Keystone State has provided this past year. We found Stan's tales of hairy humanoids with glowing red eyes particularly creepy. So we were pleased to hear that a New 'Mothman' Documentary Recounts Actual Events in the 1960's. Sounds like a Kickstarter campaign may be needed to help move the film through post-production. John Keel wasn't mentioned in the short article, so we'll remedy that with Special Cases – The Long Island File (22): “She Needs Thy Help”. Blog guardian Doug Skinner surely seems correct in relating the latest weirdness as "more like classic channeling than hoaxing to me, but, as always, it's a 'confusing situation.'" Aliens infiltrating Montessori schools, however, sounds more like a hoax story. (WM)

Damon Simms writes of his Staffordshire friend, Tina and her nocturnal visits from a ghostly "female with no distinguishing features and transparent looking" who surprisingly didn't frighten her. Meanwhile further north we go from a Grey Lady to a Woman in White in this piece which tells us of a Death Angel in Lancashire, allegedly seen by spiritualist Mrs. Ellen Green, whenever the death of a loved one was imminent. (LP)

January 19

Central Intelligence Agency records of UFO sightings and from the Stargate Project, which used remote viewers to collect intelligence, are among around 13 million pages of declassified documents now released online, after a November promise by the CIA to do so. Actually, much information had been available since the mid-1990s, but in a scenario reminiscent of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's plans for a Vogon hyperspace bypass, it wasn't actually convenient to access. However, legal efforts since mid-2014 and on-site, Kickstarter-supported work by journalist Mike Best since then forced the CIA's hand to open the files online, rather sooner than the 28 years the agency had originally forecast it would take. Information once accessible only to a relative few dedicated researchers is now open to the larger ufological community. Other "plums" include records of psychic testing of Uri Geller in 1973, and several sure-fire recipes for invisible ink! (WM)

For those among us who love the willy inducing cries of what we hope is Sasquatch, link on over to this post for your fix of screams and mutterings. And, yes, we completely understand the conflict of suspecting something we are listening to is less than authentic, and desperately wanting it to be real at the same time. Enjoy your serving of cognitive dissonance. (You're welcome.) If you still haven't had enough, come along On the Trail of Bigfoot in North Dakota where an Ellendale Man Believes Huge Footprints Belong to Bigfoot. The activity in question occurred in late December, with the witness tracking something with a 4-foot-long stride and enormous feet in the Ellendale snow. Maybe Bigfoot is thinking of moving into the neighborhood? Ellendale is in the heart of pheasant country, and its known for having good schools. That should keep the housing prices interesting.(CM)

San Antonio, Texas, was not especially safe back in the 1800s, as Nick Redfern reminds us in this tale taking place near the city of Elm Creek. This is an intensely sad story where good does not prevail, the bad guys win, and a desperate soul remains shrieking in pain and desolation near the creek under which she ended her life. Not a bedtime story. (CM)

Getting one over on "the old country" is a long-established Aussie pastime, so this item which tells of a large deposit of ancient stone slabs which "can literally rewrite world history" will delight many down-under. Further up the globe in India, we learn of The Great Wall of India: 80km "diwaal" is an ancient mystery no-one knew about. There is currently no agreement about the age and origin of this lengthy structure, nor any knowledge of what was its purpose. And still further up the northern hemisphere in Yorkshire we hear of Nessie-Hunter Gordon Holmes, of Shipley, says carving on Baildon Moor is 4,000-year-old self-portrait. Holmes has had a life-long interest in the astronomical stone carvings on the Moor and believes he has found one which may represent the ancient artist himself. (LP)

Rich Reynolds discusses his fascination with the spectrum of different UFO stories that have been recorded over the ages, says odds are there's something behind many of them, holds that rafts of these are credible enough for further real research, and again challenges those who affect an affection with UFOs to animate themselves actually to do something about it. In the "Comments" section Rich relates three strange sightings he had, two at least seen by gobs of other people at the same time, which pique his curiosity to this day. Additional remarks provide his thoughts on more ufological questions. He's also bothered by Those UFO Lights. Reynolds argues that both organic and technological evolution would be so unique to different sentient species that it's "ludicrous" to think that ET craft visiting earth would be lit like our home-grown stuff. (WM)

January 18

Uncertain Future For UFO Archive Norrköpings Tidningar
AFU-Sweden's Archives for the Unexplained is facing a money crunch as government-sponsored funding for its workers is ending and the institution is being forced to look for other financial support. Anders Liljegren and his collaborators are hoping that new volunteers will self-identify for the sometimes onerous but important work of preserving material on UFOs and other anomalous phenomena. (Original link.) To learn more about AFU Sweden and its activities see AFU Archives for the Unexplained. In other news, UFO May Have Been Looking for Something in Bodmin Moor has links to much interesting information on the strange sights, natural and perhaps otherwise, of Cornwall, on the southwest tip of England. Note: the CornwallLive articles' texts and their embedded videos don't always agree, and the so-called "Cornwall Triangle of UFO Activity" has to be very much enlarged to contain the headlining, recently-reported, 2009 sighting of a huge black triangle. (WM)

And more particularly, Rebecca Davis of the Daily Maverick wants to know if anyone has information on a Mr. G.E. Taylor and/or the Nessie footage he believed he had taken back in 1938. A recent ad in the Sunday Times, placed by an Edinburgh researcher, is asking for info on the man and his film. Off the western coast of Scotland, the island of Iona is the setting for the tale of Marie Fornario: Death on the Faerie Mound. In 1929, this unfortunate woman may have dipped her toe too deep into occult waters and become "the victim of a psychic attack." However, once dead, she remained so, unlike a deceased former slave who is the subject of Screaming Skulls Part Two. According to Devon legend, he never rested after being buried away from his native homeland; but even more mysteriously it seems that the supposed skull of the slave isn't what it has long been thought to be. (LP)

We urge the anomalists among us to reign in their excitement, because the "goblin attacks" described are apparently no more than the power of suggestion on a superstitious and somewhat isolated people. We would be remiss not to point out that supernatural creatures have long been blamed for the nefarious, strange, or foolish actions of mere mortals, so perhaps the title of this piece should be changed to "Goblin Scapegoats." Susceptible minds are also responsible for the success of businesses that sell Haunted eBay Items. David Weatherly provides an entertaining tour of the shadowy passages of eBay, but he can't scare us. We know that all the really great haunted items are housed in the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult. (CM)

We have to admit, just typing the title of that post makes us giggle a little bit. But apparently Jemima Packington in Bath, UK, takes the process of vegetable divination very seriously. Our only gripe is that the general nature of her predictions makes us wonder if the Great Beyond might respond better to licorice straws, or chocolate. For those of our readers who would like to know more about the ins and outs of psychic phenomena, Learn More About Psi Research in This Free Online Course. It's already started but the Parapsychology Foundation is offering a certificate to those interested students who complete a minimum of 10 courses. Get a move on and sign up! (CM)

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