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The Anomalist

April 27

Not surprisingly, the majority of these locations are national parks. As to why Bigfoot tends to favor the remote forests of the United States' National parks, the obvious answer is that these are safe and isolated areas away from most humans, but there are likely other, far more disturbing reasons. Take a listen (and look) at the 'Chilling New Patterns' Found In Mysterious Disappearances in these parks according to researcher David Paulides. Here Paulides digs deeper into the frightening subject of 'Bigfoot DNA research and missing people' at MUFON LA. On a possibly related note, Dr. Matthew Johnson Breaks the Internet at Bigfoot Habituation Conference, claiming that not only did he encounter Bigfoot but he also saw a "portal" to another dimension open up. The internet might not be the only thing broken here... [MB]

Not surprisingly, reports of UFOs hovering near the ongoing Calbuco eruption in Chile erupted almost as fast as the volcano itself, with photos and videos pouring into mainstream media. Of course, the eruption is a huge event attracting a lot of attention so the majority of these UFOs are easily explained away as helicopters and planes trying to get a closer look, as Phil from Parabreakdown succinctly points out. But there are plenty of other reports that aren't so easily identified as known craft as Two Sets of UFOs Seen at Calbuco Volcano show, in the form of large, luminous orbs on two different occasions. [MB]

April 26

His name is Jeremy England, he’s 33, and his work in biophysics is being closely watch by some high-level academics. So what’s all the hubbub over? Here is the way the reporter, who is clearly not the right match for the story, simplifies England’s big idea: “Under the right conditions, a random group of atoms will self-organize, unbidden, to more effectively use energy. Over time and with just the right amount of, say, sunlight, a cluster of atoms could come remarkably close to what we call life…[which means that] Some things we consider inanimate actually may already be ‘alive.’” In other science news, archaeologists have found evidence that our human ancestors were making stone tools around 3.4 million years ago, much earlier than previously thought. World's Oldest Stone Tools Discovered In Kenya describes a 2010 discovery of apparent cut marks on animal bones suggested that such tools must have existed, though some doubted the theory. The find of the tools is being heralded as "the smoking gun.” (PH, LP)

One More Small Thing Herald Tribune
Billy Cox takes a swipe at how the media have trivialized the recent admission by commercial pilot Andrew Danziger that he had a UFO encounter in the skies over Kansas in 1989. Despite Danziger's credibility as one-time pilot for former candidate Obama, the presss just can't resist inferring that he's one of the tin-foil hat brigade. Some things never change. Someone else who has felt the stigma of a UFO encounter is Travis Walton. In UFO-Alien Abduction Still Haunts Travis Walton, Huffington Post reporter Lee Speigel interviews Walton on the 40th anniversary of his most extraordinary UFO abduction, which was witnessed by six other people, and which resulted in Walton’s disappearance for 5 days. A documentary on the event has just been released: Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton. Dan Aykroyd feels no stigma for his four UFO encounters; a comedian is used to hearing giggles from the audience. When Dan Aykroyd explains [the] UFO cover-up on The HuffPost Show, he concludes by saying that the Air Force can’t admit to knowing what they know, as there would be a “complete breakdown of society.” Of course, we’re seeing a lot of that lately and it has nothing to do with ETs. (LP, PH)

A 1934 Picture of Nessie? Loch Ness Mystery
Glasgow Boy produces a long mentioned photograph that has long been reproduced as a drawing in various books about Nessie but never seen. It shows a dark object consistent with the witness description but it’s no smoking gun. In fact it kind of looks like a boat’s wake. So how does one distinguish a barely breaking hump from a bow wave? Glasgow Boy calculates the height to length ratio of the “hump” in this photograph with photos of known boat waves and finds that the hump is is 47% greater in its ratio than the known boat waves. So what is it? Good question! (PH)

Now aged 70, Georgia-born Huggins claims a lifetime of alien encounters which he nowadays portrays on canvas. (See Love in an Alien Purgatory.) Allegedly deflowered at age 17 by a human hybrid, he says he's since fathered 60 hybrid offspring. Presumably he's not required to pay any child support. And speaking of wee ones of another sort, we can trace fairies back to early medieval times in Ireland, but is there any evidence for the mention of fairies back in Roman times? Dr. Beach wonders: are The Campestres, Romano-British Fairies? No? How about fairies being mentioned in a court of law as recently as 1932? Manx Judge and Manx Fairies. (LP, PH)

April 25

There's something fishy in the state of Washington, according to Micah Hanks, who ponders whether or not the disruptive humming noises which have plagued residents for some time can be attributed to "fish songs". No puns about Bass notes, please. Fish as precursors of catastrophic events is the subject of Dead Oarfish May Mean Earthquakes for New Zealand The 2011 tsunami in Japan was preceded by a number of dead oarfish turning up on the coast of Tohoku and such events are believed by the Japanese to be harbingers of earthquakes. New Zealanders may want to give pause to the recent find of a 10ft specimen on the beach at Aramoana, South Island. Paul Seaburn looks at how both myth and science try to account for these happenings. This morning we have news of an earthquake in Nepal, which it should be noted, is almost directly antipodal to the volcano that recently erupted in Chile. (LP)

Carlos S. Alvarado, of the Parapsychology Foundation, interviews parapsychologist Ed Kelly about his new book Beyond Physicalism: Toward Reconciliation of Science and Spirituality, which Alvarado calls “one of the most important conceptual contributions to parapsychology (and all disciplines concerned with the mind) in recent years.” Basically this multi-authored work attempts to understand how our individual human psyches and the world we live in must be structured, in order to explain the whole host of “rogue” phenomena—psi, survival, extreme psychophysical influence, memory, dissociation and secondary centers of consciousness, NDEs and related phenomena, genius, and mystical experiences—which mainstream sweeps under the rug. Yes, that’s a monumental task, but it’s one that Kelly and company go a long way to fulfilling. Kelly, by the way, works in the lab located in Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine. The work of another researcher there, Jim Tucker, whose specialty is “cases of the reincarnation type” (note the caution in the wording), is the focus of an article in The Atlantic: There Is a Paranormal Activity Lab at the University of Virginia. (PH)

This interesting and poignant story originates from 1909, when a Mrs. Ella Hughes wrote of her personal childhood recollection of the infamous JWB and a dream her mother had on the night of Lincoln's murder, in which she was Booth's victim, shot in the back of the neck in a theater. Not only a spooky tale, it also sheds light on the impact that the crime had on those who knew him. Then there is the story of the Virginia Man [who] Believes Daughter's Nightmares Hold Clue to Wife's Fatal Accident. The three-year-old was in the car and survived when her mother stuck a tree and died. Was it due to icy roads? The husband now suspects foul play after listening to his daughter’s nightmares. Finally, was the Grim Reaper Captured On Camera? Tourist Posts Creepy Photo Of "Ghost" Snapped At The Grand Canyon. The picture, taken in the 1980s, shows a man posing for a snapshot while perched on the edge of a precipice. As if that's not scary enough for those of us with acrophobia, a pale, hooded figure is seen lurking in the bushes behind him. Grim Reaper or just a grim peeper? (LP)

The Never Ending Story that is Roswell still turns up intriguing stuff after almost seven decades. This time it's via Nick Redfern who's combing through the UFO research papers of the late Kathy Kasten. Among them is a sizeable file on one William Randolph Lovelace, research physician at Wright-Patterson who went on to become NASA's Director of Space Medicine and to have a crater on the moon named after him, no less. Kathy's "shadowy" sources had suggested she should look into Lovelace's connection with the Roswell incident and Nick will continue to post info as he trawls through the file. The plot thickens (again). (LP)

April 24

Here's an amusing and slightly creepy example of photobombing paredolia for your Friday afternoon viewing pleasure. In this case, we think it might actually be real--a real, live person photobombing an otherwise lovely couples shot. Things that it is not include a troll, a demon, the ghost of a jilted lover or Gollum. In another recent ghostly photobomb headline, this "Samurai ghost" photo taken in Zushi, Kanagawa has swept through mainstream media like wildfire this week. It's not new however, and originally appeared in a Reddit thread by poster Obiaruf, who asked for input on the Disturbing photo. There's plenty of theories and explanations along with skeptical viewpoints and numerous other examples of "ghost photobombing." If you are finding yourself still craving some high-quality high-strangeness, this Ask Reddit thread has got you covered with over 12,000 replies from ghostly to ghastly to the question, What's the most unexplainable sh*t you've ever witnessed? (MB)

This happened back in 1998 and it's not clear why this guy is just coming forward now to share his experience at the Martin Lake Reservoir on a family boat ride. He says the huge bird kept pace with the 20 mph boat and looked very much like a giant raven with a wingspan of over 20 feet. This isn't the first time a bird this size and description has been reported and there's even a famous photo of a life-sized replica of the "Terrator." From the looks of it, it seems the name is well-earned. On the trail of other seldom seen monsters, Jason Offutt is Exploring American Monsters: Delaware, the majority of which seem to be more of the far more common Hoax species. Karl Shuker offers up some practical advice if you're considering hunting down any other mythical beasts in Nessie's territory, explaining that Keeping clear of kelpies and other water-horses in the first place is the best idea. (MB)

April 23

Whoa, maaan! Was something watching Les Stroud on a recent solo trip into the Canadian wilderness? These guys are right, it's a little too cold for fireflies and that looks like eyeshine. So what is it watching him from just a few feet away from the light? Whatever it is it either jumps from up high to ground level or it simply kneels down on the ground which is a far more disturbing thought. In less hairy cryptid news, Nick Redfern introduces us to Teggie-The Terror of the Lake. Lake Bala in Wales has its own version of a monster in the form of a gigantic creature caled Teggie, which is either an overgrown pike or maybe a prehistoric throwback. There's evidence in the form of a much smaller "monster" fish in Lake Bala that suggests a prehistoric possibility is real. And here's something that's news to us--apparently the mythical unicorn is the Scotland's national animal and we're just as surprised as Glasgow Boy who is raising awareness of a petition to nominate Nessie for Scotland's National Animal. (MB)

Yes, yes we do, and so does American Thinker's Christopher Carson who brings up the 2008 UFO sighting after years of perplexing silence from everyone on the subject. Neither GW Bush nor anyone else involved in the incident in which a 1000-foot-long UFO made its way towards the ranch have made any further statements since that night. That includes Air Force pilots nearby who were watching the whole thing. Later the Air Force gave the official explanation as a "military training exercise" which has as much truth to it as the old, familiar "swamp gas." Meanwhile, Richard Dolan discusses UFO Secrecy vs. Citizen Action at the 2015 Ozark UFO Conference, a UFO caught on video over Rome by professional photographer looks a lot like a flying car, and a really Weird UFO [is] caught on video over Virginia Beach Town Center, hovering and darting and just generally acting very non-airplane-y. And last but not least, The Professor over at The Big Study provides us with what he calls a brief UFO diversion with a collection of very old UFO reports from all over. What he calls a diversion, we find fascinating. (MB)

April 22

Week in Weird (formerly Who Forted) gives us a backstage and also front-row look at the recent investigation at the Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio with the Nick Groff Tour. After a ghostly entity was provoked in the "Chair Room", WiW's Greg Newkirk was assaulted and scratched across his back by something unseen. (MB)

Now for an update on the much-maligned subject of the Roswell slides. Yes, again. Trust us, we are about as tired of this subject as most of you are but it is worth it to be up-to-date. Nick Redfern makes a simple but important point that it is extremely easy for anyone to obtain authentic Kodachrome slide holders as quite a few homes probably have a box or two of slides gathering dust in a closet somewhere containing images of vacations or Christmas or in Redfern's case, a UFO model made for him in 1969. With such ready availability, it's easy to consider anyone could insert any image they wished into an old slide holder...However, Redfern also raises an interesting theory (assuming the slides are geniune, of course) that there may be a link between the Roswell Slides and the “Ant People,” a species of small, humanoid creatures that lived underground according to Hopi legend. Meanwhile, Kevin Randle informs us there's now a new entry in his "Roswell Slides And ___" posts with Richard Dolan and the Roswell Slides. Dolan now says he will be there with front-row seats to the much hyped unveiling next month but will not commit one way or the other to their authenticity, which is just a polite way to say he wants to see for himself where this crazy train ends. UFO Conjecture shares some rather cryptic details as Jose Caravaca provides more slides news, including some bizarre details about the supposed alien body. There's an interesting discussion in the comments below the post. (MB)

Supposedly Reagan went "off-script" at a Geneva peace summit and disregarded his advisers' suggestion not to mention the A word when he approached Gorabachev and asked for his allegiance against an otherworldly invasion. Gorbachev changed the subject, not surprisingly. Speaking of invasions, a Photographer Captures Alleged UFO over Bogotá that looks like a figure 8 or linked Cheerios depending on how you look at it. (MB)

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