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September 24

After years of whispers concerning the CIA's psychic black-ops programs, Jessica Brodkin makes it clear to Kristin McNamara this shady agency wants nothing to do with people who hear voices. It's funny how her life got stranger after leaving the CIA. Not everyone gets out of the government alive and Beryl Lipton wants to introduce everyone to The State Department Spokesman Who Died... And Kept Speaking for at least thirty years. Looks like Washington has spooks at all echelons, but some aren't kept entirely secret except through obscurity. While heading deeper down the rabbit hole, we were surprised to bump into Jason Colavito who spoke at length on how A Diffusionist Writer Sicced The FBI On The Fortean Society For Rejecting His Anti-Columbus Book back in 1947. Neither side is sympathetic and the status of America's alphabet soups as a bogeyman hasn't changed one bit. (CS)

Retrocausality is now a thing. Eric Wargo's not talking pie-in-the-sky woo with 5D Lemurian crystals, but hard data suggesting causality and information flow both ways in spacetime. Nobody knows how it works, especially in the biological context of precognition, but the same goes for quantum entanglement which may go hand-in-hand with retrocausation. And if you thought quantum entanglement's action was spooky, get ready to pop several Ativan and chase it with whiskey after learning about 'frustrated spontaneous emission'. If you're curious about voices similar to those heard by the former CIA agent, Christian Jarrett learned A Lot Of Voice Hearing Isn't An Auditory Experience At All and most people who do 'hear' are perfectly sane. Perhaps Julian Jaynes was a bit quick to declare humanity's bicameral mind a thing of the past. There are plenty more mysteries of the mind, like recent headlines of Humans Having A Sixth Sense About Being Watched with hard data backing up a concept popularized by Rupert Sheldrake. Thing is, how many sixth senses can a human being have? (CS)

Some believe they're ghosts, others maintain they're aspects of the American dream waiting to be picked up by good peope, while others dismiss these entities as folklore. Inspired by the reissue of The Evidence for Phantom Hitch-Hikers, David Metcalfe begins his scholarly tour of limnal America and its entities. But wait, there's more! China has its own traditions regarding ghosts and cars according to Samuel Gibbs, outlining a scam of Uber's 'Ghost Drivers' Scaring Passengers Out Of Rides And Money. (CS)

Mysterious? More like spooky because divers found a skeleton amidst the wreckage which gave up the fêted Antikythera Mechanism. Brett Tingley takes it at face value these bones aren't those of an anunnaki since the circumstances are particularly noteworthy. Let alone the fact sciencists may be able to extract this poor soul's DNA. Meanwhile, evidence mounts for how Humans Are To Blamed For The Loss Of Our Prehistoric Hobbits based on the discovery of two human teeth. C.S.I Flores, and John Elder, have their work cut out for them to crack this cold case. Further down the timeline, and without invoking those aliens-of-the-gaps, Many Aspects Of Pyramid Construction Are Still A Mystery. If you're not familiar with these heretofore uncrackable nuts, Hope Babowice's laundry list is a great primer to keep handy. (CS)

September 23

Alex Tsakiris conducts an insightful interview with Dr. Jeffrey Long, author of God and the Afterlife, and the results are stunning. Dr. Long explains how he took his meticulous and thorough attention to detail as an oncology doctor and applied them to an extensive study of NDE's. We'd tell you more but we're busy running to the bookstore, which we recommend you do as well if you would like an answer to the question Can Your 'Self' Survive Death? Robert Lawrence Kuhn from Closer To Truth dissects mind and self and lays out the details for our edification. For some lighter reading we would like to direct our readers to I’ll See Your Fear of Death and Raise you Some Existential Anxiety. Esoterx points out the elephant in the room: our human tendency of hedging our bets just in case we have to answer for anything when we die. And then he mocks us, as well he should. (CM)

With heavy hearts we regret to inform our readers that Dr. Thomas Scott Ruh has passed away. Dr. Ruh was a passionate squatcher with a penchant for gifting the hairy guys and recording their vocals. He was decent, meticulous, and a good friend to many. Dr. Ruh, you will be missed, but now you know the Sasquatch secrets...As the late doctor watches on from the other side, we ask the question, Is Idaho County squatchy? According to Bwana, that area of the US is populated by neanderthal-like hairless folk tossing cases of beer about like so many couch cushions. Oh, and peeping toms, so probably not the kind of company Sasquatch would want to keep. But keep looking people. We also have news of Bigfoot ‘Spotted’ In Video Footage Taken On Caerphilly Mountain. There's no video link whatsoever on the news post though, so we have to assume Jason Parsons from Cardiff was so startled by what he was recording that he dropped his camera down the mountainside to be lost forever. Or he was mugged by Bigfoot. Clearly anything is possible when you use your imagination. (CM)

Something that looks like a contrail distorted by upper atmospheric winds is the source of a couple of photographs and a story that had Brits agog last week. A commenter suggests a parachute flare and this may very well be the case. It sure is pretty. Not so much is A Pre-Roswell UFO Crash? Rich Reynolds posted this without comment from the Amazon book description of MO41, The Bombshell Before Roswell, but it seems that the commenters and, we are sure, Rich himself are not impressed with the book. Looking into reviews by those who actually read the thing, it appears that the book will do nothing to elevate the status of the Cape Girardeau Missouri 1941 "UFO crash" any closer to a reality. Somewhat more valuable may be Flying Saucers Are Real, reviewed in Nature at The Rise and Fall of the UFO. The predominantly dismissive review seems to have been written by someone without much knowledge of, and less interest in, the larger subject of UFOs. The book presents a subset of Jack Womack's collection of UFO memorabilia housed at Georgetown University Library. One conversant in the field may appreciate this pricey excursion into the known and almost-unknown of mid-20th century UFO and contactee books. (WM)

Humans have long had the tendency to assign paranormal causes to situations and events that are essentially very normal but not easily explained. No doubt this characteristic helped give rise to religion and superstitions. Fairy blasts are no different. Persons demonstrating symptoms of what we now know to be disassociation and personality disorders were said to be suffering from the fairy blast. Still another example of ignorance begetting stories of supernatural causation are The Most Bizarre Cases of Mysterious Phantom Attackers. As members of the 21st century with access to a variety of media, it's easy for us to see parallels between "phantom" attacks and stealthy assailants who terrorize  their victims. But less than a hundred years ago, goings on such as described in this post seemed inexplicable and terrifying. Something else inexplicable and a little terrifying was the philosophy of Father Amorth: Leader of the World’s Exorcists is Dead. Blaming practices such as yoga or reading Harry Potter books for the increase in what he believed were possessions, he believed that some Vatican priests and cardinals were members of satantic sects. In spite of what we think may have been misguidance,  Father Amorth set the standard for all exorcisms performed by the Catholic Church and he will be greatly missed. (CM)

In The Dead of the Night Loch Ness Mystery
The thoughts (and video) of Glasgow Boy as he travels B852, the road between Inverfarigaig and Dores in Scotland, which he dubs "Monster Alley" due to its high proportion of reports of Nessie on land. Speaking of which, Dr. Beachcombing has begun researching Floating Islands (and the Loch Ness Monster). Apparently Loch Ness has been documented as having land masses that from time to time sink, later to re-emerge. Beach is doing his homework to find out how these "islands" might affect Nessie. (CM)

September 22

In an unexpected plot twist, psychics in Scotland have contacted police in order to solve a cold case--and are being ignored. We can understand the authorities being too busy to go on a wild goose chase, but there is genuine evidence indicating something odd went on the in the highlands. Sounds to us like some esoteric bigotry on the part of the Inverness police force. In fairness to the cops, it doesn't help when stories like this next one hit the news: 'Ghost' Caught On Camera At Bodmin Jail As Green Light Seen Gliding Past Clairvoyant Into Prison Cell. Granted, it could have been a spectral presence that was caught on camera. And considering the history of Bodmin Jail it probably was a presence of some unhappy sort. But we'd like to suggest to all researchers that releasing findings that are at best utterly inconclusive are probably not the way to get taken seriously. Just saying. But perhaps the goal isn't for meaty news reporting. Maybe it's to cause a group-induced panic: London’s Haunted Highgate Cemetery isn’t Just a Haven for Ghosts, it has a Vampire Lurking in its Shadows. Read the accounts of locals who have chosen to walk through the cemetery at night, and see if it doesn't sound like the "witnesses" are experiencing what they think they should be experiencing, and not what is actually going on. Think about it. (CM)

We have more than a passing interest in the subject of "Ancient Astronauts." Perhaps in this particular case, we should use the term "Enlightenment Astronauts". For here is a fascinating woodcut image of something that looks to be a good rendering of a flying UFO. However, one commenter gives a more likely interpretation, supported by the words inside the illustration. Another response instances a similar object on an older French jeton, and doing a little more research seems to confirm the "shield" identification. Fast forward to the present and a Cylinder UFO Videotaped over Small New York Town. The audio conveys some of the emotions that can arise when people are yanked out of their common existence by what seems a novel sight. In spite of the videographer's speculation, we wouldn't be surprised were the apparition to turn out to be some sort of unusual blimp. And lastly, Turning the Field Over to the Youngsters has Kevin Randle and commenters musing on the generally poor state of ufology and whether "generation gaps" really mean anything in the discussion. Kevin is surely correct that too little solid research is being done these days, somewhat owing we think to the very velocity of the Internet and its attendant emphasis on "being there first with the most". The exchange is worth your consideration. (WM)

Dr. Lucianne Walkowicz shares his expertise as guest blogger in this piece that will fan the flames of interest in anyone not already in love with astronomy. We can't sum up his topic more effectively than the doctor's own words: "We stand at the dawn of knowing that the universe teems with worlds, but not yet knowing if we are alone." One of the mysteries surrounding the company we keep in the cosmos may have just been answered: Alien megastructure’ star may be explained by interstellar junk. Dimming sporadically, Tabby's Star was originally thought to possibly be surrounded by an alien engineering project of massive proportion. This theory is being revised however, with interstellar comets seeming a more likely possibility. Now the search is on for an interstellar cloud that could cause the phenomenon. (CM)

Wrong Time Bread, Wrong Place Fairies Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
If you're in the habit of taking sandwiches to work, you may find they bring an added bonus beyond lunchtime nourishment. Dr Beachcombing takes a look at an old English superstition that carrying a piece of bread in one's pocket keeps fairy mischief at bay. Over at Ancient Origins, the social and spiritual aspects of Fairy Folk are examined in The Origins of the Faeries in our Cultures - Part I and The Origins of the Faeries: Changes in Conscious Perception - Part II. Of course, fairies and witches have always been linked in folklore, but while the former often get good press, the latter rarely do. Dana Matthews revisits a disturbing case from 1980s Italy in The Modern Day Witch Trial of Carole Compton: How a Scottish Nanny was Arrested for Witchcraft. (LP)

September 21

More news on the malignant clown threat...a group of would-be domestic terrorists masquerading as clowns online have been apprehended in Alabama. We hope they are found guilty and squeezed into a single teeny tiny car whilst being hosed down with seltzer. In addition to these frightening clown stories, there have recently been Many Eerie Cases Of 'Shared Delusion' From All Over The World After The Tromp Family's Bizarre Meltdown - From An Alien Encounter To A Phantom Drug Siege. Since 1955 the condition of "shared mental breaks" has been spreading across the planet. Allow us to throw a bone to the conspiracy buffs out there: what could be causing entire groups of people to seemingly go mad at the same time? (CM)

Reports of confusing aerial phenomena dominate today's posts. Dundee, Scotland, has produced a couple of daylight disc sightings recently. In both cases (a link to the first report is embedded in this article ) the witnesses appear to be thoughtful and honestly relating what they had seen, and the brief report is not as dismissive as some of the comments. local media sources tell us Where have UFOs Been Sighted in Michigan? and Where have UFOs Been Spotted above Long Island? [MAP]. Both articles deal with sightings reported to Peter Davenport's National UFO Reporting Center, and have helpful links to that important site so that readers can learn about more sightings and reporting their own. They also provide NUFORC's guidelines for reporting. However, the rest of each local version evinces a lack of knowledge on the part of its writer and has to get in a dismissive "jab" or two towards the subject. Proof of Aliens? Tourists Flock to American Hotspot to Communicate with Martians blares the Daily Star, with subtext "UFO Hunters have been making contact with alien life at this spot near Area 51." The article assures its UK audience that, of the tens of thousands of UFO sightings that have already occurred across the globe, "Most of these seem to happen in the USA and there are certain states in particular that claim to be buzzing with extraterrestrial life." (WM)

The present world circumstances being what they are, we wouldn't have thought potential modifications to astrology warranted much of a reaction. Evidently we were wrong--very, very wrong. NASA has a message for the disgruntled readers of the planets--recent scientific discoveries in no way impact astrology--which they say is not a real science, thank you very much. NASA is not weighing in on Another Video Released of Possible Tasmanian Tiger, however. This smudgy, foggy photo leaves us rather undazzled. Perhaps one of our readers could take a careless snapshot of their bearded dragon and we will call it the Loch Ness Monster. Seems to be good enough for other "researchers"...(CM)

Fishing ships in Ireland pursued by phantom vessels? If history is to be believed, and if history truly repeats itself, then yes, phantom vessels are laying in collisions courses with other crafts. Of course, the other possibility is that foggy nights are part of the natural environment and sailors get a bit spooked when they've tippled the rum. In other news, Why the Soviets Sponsored a Doomed Expedition to a Hollow Earth Kingdom? The kingdom of Shambhala, straddling both the here and the other, captured the imaginations and political aspirations of world leaders in 1926, all without actually appearing on any world map. The discoverers/conquerers of this land inside the hollow Earth would hold the favor of the forces of good, thereby establishing stronger political support. Kind of makes us want to poke around some research installations in the Arctic just to see what's been found so far...(CM)

September 20

We are fascinated by ball lightning. While its reality seems unquestionable, its properties remain mysterious. We are also Peter Sturrock fans and find his hypothesis on the character of this phenomenon to be eminently worthwhile. Bravo. But we don't know what to think about the subject or subjects of Nevada Camper Captures UFO in Video. Good luck to the MUFON investigator looking into this year-old incident! Another story that has had our heads spinning is the John Keel-Jaye Paro story in Special Cases -- The Long Island File (8): Keel Follows Through. Continuing Keel's fascination with and valiant attempts to unravel the strange mystery he had stepped into, this post should only whet the appetite of those unfamiliar with Keel's journey into the unknown, and likely also interest those more conversant. Shop Talk with Gene, Chris and Goggs has the three Paracasters touching upon such topics as UFO "con-men", the Disclosure Movement, the potential difficulties in establishing dialogue with an ET civilization, and Chris' account of the January 12, 1994 "NORAD Event", before the last two segments move away from the paranormal. And lastly, in Real Visitors, Voices from Beyond and Parallel Dimensions Kevin Randle discusses the part of the recent book by Brad and Sherry Steiger that deals with the Philadelphia Experiment. Randle thinks that the Steigers have finally put this hoax to bed. Let us hope so. (WM)

BEK In The Philippines Phantoms & Monsters
Appearances of the Black Eyed Kids as well as Black Eyed Women are increasing, as indicated by this report in from the Philippines. One has to wonder if these creatures are spreading across the world,  and why is their grasp of language only slightly better than a seventh grader using Babelfish? And just to start this week off with some anomalistic silliness, Squatchin’ on Heaven’s Door: Bigfoot Spotted in the Cloudy Harvest Moon. Some people see angels in the sky. Some people see elephants and dragons. And then there are those who see sasquatch taking a stroll through the nighttime skies. Sometimes we just have to put our beliefs and paradigms aside and admit when something is just cool. (CM)

September 19

Bill Vandenbush joined the army in 1968 and headed to Vietnam. Suffering terrible injuries during a mission, this infantryman lay dying and suddenly experienced an instant of what he believed to be the Afterlife. Using the power of this experience he recovered from what should have been terminal injuries and later made it his life's work to  pass his peace along to others. It would seem that not all the help we receive is of the living human variety however. Disembodied Voices of Reason: Vain Ghosts and Altruistic Phantoms. Esoterx shares the story of a sea captain awakened during a seemingly peaceful night, just in time to stop his ship from running aground in unexpectedly shallow waters. Any help is good help, right? (CM)

Nina Kulagina's military career differed greatly from most. Recruited to the Red Army at the age of 14, she rose through the ranks, suffered terrible battle injuries and, upon recovery, learned to harness her telekinetic abilities and serve her beloved Russian army again. While Nina was able to affect the physiology of animals, she was never able to slice through the veil to human bodies. Perhaps a gentler approach was needed. Meditators Focus Good Thoughts on People, Effects Studied. Science is finally proving what the New Agers have been saying all along--directing positive energy at an object (or person) imbues that object with beneficial qualities. More studies need to be done but results look promising. (CM)

Kevin Randle provides a concise summary of, and link to, his recent X-Zone Broadcast Network interview with the two Virginia MUFON investigators and Hangar 1 TV stars who report new information on the April 24, 1964, Socorro, New Mexico, CEI, II, and III sighting. Randle also includes links to other articles he has written on this most interesting case. Elsewhere, the Exmouth "smoking man's" story we mentioned on September 16 continues to have "legs" with Multiple Sightings of UFOs Chased by Helicopter in England. But is the most likely explanation not ET but something emanating from a nearby U.S./British joint airbase? And a Paul Stonehill interview asserts that a shooting war with UFOs occurred on the other side of the Iron Curtain in Russia's Secret UFO Files: Soviet Union Waged Cold War Conflict with Aliens. According to Stonehill, several direct engagements between Soviet aircraft and UFOs ended badly for the human participants. Surviving records of the Soviet program to determine the nature of UFOs would make very interesting reading, indeed. (WM)

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