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December 10

All manner of beasts feature in our Karl Shuker crypto round-up today, kicking off with news that the Golden Yeti has been awarded to Karl in recognition of his substantial efforts in his field. Not only is he receiving an award he's also Introducing the Homen-Galho: Portugal's Mysterious Twig Man Entity ... or Ent? and he wants to hear from anyone who can enlighten him further on this weird and woody wonder. Dr Shuker also tells us that Volume 4 of The Journal of Cryptozoology is now published, and he's keen to receive submissions for the forthcoming Volume 5. Finally, Karl's newest book, Still In Search of Prehistoric Survivors: Do Giant “Extinct” Creatures Still Exist is also mentioned in Loren Coleman's picks for The Best Cryptozoology Books of 2016. Oh, and one more thing, Happy Birthday, Karl! (LP)

There has been another discovery of what appears to be a sunken ancient civilization. Investigators are referring to it as the "Swedish Atlantis" for the time being, and radiocarbon dating is indicating the excavated fishing village is about 9000 years old. We are now in an era of unprecedented technology and we look forward to more discoveries as the world above and below opens up to our examination. This couldn't thrill the conspiracy theorists more, who rely on technology to keep their intrigue supply fresh: Google Maps Anomalies: Pyramids (Or An Alien Base?) In Antarctica. These folks are all over this story and since Antarctica tends to be pretty tough to visit, it's going to be some time before anyone's theory can be proven, or debunked. (CM)

Amid the many hoaxes and debunkings that come out of the Bigfoot world, this report of a genuine cryptid investigation team is a breath of fresh air. It would seem Kentucky has more living in its forests than grey squirrels, although we doubt the state animal will be changed to a Sasquatch anytime soon. Drive about 8 hours northeast and you might come across Cryptid Canid - Perry County, PA. Dogman? Werewolf? We don't know, and we're not planning any camping trips in the area. (CM)

This news should make Darwin turn over in his grave. It has been reported on the BBC that the evolution of our species has been negatively affected by modern medicine allowing women to live through childbirth. (We may have paraphrased that a bit.) With this indictment of human intelligence, it's a relief to learn that at least Plants Are Even Smarter Than We Thought. Extensive studies have proven that plants will modify their behaviors based on learned outcomes. Are we the only ones thinking humans could take a lesson from plants? It should come as no surprise then, given the questionable smarts of some members of the population, that Cognitive Science Is Hundreds Of Years Late Than This Ancient Indian Philosophy, which understands that our brains are very productively active while we sleep. Perhaps having a world wide nap would raise the collective IQ of the entire planet. Count us in...zzzzzzz....(CM)

It's About Time The UFO Trail
Jack Brewer runs a list of selected ufological and Governmental "low-lights" from the past 70 years up to the present, with an emphasis on the clandestine and the bizarre. He could have picked out more instances from both sectors, but those familiar with Mr. Brewer's perspective will have connected the dots and understand the gist of what he's saying. Brewer's discussants recognize this, and the Comments are worth reviewing, whatever your stance is on the matters raised in this post. Brewer was also thinking of the MJ-12 debacle, the subject of The FBI Debunked These UFO Documents in the Most Childish Way Possible. The article is too short to give a complete picture of the conspiracy theory--ufology connection (in particular, readers will recognize that there is more to the involvement of William Moore than rendered here), but it's a useful example of an outsider's viewpoint. (WM)

December 9

Space, as we know it wasn't always constant. Things moved a lot faster in the early days, including light, and the evidence has been staring us in the face since May 20, 1964. A little bird told Daniel Oberhaus how two astrophysicists are poised to upset the apple cart by proving c wasn't always constant, sending cosmologists back to the drawing board. Since we know the speed of light, What Is The Speed Of Gravity? The ever-controversial Electric Universe theory continues to rankle mainstream scientists, but it's painful to admit they're not even wrong. The basis of Bishop Nicholas Sykes's argument is how planets aren't flung out by the sun's gravity, completely ignoring how the planets also move relative to the sun. If he can't get that right, how the rest of his argument hold water? (CS)

Is it just us or has the ghost world been more involved than usual in keeping our roads safe? Case in point, there's a highway over in the UK that's had more than its fair share of reports from startled motorists who've caught glimpses of shadowy figures that seem to be warning drivers to slow down. Maybe the Other Side is getting crowded...In other news, David Weatherly brings us a report of strangeness with Black Eyed Man Radiates Evil. Hard to say if the creeper in question was a genuine BEM or a junkie with a really bad attitude. Either way, caution was definitely called for and we applaud anyone who can come out of such an encounter relatively unscathed. (CM)

In many ways this and another documentary, Behind the 'Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs', represent the two most opposite ends of the UFO research spectrum. While Ghost Rockets relates the story of UFO-Sweden and its Chairman Clas Svahn's somewhat quixotic but organized attempt to solve the mystery of what fell into Lake Nammajaure in 1946, Curse follows quixotic and extremely colorful character Christo Roppolo's sole obsession to prove to whomever will listen that his 50 years of alien contact is real. Svahn and his colleagues are portrayed as cerebral, spending most of their time explaining others' UFO sightings; Roppolo is shown as an earthy force of nature, full of exuberance and expletives, who seems to see UFOs daily. The Swedes are described as "a group of UFO-obsessed boys who became UFO-fascinated men, and now, after 40 years, wonder whether the club they have founded will live beyond them." American Roppolo, haunted by memories of a nearly incredible series of past human tragedies, combs the present night sky for his next UFO footage. But here we sense similarities, aside from the fact that both of the protagonists seem to be operating from shoe-string budgets. The filmmakers in both documentaries are less interested in unravelling the UFO mystery than in exploring these human puzzles in their respective stories. (WM)

Dr. Shuker brings us a brief history of all things Porcus Cryptid. (We made that term up!) Who knew--other than those suffering with swinophobia--that pigs could be frightening? If you're already feeling uneasy about this topic--and not because you're vegan--you probably won't be pleased to learn that there is the tiniest possibility of giant prehistoric pigs still existing somewhere in the world. But it's a really really tiny possibility. We suggest diverting your attention to this Magonia Review: Time On Your Hands, a commentary on James Gleick's Time Travel: A History. This is more of a thought project than a reference manual, taking its readers on an enjoyable, timely journey. (CM)

December 8

In recognition of the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, we bring our readers a mystery from November 1941 that has remained unsolved to this day. An individual came into the offices of the New Yorker that month and placed a series of ads, paying cash and leaving no clue as to his identity. These ads formed in hindsight what many considered a warning of the pending attack that drew the US into WWII. An expert who disagrees with this theory is Craig Nelson, author of Pearl Harbor: From Infamy to Greatness. While he concedes that the story is strange, he doesn't believe the ads were placed as a warning, and any correspondences to the bombing on December 7, 1941, were coincidental. PS: It seems that the game mentioned in the story as not existing did in fact exist and was published by Monarch. (CM)

When the going gets tough, the tough get Woo. Except in China, where getting Woo can get you arrested. The Communist Party finds such "irrational beliefs" to be a source of shame and wants to rebrand the country with its own modern version of Marxism. We haven't much to say except leave your holy water and EMF recorder at home if you're planning a trip to the People's Republic. If you happen to have any zombie repellent tough, we suggest you pack it in your carry on, since China is a country with a history of Bizarre and Horrifying Cases of Zombie-like Cannibal Attacks. Then again, so is Canada. (So much for politeness.) And the US. WTH? People, the apocalypse will get here soon enough without you helping it along. (CM)

The tabloids are all abuzz with the interview that noted investigator Philip Mantle conducted with a person claiming to have participated in one of the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO events on very late December 1980. The narrative offered by security police officer Steve Longer is rather vague, and doesn't seem to add much new. There is a confirmation that the Bentwaters-Woodbridge complex did indeed house nuclear weapons, and Longero contends that controversial witness-claimant Larry Warren was a party to the sighting. Mantle has hopes that this article might encourage other witnesses to come forth on this important case. Speaking of historic "UFO" cases, Nick Redfern takes us back to 1948-1950 in Project Twinkle -- A UFO Investigation. Nick's short piece concludes aptly with "The mystery lingered on" and includes links to more extensive treatments in Project 1947 and NICAP sites. More context may be found in UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry, by Dr. Michael Swords, Robert Powell, et al. (WM)

Philip Mantle interviews Hanson who talks about his past, present, and future with naturally an emphasis on his UFO work and with a focus on The Halt Perspective, his recently published book co-authored with Colonel Charles Halt of Rendlesham fame. And over on The Paracast Philip Mantle himself is interviewed about his UFO research. (LP)

Quantum mechanics raises many big, philosophical questions with answers guaranteed to give anyone an existential crisis. John Stewart Bell hoped to allay everyone's fears regarding free will, reality, and local causation which intertwine like an eternal golden braid with a simple theorem. If you don't completely understand what Andrew Grant is writing about here, be happy. Jason Gallicchio, Andrew Friedman, and David Kaiser's conclusions are guaranteed to give you an existential crisis. Making matters worse, Gallicchio and company plan on tightening the noose, or loophole, in the near future. (CS)

December 7

The recent deaths of high profile pioneers in the holistic community have left some wondering if the alternative medicine practitioners were targeted by those with a great deal to lose if big pharma slipped from its position as the All Cure. Not that long ago similar questions were being asked following the unexplained demises of numerous microbiologists. Before that, it seemed as if anyone connected with Marconi in the latter part of the 20th century were as good as dead. Conspiracy or a coincidence? Where do the lines get drawn between patterns that can't be ignored, and a desperate need to find patterns in order to make sense of the universe? It's not that far removed from what spawns experiences of pareidolia. The Tree of Lights at the Bog Chapel reports on a number of spiritual, albeit unprovable instances wherein shadow and light play, combined with a godly devotion, resulted in what seemed to onlookers to be miraculous apparitions. In a world where some can see ghosts and others channel the dead, who's to say the holy images weren't real? In our world, reality itself is a fairly loosey-goosey concept. (CM)

Dear ol' Nessie features prominently in most of the five books reviewed by Magonia and at the same time gets the usual treatment by the tabloids in Ness To See You, which reports on how the increased use of camera phones and webcams have resulted in a bumper year for sightings at the Loch. Meanwhile, Glasgow boy asks Is the Loch Ness Monster a Sturgeon? He recounts several stories from the last couple of hundred years which suggest this possibility. (LP)

Rich Reynolds uses Carl Jung's Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky to continue his theme that ufology is either dead or on undeserved life support. Along the way, Rich rather minimizes the significance of the 1896/7 airship sightings, the 1930s "ghost fliers" of Scandinavia, and the 1946 wave in approximately the same geographical area. This prompts Gilles Fernandez to chime in with references to his airship article we had recommended on December 1st. These posts are always interesting, even when the theme is repeated in a different key. Evidence? See UFOs as Artificial Intelligence Probes....One More Time!. Here Rich reprises his theory that artificial intelligence machines from an advanced ET civilization "stumbled upon Earth with its diverse life-forms," phoned home the news, and produced "the onslaught of UFOs, reported over the eons, and especially in our modern era." The thesis remains provocative, promoting discussions on the nature of knowledge, advancing a position for factual debate, and possibly explaining at least some of the strange things people are seeing in the sky, and occasionally much more "up close and personal." (WM)

More of the John Keel-Jaye Paro-Contactee saga, with Keel annoying "Princess Moon Owl," mysterious early-morning phone calls, a disturbing prophecy, and Apol and Agar found in the Farmingdale library consulting an old copy of "Who's Who." Like a Commenter and the blog administrator, we are particularly struck by the statement of Jaye's friend "Richard": "She's always doing things like this to me." The story "continues" with Special Cases -- The Long Island File (17): The Plot Continues. Included: a forced interrogation of Jaye Paro by two "men in gray," a failed prophecy, and a frustrated "Princess Moon Owl" threatening to take up her saucer and leave. One runs out of adjectives to describe adequately the absurd fascination this blog engenders. We can only look forward to what wonders the next installment will bring. (WM)

Nick Redfern relates several interesting stories of small spheres that fell to earth from the late 1950s through the 1970s. He's probably correct that these were earthly creations, in spite of one or two "curious things to ponder upon" about them. Elsewhere, David Weatherly's Silver Suited Humanoids: 1973 relates a New Hampshire case of samples-collecting "aliens" during the UFO/Humanoid Wave during the Fall of 1973. While Argentina: More Curious Humanoid Incidents gives us a passel of even stranger humanoid tales, full of sounds, quirky outfits, and a variety of odd disappearances. Must have been a slow news day at the Express, as shown by WEIRDEST UFO EVER? Photographer Captures Bizarre "Sky Portal" on Camera. Yet another photo that proved interesting only after its photographer noted something he'd not seen while snapping it. The article's author rather admits that the image won't pass muster as being other than a reflection of a glass inside the photographer's vehicle. (WM)

December 6

It was first described in 1899, but scientists have ever since doubted the existence of this strange creature named after Charon, a mythical "ferryman of the dead." Now scientists in California have confirmed that it is indeed real and distinct from another variety of tiny sea blob. So it's cryptozoology until it's found; then it's science and let our fortean fields be damned. When there's hard proof of Bigfoot, science will be like "we knew it all along. They're still cranks" and maybe a picture of Loren Coleman looking puzzled because the pic was snapped out of context. (CS)

Brent Swancer recounts the tale of an expedition in the Mexican Yucatan around 1931, wherein an assembly of archeologists finds itself hopelessly lost in a series of ever darkening, seemingly endless tunnels within the previously unexplored Lolton cave. Six hours into what may have been a one way journey, the wandering crew stumble upon a strange man, ancient and blind, who leads them back out through the darkness to which he was accustomed and into the fresh night air. Swancer reminds us that the world is filled with wonders such as this, miracles we cannot explain, and that we must remain sufficiently open minded to experience them. Two hundred years ago, "open minded" was not a word that would be used to describe scientists, who found it impossible to imagine that rocks could fall from the sky. No doubt their response to such a notion would have been Rocks in Your Head. Move ahead to our current century where a meteor burned its way across the Russian skies, and the scientific community scurrying to find debris in order to identify its origin. Will we seem like scientific lightweights to the generations two centuries from now? (CM)

John Greenewald Interview A Different Perspective
Noted FOIA master and Black Vault creator Greenewald discusses the initial idea behind his website and several interesting conclusions he has reached about the U.S. Government attitude towards UFOs. Note what John says about the relative ease with which the Government will part with information about advanced weapons systems versus its tighter hold on UFO-related material, on document "loss" coincidences, and the fact that the file on the 1976 Tehran UFO/ jet encounters proves that this case, at least, was being investigated, putting the lie to claims that investigation ended in 1969. (WM)

Karl Shuker exposes the dead dragon "mockumentary" that made the rounds this past summer. Starting his investigation by locating the source of the original video, Shuker proceeds to discredit the dragon cadaver with a detailed explanation of its manufacture in a special effects studio. Then Shuker directs readers to a full color dragonology reference book which he himself has written, where he no doubt quashes more frauds. In other news, Brandon May Be Becoming Canada’s New UFO Hot Spot. In case anyone is unfamiliar with winter in Manitoba, Canada--it's cold. Really frightfully cold. So if Brandon Manitoba is becoming hot in any way, even if it's a result of nearby Canadian Forces Base Shilo going nuts with the flare guns, we're OK with that. Keep lighting up the skies Brandon, we'll be waiting to hear more reports about your flying anomalies. (CM)

My New UFO Headache High Strangeness
Mark O'Connell publicly airs his problems with his Mutual UFO Network Wisconsin State Director "boss," an action he rightly realizes might cost him his Field Investigator position. Mark's next post, UFO Through the Window, notes some composition between himself and the State Director, but features a new twist to the story that is likely to create more friction. The new data and its case are considerably more personal than the witness' previously reported case, whose disposition has been accepted and will apparently go into the MUFON database. We trust that Mark has the witness' approval for now publishing this information online, and that the intemperate actions he relates of his superior will cease before another innocent victim of madcap research is created. (WM)

December 5

When personalities trump the organized and principled search for answers in any field, we all suffer. When the field is ufology--one beset by so many inherent ontological and methodological problems and general dismissal by the academic and other intellectual communities--there seems little hope for those of us who feel the subject and its true researchers deserve better. Curt Collins relates the senseless and tragic story of Isaac Koi, one of those people who has worked long and hard to better this study. Koi is being forced to retire from ufology due to a dispute that arose over the legitimacy of a photograph that most UFO researchers regard as fake, and rapidly escalated into a contest of insults and, finally, into the threat of exposure of the real individual behind the nom de plume Koi affected to protect his professional career and family. Whatever else is true in all of this--and the article links to over 150 pages of supporting documentation--there are legitimate reasons for desiring anonymity in ufology, and we would hope that this affair is resolved in a manner that may one day allow Mr. Koi to return to the field and continue his important contributions. (WM)

Meat Loaf Sees Dead People Mysterious Universe
Anyone with an interest in the life and music of Meat Loaf is no doubt unsurprised by the rock legend's recent interview claim that he sees dead people, and has on a regular basis since his "Bat Out of Hell" days. It makes sense. The man has lived the kind of rockstar life that drove him into the dirt--almost literally--a number of times. Maybe his own personal "veil" is a bit thinner than most. But the man isn't just a phantom voyeur. Seems Meat Loaf has some real ghost hunting chops. That might be a worthwhile television series if any producers want to take up the torch and run with it. But if they don't, we will have to spend our winter days reading instead. We are in the Final Days — Mystery Box o’ Ghost Books Offer from Haunted Ohio. For our readers in the continental United States, it's both an opportunity and a deal that you just shouldn't pass up. Spooky books! Lots and lots and lots of spooky books, delivered right to your door. Oh yes, it's a good time to be alive. (CM)

Tehran -- September 18, 1976 A Different Perspective
Kevin Randle here delivers one of the most complete retellings of the famous and highly significant Iranian Air Force/ UFO Encounter. In New Revelations on Roswell from Welder at Crash Site Paul Seaburn relates a third-hand Roswell story that he finds fairly hard to believe, but is intrigued by a detail about the "flats" that the tale begins with. These were pairs of "flying saucers" that the ultimate informant said flew over the Roswell Army Air Force base during the week before July 4th, 1947. Seaburn wonders whether this part of the story has any validity. (WM)

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