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The Anomalist

April 23

Gallipoli WA Today
Award-winning professional photographer Joe Armao snapped a series of photos at dusk on the beach at Gallipoli and captured something a bit out of place in 3 consecutive photos. These photos show a man (known to the photographer) standing in the foreground and a second man standing to his left. This second shadowy figure was not present when the photos were taken and Armano and two other people were the only people in the entire area at the time. The shadowy silhouette appears to be wearing a wide-brimmed hat and almost seems to be listening to his companion, a very much alive flesh and blood man who had no idea he had company. "Residual ghosts" would be the most likely sort encountered there, says South Coast ghost hunter, Dan McMath. "It's a scene of tremendous energy", a place where "horrendous things happened", he explains. McMath doubts he's looking at a ghost however, and thinks it's just a shadow of the flower in the foreground. Joe Armano himself expands on this possible explanation and also believes it's an optical illusion. We do see the man in a hat and we also see the flower in the foreground which does seem to oddly follow the outline of the shadow figure. We have to call this one inconclusive, but it is not difficult at all to imagine spirits lingering at Gallipoli where Australian troops held off the Turks in 1915 during WWI, losing over 8,000 Australian souls in the process.

For decades a certain section of the ocean near Antarctica has "quacked" and researchers had no clue what they were hearing until now. The very out of place sound was finally revealed to be not a giant underwater duck whale but rather an ordinary Minke whale, a species of whale that for as yet unknown reasons, imitates Donald Duck. The Minke whale is also thought to be responsible for the "boing" sound recorded off the coast of Hawaii. However, the biggest unidentified deep sea noise-The Bloop- that has unnerved us humans up here on the surface for over a decade, still remains unsolved. Was it the sound of an underwater volcano? And earthquake? A giant whale? Or was it the sound of a restless Cthulhu-esque behemoth waiting for something to summon it to the surface to rain down terror and death upon the entire planet? Even the Minke whales won't go near that one. (The Bloop can be heard on page 4 of this Discovery article).

National Geographic offers up some more theories and discussion on the mysterious "fast bursts" that were picked up by Arecibo back in November, 2012. Not much is known about these radio signals other than they come from a source very, very far away, possibly being "extragalactic" which is a mind-blowing concept to contemplate in itself. At this point, only a handful of signals have been detected and "there are more theories than there are bursts.", says astronomer Duncan Lorimer. Meanwhile back here in our own galaxy, fireballs and possible meteorites are lighting up the night sky all over the world again, as UFO video software captures fireballs in Japan over the past few nights and yet another huge fireball swoops in over Russia.

April 22

Effie the housekeeper at Oklahoma City's renowned Skirvin Hilton Hotel is one of Oklahoma City Thunder's biggest fans. In fact, she is such a fan that she often does her best to intimidate and downright frighten the basketball team's opponents who are put up in the hotel where she works. Dozens of NBA players have been kept awake the night before a big game with Effie's hijinks that include stomping down hallways, opening and closing doors, turning lights off and on and most notably employing the use of a crying baby to keep players up. This article reads like a Who's Who of famous NBA players, in fact, all of whom have crossed paths with the irate housekeeper. It's too bad Effie was unavailable for comment to the NY Times reporter, but it's understandable given that she's been dead for nearly a century...Meanwhile, in even more transparent ghostly news, a family posing for pictures in museum shocked to discover ghostly image of a girl in Victorian clothing. We find that very shocking as well. Between the two of them, they didn't realize it might make their ridiculously faked story a bit more plausible not to use the exact same "ghostly Victorian girl" image in more than one photo!

Bill Chalker finds more than one similarity between his experiences and that of Dr. Tim Pennington in the Fortean realm of ball lightning encounters. Chalker says that both his and Pennington's experiences took place in the early 1970s, one in the US and the other in Australia, and were both remarkably alike. It's not an exaggeration to say that once you've witnessed ball lighting up close, it's not an experience you are likely to forget. Chalker describes his own experience in great detail and points out that Tim Pennington thinks that ball lightning is actually a broad category that most likely lumps together two or three naturally occurring phenomenon together...Ball lightning is one of the most common explanations given for certain UFO sightings, which makes us wonder if when this pilot and Self-confessed sceptic snap[ped] a photo of UFO over Caloundra, Australia last week, ball lightning might just have been what he spotted and photographed.

This story is getting stranger by the hour and quite frankly is starting to veer into weird territory. According to experts, what this kid did is nearly scientifically impossible. With only "2 or 3 minutes of useful consciousness" at that altitude, it's nothing short of "miraculous" that anyone could live a short while, never mind 4 hours, said Airlines analyst Peter Forman. Some speculate that he may have gone into human hibernation, which is what a handful of other airplane wheel well stowaways have done in the past. So, apparently this kid is either a superhero in training, an incredible prankster or just incredibly lucky. We think he's well-earned a vacation in Hawaii for a few days.

Well, this article gets the prize for Most Misleading Headline of the week. This recent Russian Geographic expedition to the bottom of Lake Labynkyr is recorded in painstaking detail and makes for an interesting read but they found nothing at the bottom of the lake except for some large fish. No Labnkyr Devil was spotted, but the Diving Sport Federation did complete a world record-breaking deepest dive ever under ice, which is pretty neat.

April 21

The Professor has posted a relatively short (for him) but pretty significant entry publishing the contents of a letter he's had a copy of for years. The letter was written to Ted Bloecher and describes the case of a Connecticut couple who claimed to have been abducted during the 1970s and afterwards considered themselves contactees and used self-hypnosis to dredge up details and messages they believe they were receiving from aliens. The couple sought the help of someone who has more than "earned an opinion" on the subject-Betty Hill. Hill had a few words of wisdom but they were likely not what the couple wanted to hear. She stated she believed the couple had "done damage to themselves" with hypnosis and believing they'd received messages from their abductors. She goes on to caution against this sort of thinking, not just for the couple she was advising but for all abductees, "I can not come out and tell them what is happening to them - they must learn to realize this themselves, and to pinpoint some basic need which is being satisfied by this, a real human need of being special in some way. " This is a startling statement but it's powerful considering the source and the time period. This was back in the 1970s, right at the beginning of the "abductee craze" that swept throughout the 1980s along with the New Age movement that was caught up within that. And just in case you need a little refresher on Betty Hill, here's a short summary of the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case. Many thousands of words have been written on their unique, iconic UFO encounter and if you'd like to take a look at a plentiful list of original sources, check out this exhaustive Index of papers on Betty and Barney Hill, 1961-2006, complied by the University of New Hampshire Library, where the info on the Hill case is measured in cubic feet rather than pages (3.5 cubic feet/8 boxes!) If you prefer to revisit the case in a slightly more concise format, there are several excellent documentaries on the subject, including this Open Minds Podcast, featuring Kathleen Marden, niece of Betty and Barney Hill. And then there is the thorough re-examination of the case from multiple points of view: Encounters at Indian Head: 
The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Abduction Revisited, edited by Karl Pflock & Peter Brookesmith.

Ah, once again the "SLiders" phenomenon rears its head, much like its urban legend cousins the Black-Eyed Kids, another cultural oddity that seems to cycle around once every few years, and has never died out unlike the streetlights being targeted. CSI (Committee for Skeptical Inquiry) offers up four explantions in the curious case of streetlamp interference that range from unlikely to most probable, which would be a mixture of mechanical failure and coincidence. With a little bit of Google-Fu, we discovered an entirely different, non-paranormal method of turning of street lights which will now render just about every bit of video evidence unusable, but might impress the easily fooled: turning off streetlights with laser pointers. But that, of course, would not explain the mass of past cases documented in Hilary Evans's SLIders: The Enigma of Streetlight Interference.

"...with a compelling dossier of evidence" concludes the Daily Mail's typically over-exuberant headline. This time, Nick Pope is revisiting the 1980 Rendlesham Forest case which is often nicknamed the UK's "Roswell". Pope does indeed have an impressive dossier of evidence on this particular case, as it's probably the UK's most famous UFO case, having the distinction of being witnessed by the military, including those in command who later admitted to seeing a UFO not only hover above them letting lose a string of smaller UFOs, but also landing in the forest. Meanwhile, the Paracast hosts and interview with James Fox and Tracy Torme who give the details of their latest project, a feature film entitled 701, named after the number of unsolved cases at Project Blue Book.

April 20

You knew it already, right? When Cornell University psychologist Daryl Bem published a study in 2011 that showed the reality of precognition in the prominent Journal of Social and Personality Psychology, the mainstream media balked, and called it a big mistake. But now, in a study of 90 replications of Bem’s original experiment from 33 laboratories in 14 different countries, the conclusion is clear: implicit precognition is a genuine effect. As Dean Radin explains in this post, this shows “that what bothers critics is their belief about how Nature should behave, rather than how it actually does.” This meta-study is unlikely to change the minds of critics, because we know that when the stakes are high—and they are very high in this case—belief always trumps evidence.

A triangular craft that was first photographed over Texas has now been captured through the lens of photographer Jeff Templin in Wichita, Kansas, and what we see is clearly a triangular craft, which he says was absolutely silent. Most likely this is a new secret stealth aircraft being tested by the US military, but it will take a lot more than that to explain The Valensole Incident, or a Fighter Pilot’’s Amazing Alien Craft Encounters. Those old cases continue to fascinate: Rich Reynolds has Some interesting asides from the 1952 Sonny Desvergers UFO account, which most people have dismissed as a hoax. Not so for the case known as Levelland and the Electro-magnetic Effects the objects produced on cars, which leads Kevin Randle to issue a note to future UFO investigators.

Policing the Paranormal Mysterious Universe
Nick Redfern points out that the Men in Black, or MIB, are not unique to the UFO phenomenon; they appear all over the supernatural spectrum. Some alchemists reported being visited by gentlemen in black; Loch Ness Monster researcher Fredrick William Holiday reported encountering a sinister figure, “a man dressed entirely in black.” There are also poltergeist cases in which the MIB have played significant roles. Oh, and animal mutilations cases, too. Bottom line is that we likely will have to look beyond the UFO phenomenon to understand the MIB. The investigator of these various phenomena, call them anomalists or paranormalists, can be identified by certain traits, which Bruce Duensing examines in Walking On Gilded Splinters. Faced with the these various phenomena, we become “surrealists at play.”

April 19

First it showed up in Google satellite imagery. Now it’s showing up in an Apple satellite photo. The “it” looks like a giant biological life form underwater. But could it be an artifact? Or a ship’s wake? A commenter work’s suggests that a ship is indeed responsible. Next! In Nessie on Land: Predator, Glasgow Boy deals with the fringe of Nessie reports: Nessie abduction reports. (No, we’re not talking about the Toyota Nessie Loch Ness Monster Commercial.) Of the 35 reports of Nessie being reported on land, three involve what appears to be “prey being taken away.” The abductees in these cases involve cows, sheep, deer, and other animals around the loch. But that’s not the meaning of “Monster Hunter” when Loren Coleman tries to answer the question: So You Want To Be A Cryptozoologist? If so, and you’re in the Portland, Maine, area, you might even consider volunteering at the International Cryptozoology Museum.

Dr. Bernard Beitman, a visiting professor at the University of Virginia and former chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri-Columbia, has pushed against the limits of knowledge and founded the field of coincidence studies. Particularly interesting are those he calls Instrumental Coincidences, in which people seem to use a kind of subconscious global positioning system (GPS) to find what they need, be it money, another person, or a lost pet or object. Beitman has identified several characteristics that make coincidences more likely to occur, all of which are described in a book he has written on the subject, which is now looking for a publisher. All we can say is it’s about time someone has the guts to go beyond “random” or “God” explanations in an effort to understand coincidence. And in that sense, Beitman appears to be another Rupert Sheldrake, whose work the mainstream considers heretical, and who asks: Is Science a Belief System?

Interview with Albert Rosales Binnall of America
One of us here at the Anomalist has had a long interest in UFO humanoid reports (The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials), so it pleased us to see that our good friend Tim Binnall has taped an extensive interview with Albert Rosales, who has been keeping tabs on humanoid encounter reports long enough to compile more than 17,000 cases. Many of these cases are absolutely mind-boggling. Get Rosales’ take on the ins and outs of this phenomenon during this 2 hour conversation. If that’s not enough for you, tune in to Greg Bishop’s interview with Micah Hanks on The Future of UFO Study and much more besides.

April 18

Or did ghost hunter group Haunted Heritage simply disturb another fellow named Richard from his eternal slumber in the Donington le Heath Manor House, the site where Richard III spent his final hours before his death in 1485. A ghostly voice helpfully answered the question "What is your name?" via a Spirit Box by responding "Richard." Between the 15th century and now there have been thousands of Richards living and dying all over the world, so it seems a bit more likely these ghost hunters captured another Richard wandering past. Then again, there haven't been too many Richards who have been discovered underneath a parking lot, exhumed and then reburied centuries after death like the much-maligned poor king Richard III either...Continuing along the haunted path of ghostly messages from beyond, Micah Hanks shares this example of a Ghosts in the Mirror: A Reflection of the Past? This photo was submitted by a Gralien Report fan who says she took this creepy photo in a Toronto restaurant and when she saw the disturbing face staring back at her, she returned to the restaurant, showed the photo to the staff and then attempted to recreate the incident. Unable to take another photo like the original, she concluded that it just might have been an apparition rather than a waiter or waitress caught in passing, which is what we initially assumed. However, after taking a closer look, we have to admit that doesn't really look like someone that's supposed to be there. In fact, it doesn't really look entirely human...our vote is some crazy combination of reflection and angles or this is a genuine apparition posing and giving us all a rather unsettling grin.

Putting science behind the old adage, "Sleep on it", "it" being a nagging problem, researchers and scientists at the Department of Psychology at Trent University have published a paper that concludes that yes, there is a lot of truth behind that advice. To make it even more interesting, they threw telepathy into the mix as well. Meanwhile, over at the Rhine Institute at Duke University, David Metcalfe spent two days with the grandfather of remote viewing, Russell Targ during a seminar on Remote Viewing, reality and the human condition. Robert Mcluhan takes a trip down a slightly different path as he muses on the relationship between PSI and Psychedelics.

Marilyn Monroe has continued to make headlines decades after her tragic but highly suspicious death in 1962, with numerous allegations and theories concerning her untimely death and her romantic involvement with JFK and Robert Kennedy. However, this bombshell about the blonde bombshell might just be the biggest one yet, and if verified true it has far-reaching implications way beyond Marilyn herself, but is it truly genuine? This discussion on the Outpost Forum delves deep into the alleged CIA wiretap document that was transcribed the day before Marilyn Monroe was found dead and supposedly proves Marilyn was angry at the Kennedy boys and was threatening to go public with some unbelievable information on JFK and his possible knowledge of UFOs and aliens.

It's the UFO Sightings Easter Edition today, as flying eggs mystify witnesses in Rehoboth, MA and a brightly lit, oddly beautiful strange blue UFO appears in Singapore and another blue UFO [is] caught on video in the Netherlands.

April 17

Oh My God, Look At This! Bigfoot Evidence
Errr, uhhh, well...we don't have much to add after watching Phil's Para Breakdown of Todd Standing's oddly Muppet-like Bigfoot photo made famous by Les Stroud's Bigfoot show. Even the ever-dependable Phil is speechless. We will simply say that we trust Phil's judgement implicitly and always turn to him for rational explanations when a new paranormal video crosses our desk, so make of this what you will. Or rather, makeup...Meanwhile, in the world of Loch Ness Monster investigation where that is guaranteed not to happen, Dale Drinnon expands on the new sketches of Margaret Munro's infamous Nessie sighting of 1934, with added flippers from the 1972 "flipper" photos and then makes some additional Comparisons With Original Munro Sketch Of Loch Ness Monster . While some Loch Ness investigators say her sighting was nothing more than an otter, the addition of the 1972 flipper images along with other corroborating sightings around the same time makes it very un-otter like. ( Also, as noted by Drinnon, most of this information can also be found at Loch Ness Mystery).

Creepy Crawlies Of Japan Mysterious Universe
Everything's greener on the other side of the fence, or in this case it's bigger and on the other side of the world where monsters take the form of giant snakes, rats and centipedes. In Japan,things seem to always either go the route of hilarious or horrifying. Or both, depending on how many tentacles are added in. These reports and urban legends center around quite ordinary creatures that have simply grown overly large and angry...England also has had its fair share of historical creepy crawlies, but more of the pale, lurking human sort like these accounts of an 1868 poltergeist case in which a family was plagued not by a simple ghost or even a demon from beyond but rather by headless witch zombies! The activity centered around a young girl as poltergeist cases often do, and the family was said to be under the effects of "extraordinary delusions" believing that a witch had cursed their family.

Aerial Phenomenon Investigations seeks to toss out the woo and return the science back to UFO investigations under the guidance of a former US Counterintelligence Special Agent, Antonio Paris. Paris explains how he found most UFO groups bogged down with other paranormal subjects that dilute the process of trying to uncover evidence of UFOs, so he decided to create his own group which only investigates UFO sightings that meet the API's rigorous standards that includes requirements such as having occurred within the past year, have multiple witnesses, must be a daytime sighting, must have a photo or video and must not occur near any military installation. Clearly, that weeds out a lot of cases and leaves only the good stuff. Open Minds shares a recent sighting which seems to fit perfectly into API's framework of requirements-a witness photographs a spinning UFO in Wales in the daytime and has clear photos. Also, Nick Pope was suitably impressed. There are also multiple witnesses if you can include the nearby sheep that screamed in Silence of the Lambs style as the UFO hovered overhead but fell eerily silent when it disappeared. One small detail makes it all questionable, however--some suspect it's merely the reflection of a light inside the house.

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