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The Anomalist

November 23

At a loss for a cover design to Darklore 8, Greg Taylor fell in love with Steve Richard's highly-detailed drawings. One would think Steve's been at it for years, but the "Cosmic Joker" has been drawing these masterpieces since December 2012. Guess the Mayans were right about something for someone. While his art may be immortal, Steve remains mere flesh and blood. If we lose him, and we fervently hope we don't, maybe there's a way to back up his talent? One Physicist Says Human Intention Physically Exists, Can Be Imprinted Into a Machine. Recently, Tara MacIsaac was able to get Dr. William Tiller to tell her all about his experiments, reminiscent of Masaru Emoto, and the crazy gadget with a miraculous ability to record one's intent. Also of interest is the curious, non-coherent energy in a vacuum some call zero-point energy. Bringing us to Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions: The Science Of the Unexplainable. Covered in Louis Proud's latest book is the curiously tragic tale of Roy Sullivan, the "Human Lightning Rod". We leave it to you to decide if it's a case of being subject to the Laws of Attraction, or bad luck. (CS)

Amateur astronomers, and space agencies, have been keeping an eye on something the Russkies put into orbit last May. This gadget isn't alone, notes Alejandro Rojas, with the Chinese maneuvering Shijian 15, and the Americans having recently brought home their X-37B. Are earthlings gazing up at a new Cold War in low-earth orbit, or are our major powers teaming up against a greater, outside threat? Take that Triangle UFO Hovering Over Alabama I-495's Bridge last Wednesday. The MUFON report says it appeared to be a two-seater plane, but Roger Marsh has a few ideas of his own. Turning to our mistaken identity department, Ashley Feinberg presents A Brief History Of People Thinking Google's Loon Balloons Are UFOs. (CS)

After the recent collapsed sinkholes in Siberia, Solikamsk is the first inhabited area to be evacuted after the bottom fell out, writes Sarah Zhang. The cause is less mysterious, but the correspondence between both phenomena is intriguing. If the good people of the Perm region decide to rebuild, The Anomalist recommends browsing their local history books, or consulting Derek Lambie. He wants to know Who Built This Unusual 1,300-Year-Old Siberian Palace... and Why? Archaeologists suggest the Russians didn't build this 8 acre complex, nor was it inhabited year 'round. It appears Por-Bajin could be our planet's first ghost city. (CS)

Lions and angry rhinoceroses are no match for Africa's weirdest denizens. Take the nefarious tokoloshe, best known for raising all kinds of mischief. Outside Soweto a family took care of one infestation, a giant rat, only for someone to curse their home with muthi guaranteed to draw a tokoloshe. Other Africans might be pursuing drastic methods to cleanse their homes, as Saliu Gbadamosi-Bauchi reports 9 Houses Burnt In Another Mysterious Fire in Bauchi. Officials are at a loss regarding the agency behind these fires since the tokoloshe are wily li'l bastards. (CS)

November 22

Usually Billy Cox discusses the Great Taboo, but today he tackles the Great Tease. Once again the "Roswell slides" have entered the scene, like Chekov's gun, and Tom Carey missed last week's opportunity of a lifetime at American University to put up or shut up. Instead, anomalists got everything but the images, amounting to so much swamp gas. Rich Reynolds says it best about The Roswell Slides: The Alien Autopsy All Over Again! Fingers crossed Rich doesn't get his supreme moment of gloating. After all, gloating isn't seemly for one of the internet's prominent UFO researchers. Everyone can agree, the photos passed off today as 'flying saucers' just don't measure up like The William Rhodes UFO Photo. Ah, nostalgia. (CS)

This isn't your ordinary bigfoot encounter. A lady calling into the Sasquatch Chronicles recalls a harrowing chase that brought her face-to-face with a hairy biped. Her description of the beast's skin, fur, and behavior, coupled with the palpable anxiety in her voice recalling the encounter, lends credibility to the tale. A great find from Craig Woolheater! Bigfoot's not the only cryptid leaving footprints all over the place, as Chris Chaos remembers The Devil's Footprints in Devon, England circa February 1855. He doesn't say if this devil is related to New World counterpart, but reading between the lines the connection is clear. And while waiting for the Xanax to kick in, relax with Glasgow Boy as he shares a New Dinsdale Letter For The Archive mentioning a rare sighting of Nessie ambling ashore. (CS)

If this "ancient CD-ROM" is an homage to motherhood, then the Voynich Manuscript is a weirdly illustrated King James Bible. While Gareth Owens has his own hypothesis behind its meaning, Dilip Rajeev disagrees with his own, leaving Martin J. Clemens with the unenviable task of refereeing this academic dust-up. Why can't they be more like Dr. Beachcombing, uncovering obscure texts full of juicy curiosities. For example, an Arab's description of an Ethiopian Boat Arriving In The Mediterranean. In this case, those plucky sailors took the scenic route. Except their trip didn't take 'em around the Cape of Good Hope. This supposition is less controversial than the Spirit Pond Inscriptions Showing The Holy Grail Was Taken to North America. April Holloway shares Scott Wolter's outrageous proposition, making The Da Vinci Code read like The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire." If Templars and Ethiopians can traverse the globe, is it so crazy to believe Jesus Christ spearheaded theology's most famous prison break? EsoterX is in talks with major film studios to bring the heretical story of The Harrowing Of Hell to theaters near you for Summer 2015. Another great read is Owen Jarus's summary of a recently deciphered Ancient Egyptian Handbook Of Spells, compiled by yet another group of heretics known as the Sethians. And check out Dan Harms' review of the book in Today’s Review. (CS)

That professor's name? David Jacobs, and he recounts the available evidence leading him to his conclusion. If this nefarious scheme is well underway, then aliens have a head start having abducted more than a million Americans. What would hybrids look like anyway? One possibility being a Boy Born With 8 Limbs Causing A Religious Panic in India. Appreciating the science-fictional themes in Indian epics, this poor kid might be a prime example. In the meantime, Paul Seaburn's waiting for the DNA test results proving the baby's really out of this world. More physical evidence could be found in A Fossilized Dragon-Man. Check the comments, for once, as Tfry puts Chris Savia straight on this museum piece. (CS)

The power of YouTube compels you... to watch this video. Reddit user Ugmar insists the participants are sincere, but crossposting it to /r/atheism reeks of shenanigans. Things are a bit more controversial in the Philippines with 14 Students Possessed around Cebu City. Emergency prayers and holy water have been administered, and the kids are recovering nicely according to Jessa Agua. On the other hand, politicians insist this is a case of mass hysteria. Let's see how hysterical they are when the pea soup is flying. Meanwhile in the Land of the Rising Sun, last Sunday a Suicidal Spirit Startled Straphangers at Izumiōtsu Station. Turns out incidents like this aren't uncommon in Japan. Commenters make a good point, demanding "Where's the security footage?" If Amy Bruni Can Share A Ghostly Apparition Of An Old Lady In Her Family Photos, how can Earth's largest technocracy not cough up some spooky video? Getting back to Amy, her picture echoes the Solway Firth Spaceman, and Nannette Richford has the rest of this eerie story. (CS)

Our coverage of these booms was lacking, not because they weren't anomalous enough, but our staff were hiding under our desks. Good thing Paul Seaburn's made of sterner stuff, reminding us how all roads lead back to Wright-Pat. Maybe, just maybe, the same terrifying noises were heard over Cydonia Mensae many aeons ago. After all, one Scientist Says Aliens Nuked Martians And We May be Next. This startling pronouncement comes from Dr. John Brandenburg's Death on Mars: The Discovery of a Planetary Nuclear Massacre, and Paul makes sense of the madness with maps, images from NASA, and maverick science beyond imagining. (CS)

November 21

Much like his American cousin Bigfoot, the Tek Tek has made national parks his home and routinely frightens and fascinates visitors. Also like Bigfoot, his reputation and extremely bad smell precedes him in encounters. Meanwhile, Tek Tek's other brother from another mother, the Yeti was caught up in history during World War II when the Nazis Thought Yeti Could Be Progenitor of Aryan Race. Luckily for the Yeti, the Nazis abandoned that theory pretty quickly after being told the creature was likely the Tibetan bear instead. Aside from that rather embarrassing blip in its history, the Yeti has played a long-running part in the culture of Nepal where the cryptid is honored in local festivals. (MB)

The Swedish singer discusses UFOs, abductions and life on alien worlds with Lee Speigel. Yes, it's every bit as bizarre as it sounds. Apparently, having mentioned UFOs in one song makes one some sort of UFO expert...It'd take a really special sort of expert to rationally explain this latest Mars anomaly until we really believe that the Giant Skull-Like Object on Mars Could be From 10-Foot Alien. Yes, it does look a lot like a skull in the "after" image after a lot of photo manipulation and a good deal of imagination, but it's more like seeing images in clouds. We're a lot more intrigued in the video at the end of this article that purports to show an alien riding an ATV-like vehicle across the surface of Mars! All you need is a bit of sun reflection, some blurry pixels and Spongebob Squarepants' Imaaaaagination Box in order to see what's not really there on the surface of Mars, like the ruins of a castle. Nope, Huffington Post, it sure doesn't get "more intestine than studying an ancient culture on another world." (MB)

November 20

Holocaust survivor Tienke Klein credits her brush with death with giving her the ability to cope with the horrors she'd suffered through during her time in a concentration camp. Her imprisonment left her with both mental and physical scars, but she says the message she was given during her NDE soothed her soul and made her realize that “People love as much as they are able to" and that she could always feel at peace with herself and be free from the lingering aftereffects of the concentration camp. Meanwhile, another sort of near death experience has supposedly been caught on camera as a Patient in hospice photographs ghost or angel in room hours before dying. As is the case with nearly all of the most intriguing paranormal photos, this one has scant details attached to it. There's no reason to believe it's real, but there's also no reason to believe it's not because deathbed visions of angels or deceased loved ones are surprisingly commonplace and Hospice Nurses and other caregivers are the best source for these experiences. In fact, these deathbed visitations are so often reported that they are considered a normal, expected part of death by Hospice workers. (MB)

It's one thing to make a noise complaint to the police about your neighbor partying too loudly, but it's quite another when the neighbor is a possessed woman being exorcised in the church next door. But that's exactly what's happened in a small town in the Czech Republic. One brave soul peered through the keyhole in the door of the sanctuary and filmed the exorcism itself, which is a scene right out of a horror movie. (MB)

Score another big point for controversial Bigfoot enthusiast Todd Standing as Jeff Meldrum confirms that Standing's claims made in his upcoming documentary are true. Meldrum says he was present at an Alberta campsite when they were circled by something "large and heavy" that responded when a member of the group spoke to it. He also says he saw a silhouetted figure via night vision and says he considers the fact that it might be Sasquatch a" very real possibility". At this point, we are just going to reserve comment until we've seen the documentary ourselves...Malcom Smith shares an extensive collection of sightings of the only cyrptid more elusive than Bigfoot (probably because it's extinct)--the Thylacine. More specifically, the Thylacine Fever in the Wonthaggi District that gave rise to an impressive number of sightings over the last several decades. (MB)

November 19

This jaw-droppingly huge bright flash of light turned night into day for several seconds Friday night in Sverdlovsk, Russia, and despite the impressively stoic non-reaction of of the people in the car that caught the video, this explosion was indeed massive and pretty startling. Despite the initial explanations that it was yet another meteor crashing in Russia, a closer look reveals that there's a red glow present in the sky before the explosion, as another video of the flash in the sky clearly shows. As someone in the ATS thread notes, "it looks like a slo-mo nuclear explosion." And to add to the general sense of vague unease unexplained sky explosions can cause, another fireball [was] spotted in skies above Northern Ireland two nights ago that was as bright and "as big as the moon," according to several witnesses. Of course, experts say these two astronomical events are not related at all, and unlike the Russian explosion which seemed to be heralding an apocalyptic end of the world event, the Irish one just made for a beautiful but brief light display. (MB)

Here's someone we haven't seen in a long while: Tree-sus! Or his mother, depending on how far you tilt your head and squint your eyes. Jesus has been appearing in random objects for as long as there have been cameras to capture the phenomenon. This nifty bearded man illusion created by the random arrangement of certain elements (the baby, the coat the woman is holding, etc) in a turn-of-the-century photograph is probably our favorite, but it begs the age old question, why is it always Jesus? Why isn't it simply just an image of a bearded guy named Bob, for example? Live Science has an explanation as to why we see Jesus in toast, and it's not all that much of a mystery but instead just basic human nature. We're hardwired to detect familiar patterns in random "noise", like tree bark or burned bits of toast, and the most familiar pattern to us is the human face. Our brains fill in the blanks for us. The difference between plain, old bearded guy and Jesus is down to personal beliefs that color our perceptions. (MB)

No, they didn't capture it, but apparently they didn't feel the need to after finding footprints indicating a house cat rather than a full-grown tiger--despite the fact that witnesses saw and photographed what appears to be an actual tiger. Nothing to see here, folks, move along. Out of sight, out of mind! However, down in Australia the search is still ongoing for another out-of- place big cat as another Goulburn panther sighting reported by several witnesses but alas, no photos yet. And once again, experts vehemently deny the presence of big cats, leaving us to wonder if there's some sort of big cat conspiracy going on. (MB)

November 18

This roundup of UFO evidence on film in the UK begins with two fast-moving UFOs, making some fancy maneuvers, that were spotted behind a reporter during a BBC news report. It’s followed by an unimpressive color-changing UFO over Liverpool (large rental spotlights?), and ends with an unusual photo of an oval-shaped object with lights, which remained motionless for half and hour, more about which (and other photo cases in the UK) can be found on the Daily Mail site: Is it a bird? is it a plane? Mystery saucer shaped object pictured floating in the sky over Manchester . Finally, don’t miss Behind The Scenes of Ufology’s “Secret College” in which Micah Hanks reviews a reprint of Jacques Vallee’s The Invisible College. In that book, Vallee “went ‘underground,’ so to speak, relying on a network of serious academics who, working somewhat behind the scenes, had continued to pursue the UFO subject from a position some consider to be beyond the conventional attitudes of the time.” It’s an unconventional position that seems to resonate quite well with Hanks' own thoughts on the subject today. (PH)

The cousin in this case in Lake Champlain’s Champ, which is thought by some “amateur zoologists” to be responsible for producing some “weird clicking noises“ which they managed to record in three areas of the lake. And they insist the sounds are not like those of Beluga whales, which have no business being in Lake Champlain in any case. There is more consideration of what constitutes evidence of a cryptozoological nature in Bigfoot might be hiding at my old house, which turns out to be a lament from someone who grew up impressed and scared by “The Legend of Boggy Creek” movie and the Patterson film, but who doesn’t understand why—if these creatures really exist—not one of the millions of smartphone out there has yet managed to catch one on a (clear) video. And how about that three-toed footprint that was found in Batsto, New Jersey, in 1941, which was said to have been made by the Jersey Devil? New Jerseyan Chris Chaos brings up the “Doug and Dave” of the Jersey Devil, a man named Tony Signorini, who in the late ’40s ran around the US and the world leaving three-toed prints. The Search for the Jersey Devil: Footprints also let’s us know that Chaos is making a documentary on the subject. (PH)

November 17

When you see that headline you automatically think "Heaven's Gate" and you are correct. After all, there are plenty of UFO cults out there, (the most famous one being the one that rhymes with "Myentology") but none have a deadly outcome like Heaven's Gate. Here's a deeper look behind the purple curtains of the cult and a possible explanation for why they considered suicide as merely a step closer to the next level of existence. The concept of different levels of the afterlife is an ancient one, as Michael Prescott explains, as he explores the concept in excerpts from ancient scholarly texts and from a more recent source: Dr Eben Alexander. Oh, the places you will go! Sometimes however, you don't quite get far enough and this happens: Declared dead, 91-year-old woman wakes up 11 hours later in funeral home. The incident in itself is bizarre and frightening--how is it possible in this day and age for a trained medical professional to somehow miss the fact a patient is still very much alive? Despite the obvious, officials are trying to determine whether or not the "doctor exposed the woman to imminent danger of loss of life, as the lady was moved to a funeral home and kept in cold storage..." Really? This is actually up for debate? (MB)

This isn't the first time UFOs have been spotted showing a keen interest in nuclear facilities, and that interest seems to be a global phenomenon with a high concentration of sightings in North America. This particular video showing a UFO hovering over the Laguna Verde Nuclear Plant in Veracruz has skeptics crying fake, but Scott Waring, who pops up in UFO-related articles so often that someone should just hire him and give him his own byline, says that it's unlikely to be a fake and that it's possible nuclear plants are sort of like a pit stop for refueling UFOs with energy. Meanwhile, this UFO spotted in the skies over Holland is doing a darn good impression of a smudge on a windshield until it was also Spotted via Google Earth!

Scientists are finally getting a closer look at Uranus and all its quirky weather patterns that don't really compare to other planets but haven't quite figure out why...we know what you're thinking and no, we didn't post this story just for the giggle-inducing headline that amuses our inner 12 year old. That would just be silly... (MB)

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