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The Anomalist

October 25

Be forewarned, this isn't Red Pill Junkie's origin story. Instead, Paul Darin reviews a 40 year old incident over the Mexican state of Chihuahua unlike anything in recent memory. Dead soldiers, "bodies", wreckage, and U.S. military intervention are the hand-crafted, artisan ingredients behind this astounding event. Investigators best get crackin' since original eyewitnesses are getting long in the tooth, and the authorities aren't about to share their secrets. Take The Socorro Landing And Its Corroborating Witnesses. Their accounts don't align with Zamora's testimony, and Kevin Randle wonders if the tales were twisted by time, lending legitimacy, once again, to the Socorro case. Next, we follow Tara MacIsaac as she retraces One Woman’s 9-Year Arduous Journey to Unlock The Secrets Of Crop Circles. Patty Greer ventures into the mystical and extraterrestrial, outlining her hope of unlocking the secret energies behind crop circles for the greater good of humanity. Sadly her signal's being washed out by the noise of internet trolls. Trolls are the least of Eric Wargo's problems, he takes issue with Rich Reynold's harangue against The Trickster concept. Instead, Eric argues Rich is mistaking the map for the territory. In the hinterlands of the Anti-Anti-Trickster, nothing is true; everything is permitted.

Round, round, get around, the Rapa Nui got around, yeah yeah, and Martin J. Clemens has the skinny. Who needs ancient aliens, when our tenacious ancestors engaged the most epic roadtrips of history? While pre-Columbian chicken bones in Chile are compelling evidence of transpacific contact, scientists have found something more concrete, casting doubt upon the most earnest debunkers, raising provocative questions about Easter Island. Sadly, Hanau epe are not included. Perhaps in their oral traditions, or immortalized on Rongorongo tablets, there's mention of The Mysterious Marree Man Of Outback Australia. This is the planet's largest geoglyph (take that Nazca!) and April Holloway's wonders if this is the product of modern pranksters, or antediluvian aborigones.

He's ba-aa-ack! A wayward croc making headlines last July was spotted sunning himself along the shores of Crete's Lake Amari. Seen from the air via drone, and at ground level, there's no doubt it's the real magilla. Which raises several questions Charlotte Krol doesn't address, is this an abandoned pet? Could he have braved the Mediterranean for stranger shores? Maybe there's a secret breeding population? Hoping to have similar, indisputable results is Tim Fasano explaining What Is The Seminole Skunk Ape Project. Better still, he hints at the groundbreaking material they might be recover once the swamps are less squishy. Cryptozoology covers a broad spectrum, judging by these two articles, but folks get suckered in by clickbait headlines and photoshopped photos. Performing his crypto-civic duty, Karl Shuker advises "Caveat Lector - Let The Reader Beware Of Fake Cryptozoological News Stories On Satire Websites. Think you've been hoodwinked? Karl enumerates a few choice articles that are unequivocal bunk, setting the record straight.

October 24

Calm down there, excitable Youtube Mars watchers! No, it doesn't. It shows a close-up of a bolt head and it's visible because of some camera glitch where the two cameras are not lining up perfectly to create a seamless shot. Or something like that. This is the Mars equivalent of a bug on the camera lens...And also from Planet Pareidolia comes these two examples, about which Mysterious Universe says, Martian Croc is a Crock But Celtic Cross Looks Credible. No, it doesn't! The celtic cross is simply an imprint of a tool used by the rover and as MU points out, the image is microscopic anyway. Unless there are tiny Druids wandering amongst the pebbles on the surface of Mars, this is nothing unusual.

Ireland's Most Haunted University Times
Ireland is steeped in ghost stories with plenty of haunted castles and other eerie locations to house centuries of ghostly history. Paranormal Research Association of Ireland (PRAOI) takes their endeavors seriously and set out to "to either conclusively prove or disprove the existence of the Paranormal through verifiable means." There's no freaking out and loudly whispering "Dude, did you hear that?" Just good, old-fashioned ghost seeking throughout the halls of Ireland's many castles that turns up a respectable amount of photographic, video and evp evidence. On the other end of the scale are paranormal groups like the Spokane Ghost crew [who] investigate the paranormal and employ opposite techniques for instant gratification, including provoking "evil" spirits to show themselves, which is usually one of those ideas that sound better on paper...On a lighter note, Keanu Reeves tells ghost story to Jimmy Kimmel-- a creepy encounter he had as a kid when he says he and his nanny witnessed a bizarre apparition appear. That's a great story Keanu, but what we really want to hear you explain is why the internet thinks you're Immortal!

They're baaa-ack! This is one of our most favorite Fortean mysteries of all time for several reasons. Despite occurring numerous times (the first time in 2004), having thousands of witnesses including experts and occurring many times right in front of them these fires remain completely unexplained. The official we-have-no-clue-why-this-is-happening-so-here-some-sciencey-mumbo-jumbo explanation is that the spontaneous fires that are sparking appliances and even entire buildings into flames is "electromagnetic radiation from an unknown source." Quite frankly, that explanation is just as unnerving as the various explanations frightened residents of Canneto di Caronia have come up with, from witches, poltergeists or a Firestarter with uncontrollable powers and a short fuse. By far the most disturbing explanation is that the flaming energy is an "entity" that moves from house to house leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. But by far the most popular theory is that it has to do with UFOs, more specifically spheres of light that have been reported to not only start fires but also attack people. Speaking of Fortean mysteries, Who Forted reminds us that the bulk of Charles Fort’s Notes Will Become Available Shortly after being discovered moldering away in someone's attic. All 60,000 pages of them.

October 23

Just when we think the experts can't possibly come up with any more wacky, not very believable explanations along comes this new one. It's a reflection of the sun! Actually, in this case they may be right but reflection/lens flare doesn't explain all the weirdness NASA is catching on live camera feeds up there...And what's going on over on Mars? A Man called Da-Da chases down a possible explanation for the huge explosion on Mars as the comet Siding Spring swooped past the planet. BPEarthWatch says it looks very much like a coronal mass ejection and Da-Da remarks the "magnetic energy ball" looks like the Death Star. What makes the whole thing incredibly suspicious is that the official live feeds were cut right after this mysterious event took place. Luckily in this day and age nothing is really a secret anymore as plenty unofficial amateur video footage was recorded also.

The halls of the Liverpool Medical Institute have long been said to house a ghost or two, sightings of which date back to not long after its grand opening in 1837. Today, it seems more ghost hunters and tourists than ghost prowl its halls but ghosts apparently still show up to put on a show for all the cameras. Sefton Paranormal says that they made contact with the Lord Mayor himself, Richard Canton...or some very active dust particles. Meanwhile, People Magazine surprises us all and produces a slightly heavier bit of research than their usual puff pieces on celebrities and shares a very detailed infographic of The Haunted States Of America that gives us a ghost story from all 50 states. And if you're in the mood for a little worldwide ghost hunting that you don't even have to leave your hotel room for, The Telegraph has an extensive list of The world's most haunted hotels.

October 22

With the final countdown to Halloween well underway, local news stations all over are cashing in on any local ghost story they can get their hands on. One shining example is the ghost that is rumored to haunt the Story Inn in Nashville, Indiana. The ghost, to her credit, has decades of sightings written up by guests of the Inn to boast about. The lady in blue is said to be a relatively happy haunt despite being dead and is a bit of a prankster, which seems to be the typical M.O. of ghosts that haunt inns, hotels, and other public buildings. We don't put much stock in the most recent rash of Cannock Black Eyed Kid stories for several reasons we've already discussed, but we feel compelled to mention this new take on the "mystery": 'She has unfinished business': Psychic gets best photo yet of Black Eyed Child ghost. We have to cast a skeptical eye on these claims, although we definitely agree with the medium's advice of "don't interact with them unless you know what they're doing."

Nick Redfern gives us a detailed rundown of the speakers and topics at the conference in Jefferson, Texas, including himself and several other presenters. Redfern says there was a refreshing "lack of egos" among the participants, something he says is lacking in many other related events...Malcom Smith shares his thoughts on a mid-1950s flap of sightings of the so-called Wonthaggi "Monster" in Australia, a strange beast that climbed trees and devoured livestock and even dogs. Smith delves into the details of the many reports and says that the tried and true theory of the first report in a cryptid flap of sightings is usually genuine and all others are simply cases of escalating hysteria. His guess as to the identity of the Wonthaggi monster? A big cat at first and then just misinterpreted and exaggerated sightings of large dogs thereafter.

Next weekend's inaugural Scotland Paranormal Festival will host a presentation by researcher Jonathan Bright who will reveal a never before seen infrared image of what may be Nessie (or so this vaguely worded article seems to indicate.) Meanwhile, in other underwater mystery news Russia denies submarine incident as Sweden searches for mystery vessel that was sighted and photographed off the coast of Stockholm. If it looks like a Russian submarine and well...looks like other Russian submarines that have been sighted in the same area since the Cold War, chances are it's probably a Russian submarine no matter what Russia says about it. Not exactly a Fortean mystery but a mystery nonetheless and a good lesson in the absurdity of denying unquestionable evidence that's plainly exhibited in front of skeptics, or in this case Russians.

October 21

Messages From Robin? Huff Paranormal
The much-abused phrase "too soon" could apply here, but we think this EVP recording is worthy of a listen. The father and son team of Huff Paranormal has been around for several years accumulating evidence with different sorts of equipment and methods, and via the sheer number of recordings and their dedication to the work, they've managed to come across a few "celeb" voices here and there, including the recently passed Joan Rivers and Robin Williams. This particular EVP session gives us goosebumps and is a good example of the phenomenon of disembodied voices coming through on a Ghost Box that answer direct questions. This really does sound like the late, great Robin Williams, but of course we say that with a lot of caveats, and so does Steve Huff in the intro to the video (the actual session begins around 8:25). It's left entirely up to you to decide if you're really hearing Robin Williams comment from beyond the grave...Meanwhile, medium Reverend Celeste Elliot tells us What it's really like to talk to dead people who come through from the other side with messages for the living and sometimes seem as solid and as real as the living themselves, and SCARE (Spirit Communication and Research), a paranormal investigation group in Alabama deploys high-tech to hunt ghosts with avid use of a Spirit Box in their investigations in haunted locations.

Yesterday, Karl Shuker revealed Hawaii's little-known cryptid legends and today Honolulu Magazine shares Hawaii's most haunted location, a sugar plantation on Waipau...Who knew ghosts could crowdfund? That's pretty much what's happening as the owners of Wisconsin's Most Notorious Haunted House Is Looking For Funds For Resurrection. The extraordinarily creepy Summerwind mansion was built in 1916 and was home to paranormal activity from the very start. Shadowy figures roam the halls and electrical problems plague the entire house. Naturally, the current owners want to convert it into a bed and breakfast.

Bigfoot researchers Jason Heal and Jason Dunn released video of footage of what they say is clear evidence of a Yowie. Dean Harrison of Australia Yowie Research's Dean Harrison responds, "That's not a, Yowie, THIS is a Yowie!" and dismisses the Jason duo's video as "not to be taken seriously" above his own 20 years of research. And on a related yet infinitely more bizarre note, here's more from Ron Morehead as he Shapes Quantum Theory of Bigfoot with Biblical References to the tale of half-brothers Esau and Jacob...

October 20

Youtuber Crow Tripplehorn is an avid moon watcher and has caught some very interesting video clips over the past couple of years but this particular video clip is gaining steam and hitting several mainstream outlets right now. He's captured a mysterious object that appears to be skimming above the surface of the moon that does not move in a totally straight line, which would indicate it's a satellite. If it's not a satellite, then what is it? Tripplehorn also shows how large this object is and states that this is one of the smaller of the objects he's caught on video. As strange as this sighting is, Tripplehorn flatly denies he thinks it's a UFO of alien origin because he doesn't have proof that it is. He simply refers to it as "technology". This Examiner article covers possible explanations, including pixel anomalies and even hoaxes and Crow Tripplehorn has posted an indepth response to Huffington Post with Facts, including reasons why it's impossible that this object is a camera glitch or pixel bleed. Tripplehorn's work has been on our radar for awhile and we think his results are intriguing though controversial (listen to the above response video for an eyeopening experience he had at a MUFON meeting.)

With the recent Ebola hysteria that's gripped the US over the past month, it isn't hard to see why people in the Dark Ages were deeply superstitious and fell victim to their own sort of hysteria regarding vampires. This poor soul was apparently labeled a bloodsucker and pinned in his grave with a stake to make sure he stayed put. There was no "Vampire Czar" appointed to ease the fears of the populace of Easter Europe and the problem of vampires persisted well into the 18th century, as Esoterx shows us with the tale of Johannes the Vampire Slayer and the Reluctant Revenants during an outbreak of vampires in Serbia...If you are worried about pale, gaunt bloodsuckers of either the brooding Lestat or the glitter-covered Twilight sort, don't despair as this upcoming auction has got you covered. This Heirloom vampire hunter toolset can be yours at a starting bid of $7000. As Chris Savia points out, it is even fully stocked with a knife, an axe, mysterious potions and...oregano. For all your vampire hunting/pizza party needs.

SA McNally of Visit Cryptoville highlights some of the biggest issues inherent in the "monster hunting" trend that is currently overrunning cable tv channels, spawned by the behemoth original monster hunter porn, "Finding Bigfoot". These days, crytpo hunter shows are a dime a dozen with some worth considerably less than even a dime with their hastily produced, shoddily filmed "hunts" for Bigfoot and other cryptid beasts. The main problem with these shows, says McNally is that they cast a negative light over the entire cryptozoology field with their worthless evidence gathering, cgi enhanced recreations and fake-out commercial break cliffhangers (cameraman in peril!). The antics of these shows make a laughing-stock out of anyone who actually takes the subject seriously, and surprisingly, McNally praises "Finding Bigfoot" for its efforts, aside from the ridiculous trademark knocking on trees and yelling method of luring Sasaquatch. At least they have a resident skeptic debunker onboard and send out their evidence for study. Meanwhile, Karl Shuker starts our week off with a one, two punch with a look at the Mythic and Mystery Beasts of Hawaii, where mythical crypto creatures and "hitherto little-realized variety of anomalous wildlife" roam the islands. Hawaii is home to giant lizard deities, a version of fairies called the menehune, giant octopus and the ever-present big cats which seem to be found on every continent in the world at this point. Next up, Shuker tackles a "longstanding herpetological mystery": St Paul and the non-existent viper of Malta. And a special note about that puppy sized spider story that has been making the rounds on the internet lately--yes, it's very real and no, comparing it to a cute, cuddly puppy does not make it any less terrifying. Some of us here at The Anomalist find this headline very misleading, unless "surprises" also means "shriek in horror and climb the nearest tree": Puppy-sized spider surprises scientist in rainforest.

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