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The Anomalist

November 28

Inspiration is often compared to a bolt from the blue, but it's literal for Tony Cicoria. He has one of the best veridical near-death experiences, leaving us a little envious of Luke Moretti getting this scoop. A trail of synchronicities follow, guiding Tony to practice the piano once again then compose The Lightning Sonata. More interesting are Tony's credentials, and the celebrated neurologist who investigated his story. Not everyone comes back, at least in the same body. Tara MacIsaac's done her homework with 10 Outstanding Cases Of Detailed, Verified 'Past-Life Memories' from around the world. Nine of the tales are from countries without a firmly-entrenched tradition of reincarnation, giving them an extra shine of credibility. Julia Shaw might take issue with these from a materialist standpoint. She argues "Regression Therapy" Isn't Real But Hollywood Keeps The Myth Alive. Julia claims memories can be manipulated under hypnosis, in addition to a lack of evidence supporting the memories. If she read outside of her comfort zone, maybe she'd appreciate the outliers suggesting something else is afoot. (CS)

Once upon a time, Mike invited Richard Dawkins to give the god helmet a whirl. The gadget tickles a brain with weak magnetic fields, triggering mystical experiences which should've been interesting considering Dawkins's rabid atheism. Much to everyone's irritation, including Greg Taylor, Dick monkeywrenched the experiment. Not everyone needs a god helmet when the Pope Helped Cure Baby's Brain Tumor With 'Miracle'. Is there anything Pontifex can't do? With his beatific countenance, he probably can't tell us "What Do Demons Look Like?" We have the next best thing, Dr. Beachcombing's scans from Francis Barrett's The Magus for perusal. (CS)

A series of photographs taken by a game camera in Alabama depict a browsing dear whose head seems to have faded from the image so as to blend into the foliage behind it, and bigfoot bloggers claim that a creature with sophisticated camouflage is to blame. It is difficult to explain how a sasquatch could manipulate its surroundings to achieve such an effect, or further, why they would go to such lengths to cloak themselves from a photographic device that can easily be avoided? Nonetheless, the article serves as an interesting entry point to an avenue of high strangeness that some researchers firmly suspect is an attribute of the sasquatch species. Less elusive in the Show-Me state are reports of America's Monsters In Missouri. Jason Offutt introduces everyone to their Space Penguins, its mysterious lost city of giants, among other mysteries. (MS, CS)

Humans aren't the only travellers this holiday weekend. Some of our space brothers were caught by Rob Waugh stopping by America's most famous secret for turkey and trimmings. While zipping to Taiwan, a Witness Caught Multiple UFOs Flying Under A Jetliner On Video. A nifty mystery courtesy of Roger Marsh. Next from the swamp gas capital of the east coast, Kelly Roncace found footage making her wonder Is This A UFO Over Willingboro? We think it might be a star seen through a screened window. Some greys prefer kimchi over traditional fare, evinced by Horseshoe UFOs Spotted Over Both North And South Korea, and Dear Leader Paul Seaburn brings us up to speed with three videos. Over in the UK, Mike Covell and Paul Johnson turn Thanksgiving into Throwback Thursday wondering What Was That Mysterious UFO That Bathed Hull In Blue Light? It's the first of many seen in the area over the past two centuries. We're pleased at the depth of detail in the account from 1801. (CS)

November 27

The Beast of Bolton is Back Mysterious Universe
We've long had the acronym OOPArt (Out of Place Artifact) so maybe we should now have COOP -- Creatures Out of Place. Bolton in Lancashire, England, is no stranger to big-cat sightings and another has been spotted recently. Meanwhile in the Middle East they are asking Was it a Kangaroo? Mystery animal startles UAE campers. Perhaps not too mysterious after all, as it was likely a Lesser Egyptian Jerboa. And in the UK, this story would surely go under the headline 'Zebra crossing', but Zebras on the Run is David Weatherly's choice for this item reporting on two escapees from a visiting circus in Philadelphia. (LP)

An excellent collection of some ground-breaking studies over the past century that suggest plants have some sort of biological awareness, intelligence, or even emotional lives, all are collected here, complete with links for the curious. Central to the question is how we define intelligence, and further, if the same standards we apply to animals can be applied to the green leafy creatures we share the planet with. Regardless of the answer, keep in mind the plants in your life might be emitting more than oxygen. (MS)

Not Quite Nessie--Much Worse! Mysterious Universe
Various encounters with scaled leviathans throughout the aquatic realms of the United Kingdom could point to the presence of unbelievably large, violent northern pike fish in the lakes, rivers, and canals that crisscross the British countryside. Documented cases include a gnarly encounter with a humongous violent canal-dweller from Leicester that seriously wounded and hospitalized a teenager, and various reports from Lake Windemere, home of the creature affectionately nicknamed Bownessie. (MS)

If you've ever suddenly thought of someone, only to have them phone you a minute later, is it really coincidence? Bernard D Beitman, MD, takes apart how we perceive coincidence and tries to understand the personal significance we may ascribe to such events. Kirby Surprise is another Dr. who studies The odd coincidences and strange patterns in our lives. He too sees links between the external events we experience and our own internal states, but that by no means covers the field when it comes to synchronicities, which by the way feature heavily in a documentary feature entitled Time is Art. (LP, PH)

A panoramic photograph taken by the Mars Rover clearly shows a shiny dome projecting from the Martian surface, and though there have been lunar domes caused by naturally occurring volcanic activity recorded by astronomers, this particular structure seems larger and of different material than any others before it. The photograph is certainly quite compelling, and is certain to garner a second glance from even the most stalwart skeptics. (MS)

November 25

Scott Kelly didn't tweet a UFO last week but rather a piece of equipment on the ISS itself, most likely a camera. In other words, the ISS took a selfie...sorta. In another case of mistaken identity in which a UFO Hunter Claims ‘Flying Saucer UFO’ Spotted Near Area 51, and photographed from a plane but it's actually a huge array of solar mirrors on a nearby solar farm, say debunkers. If it looks like a solar mirror, reflects blinding light like a solar mirror and is in the same exact location as a solar mirror array on the map, it's a solar mirror! (MB)

Montreal boasts a pretty unique collection of unsolved UFO encounters that seem to center around "middle aged women" at least according to this article. Not sure what that means exactly (besides a desperate attempt to link these sightings with some sort of connection no matter how tenuous), but there's definitely been quite a few women in that age bracket who have reported UFO sightings from the 1970s onward. Meanwhile, Insider Monkey shares an irritatingly formatted list of the 11 Best Alien Documentaries On Netflix Instant in 2015. And while it's an exercise in frustration being one of those one link per page articles, it's actually a decent list with ranks and ratings galore...Welcome to Thanksgiving week, folks, aka "Scraping the bottom of the paranormal news barrel week" because everyone is already checked out of work, either mentally or physically or both. Which is why we have news stories like this making headlines, excitedly informing us to Forget the mouse on Mars: Now a 'monkey has been found on the Red Planet!" Don't forget the tiny polar bear! (MB)

November 24

Considering we're reading this article on The Cut which is a fashion blog, we'd have to say yes. Unfortunately. But fortunately for all of us, all it takes is a little bit of digging to get to the good stuff under the top layer of fluff...good stuff like this excellent continuing series about poltergeist cases from Mark Russell Bell. This week he's discussing another 1995 case--The Rochdale Poltergeist and also some strange similarities between that and other polt cases he's researched. And rounding out our ghostly files today Weird NJ profiles the firsthand account of paranormal investigators' encounters with The Ghost of the Old Bernardsville Library, and an Augusta woman tells ghost stories of Sibley Mill in Georgia (recently featured on Ghost Asylum.) (MB)

The Bigfoot Diaries shares a whopper of a tale featuring an interview with a man who claims that the Soviet Union's ape/human hybrid experimental failure (including experiments conducted by the man who tried to make human ape hybrids, Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov) wasn't a failure after all. It's clear that this man believes what he' s saying at the very least. It's definitely worth a listen. Over in Colorado, The search for Sasquatch in Bailey, Colorado as a local news crew goes "Squatchin'" with a local Bigfoot group and to everyone's suprise are unsuccessful at finding any evidence of Bigfoot. Who knew Sasquatch would be unresponsive to loud yelling, tree knocking and a camera crew tromping through the woods? Meanwhile in a cryptid meta moment, Loren Coleman posts his own version of a Top Ten/Best of 2015 list... of lists that contain International Cryptozoology Museum Featured On 2015′s “Top Weird Museums” Lists while Glasgow Boy reviews a review of an upcoming Loch Ness book and also what he calls Grumpy Skepticism. (MB)

November 23

This article gives a nice rundown of the history of Virgin Mary visions and associated healings throughout recent history, along with an accompanying National Geographic cover story that, as Daily Grail notes, does not cover the Fortean aspect of the sightings--as in alternate explanations. On a related note, The Pelicanist reviews Joseph P. Laycock's The Seer of Bayside: Veronica Lueken and the Struggle to Define Catholicism. Veronika Lueken not only saw visions of saints and Mary but also UFOs, though she dismissed them as demonic. (MB)

Mysterious Universe tries to make sense of the bizarre connection between the above subjects without much success but does manage to uncover some further proof that there is a connection. What on earth does PepsiCo know that the rest of us don't know or is it simply a very clever and timely advertising gimmick they've repeated decade after decade? Maybe a little from column A and a lot from column B...Meanwhile, Kevin Randle digs into a relatively unknown UFO encounter from Project Blue Book--The Temple, Oklahoma UFO Occupant Sighting, that involved several witnesses, a landed UFO and a distinctly un-alien-like occupant wearing a baseball cap...Researcher Eric Ouellet pens a follow up to his interview with BoA about the Elusive nature of paranormal phenomena and its relationship to the UFO phenomenon while The Paracast talks to Chris Aubeck about his recent research and new book on UFO reports throughout history. (MB)

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