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The Anomalist

June 27

Researchers have discovered that the black fur of some North American wolves is the result of ancient unions with domesticated dogs, likely the pets of early Native Americans. What is unusual is that the flow of domestic genes to wild wolves has proven to be beneficial to the species. Would a paranormal being be classified as a species? We have no idea, but if you think there might be a paranormal element to the Loch Ness mystery, and you have a forty-five minutes to spare, you might want to check out Video Lecture: A Paranormal History Of The Loch Ness Monster. It must have been a slow news day over at Mysterious Universe where Micah Hanks compares a monster that might be real--Bigfoot--to a completely fictional movie beast--King Kong--in King Kong: The Shapeshifting Sasquatch Of Skull Island. Hopefully, things will pick up soon. (MM)

These are the latest archaeological anomalies betrayed to the global media in high definition by advanced airborne technologies--LiDAR. Archaeologists have observed a series of geometrically-spiralling earthen mounds that radiate outward from the old Khmer temple complexes, snaking through heavily urban ancient landscapes previously thought uninhabited by scholars of the Angkorian period in the 12th and 13th centuries ACE. And advanced techniques are bringing startling new clarity to mysterious underwater landscapes as well. The Famous Antikythera Shipwreck Yields New Remarkable Discoveries thanks to a joint Greek-American research project that, with an advanced ROV and intrepid scuba archaeologists, precisely mapped the surrounding ocean floor in order to conduct an impeccable underwater excavation and recovery mission. Though no devices like the amazing ancient analog computer known famously as the Antikythera mechanism numbered among the artifacts, the team has recovered unparalleled ornate ancient treasures and even discovered an entirely separate cargo ship wrecked nearby whose holds remain unexplored. (MS)

Rich Reynolds digs deep into both Freudian psychoanalysis and Nick Redfern's book Women in Black, the female alternative to Men in Black. Rich (and Nick) reckon something sexual lies beneath the (apparently male) experience of seeing WIB. But let's face it girls, we know that there's nothing sexier than the little black dress, right? (LP)

June 26

Being accused of witchcraft is always a case of "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" but Mr. Middleton's circumstances are particularly egregious. In his case night terrors and guilt by association were his downfall, according to this amicus brief submitted by EsoterX 363 years too late. If only Micah Hanks would hop back in time to deliver a defense for Mr. Middleton. Instead he presents a case of art imitating life with The Professor And His Companion on the symbolism of May-December relationships cast in a Jungian myth cycle alluding to deeper mysteries and profound truths common to human beings. (CS)

Houses are haunted, the forests of the Pacific Northwest are rife with sasquatch, but where can one see UFOs on a regular basis? Marfa? Psht, it's all touristy and infested by pseudoskeptics exclaiming, "Headlights!" while tipping their fedoras. Roswell? Oh, don't get me started. How about Argentina? Straight from Scott Corrales's newswire, one Antonio Zuleta's pimping his homeland as a prime destination to hitch a ride off the third rock. No passport? No problem as Colorado's "UFO Watchtower" Is A Great Spot To Spy Sky Saucers according to Olivier Rey. Let's just say the San Luis Valley's been frequented by saucers since Moses was in short pants. If you want someplace off the beaten track, head over to Britain before Boris Johnson puts the final nail in the Crown's coffin. Micah Hanks reports a Strange Object Filmed Over Manchester Resembles A Flying "Torpedo". Guess our space brothers didn't land in time to cast their own vote. (CS)

More Flying Chupacabras Two Crows Paranormal
David Weatherly wants you to believe a chupacabras can fly. Our favorite goatsucker's been freaking the locals by streaking through Chilean skies. We just hope they don't roost over our cars and, uh..., leave their mark ifyouknowwhatImean. Another object we don't want denting our cars is a coconut since those suckers are huge. Best known as a prop in Gilligan's Island, one historical character has an interesting theory on their origins. Sit right back and you'll hear the tale of General Gordon And The Tree Of Knowledge, accompanied by a few images guaranteed to make your inner twelve-year old giggle. Further north, as the chupacabras flies, Mike Hexum's still Searching For Bigfoot In Northern Minnesota and John Enger gets the low-down on the big guy's most recent shenanigans. (CS)

June 25

Taking liberties with Freud's "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar", Micah Hanks explores the oneiric aspects of the UFO phenomenon. More correctly, the ghost rockets and the relevant symbolism to young boys. On the other hand, Rich Reynolds ponders Those UFO-Humanoid Helmets worn by aliens inside and outside their vehicles. Could it be our imagination where aliens are eidolons, or heartbreakingly self-conscious about those big, black eyes? Turns out Rich's Dear Friend Martin Kottmeyer Has Addressed The UFO/Alien Helmet Issue which is helpfully illustrated by a CE3 from 2014 where we learn what our space brothers are really breathing under their helmets. For those of you still following in the twists of Roswell minutae, Kevin Randle considers Ed Ruppelt's Anti-UFO Crash Statement. If it wasn't a flying saucer then what in Sam Hill is Ed talking about? Was Roswell just a bad dream from our collective unconscious?(CS)

"18 shillings is 18 shillings", as the saying goes, but why would a kid kill his bestie for pocket change? Weirder still are the visions of a white rabbit when visitors to Festival Park hear the victim's plaintive cries. How far do you want to follow Richard Ault down this rabbit hole anyway? Should you stay the course, he'll pass you along to Dana Matthews who'll take you Beyond the Conjuring. Paranormal investigator Maurice Gross was confounded by the alleged appearance of the executed Bruno Hauptmann in a tourist's photo. Which raises a question, why the heck would a man executed in New Jersey manifest in 1983 London? (CS)

Independence Day is almost upon us, and we're not talking the cash-grab retread violating a cinema near you. A day of barbeques and heading to the beach to scope out bikini-clad babes while they admire your reading choices. John Rimmer's interest in bogeymen, and their folkloric underpinnings, is piqued by Robert Schneck's The Bye Bye Man and Other Strange-but-True Stories. There's an outside chance the things going bump in the night are as real as commies and terrorists. Another uniquely American attraction is a Nick Redfern favorite, The Minnesota Iceman covering the hoax that's too good to have been a hoax. If it was a hoax, why would the Smithsonian, the FBI, and the Mafia get involved in these shenanigans? This is Neanderthal's (UK) first time in English too, so stop kicking yourself for flunking out of freshman French! If you're pinching pennies, download a free copy of EdgeScience #26 for the latest on maverick math, circadian rhythms, and meditating our way to the next rung on our evolutionary ladder. Greg Taylor shares the link so you can get your copy. (CS)

June 24

There have been more recent sightings of MIB, this time in Muscatine County, Iowa, and they are being reported on the news. Apparently drivers there have observed a man wearing a long black trench coat, walking along the roadway, sometimes walking toward the vehicles as they pass. Thankfully no one has offered this menacing stranger a lift yet, because it's never a good idea to pick up hitchhikers. Now here's a twist on the BEC stories we've heard about: a Black Eyed Adult in Chile 1956. This story leaves us somewhat puzzled since the "adult" in question could be considered friendly. The whole phenomenon just gets stranger and stranger it seems...(CM)

It seems officials in Clarke County, Alabama, are pretty interested in finding out just who is claiming to be “tired of dealing” with bigfoot creatures on family property outside of Gainestown. We doubt the Sheriffs Department is all that worried about the alleged Sasquatch activity; rather, our guess is the interest is due to the statement, “I am trying to get some of the guys together and try to kill it,” made by the anonymous witness. Stay tuned. Across the pond, Glasgow Boy takes a break from they Loch Ness mystery and, instead, takes a look at a sea serpent sighting that took place off the west coast of Scotland, the details of which were published in a 1987 book called Sporting Angler. The account is intriguing in that it involved a creature approaching 20-feet in length that moved in an undulating up and down motion and was seen by two sober, well-respected anglers with years of experience between them. It is also pointed out that the west coast of Scotland has a long history of sea serpent reports. Could The Corrie Creature and other sea monsters be connected in any way to the beasts that are alleged to haunt the freshwater lochs inland? It is an interesting question to ponder. (MM)

Apparently it takes very little to send the public into a speed wobble. The twenty odd seconds it took to watch the video felt like an enormous waste of time . Next story...Dan Brown Is Paying a Lot of Money to Digitize a Library Devoted to Mysticism. This is not as puzzling as it sounds. Dan just wants to give back to the source that provided him so much inspiration when he was writing. Something however that is as puzzling as it sounds--because it might be gibberish--is Dr. Sinclair and the Fourth Dimension. As Haunted Ohio says, sometimes things only make sense while we're dreaming them.(CM)

Back in the early 1900's, William H. Pickering was a physics professor at MIT and among the ranks of scientists studying the universe. A stellar career (get it? stellar?) was set on a collision course however when he started discussing the concept of dinosaurs on Venus. It would have been interesting if Pickering was around to give his opinion about 50 years later on The Mystery Mummy: Did an “Alien” Body Turn Up Near a Famous UFO Hotspot? There may not have been giant reptiles on Venus, but maybe there were some folk artists. Next up, we have a Special Report: UFO Contact as John Keel shares the 1967 experiences of Reverend Anthony De Polo and the telepathic aliens. (CM)

There are scientists who are set on proving NDE's are more than hallucinations or the misfires of a brain shutting down. They are doing remarkable work, and neither resultant undead nor similarities to the movie Flatliners will stop their fieldwork. Why worry about pesky things like casualties or ethics, when Hundreds of genes seen sparking to life two days after death. We may have to reexamine our definition of death in some instances, but the implications for organ transplants could mean new life for others. (CM)

Times were simpler in 1965, as is this tale of a UFO sighting in New York. It's clear and concise, and not that difficult to believe. Next up an Eyewitness Declares Tlaxcala a "UFO Contact Area". This Mexican sighting was just last weekend, and comes complete with photograph. Certainly interesting, whatever it was up in the sky. Another recent sighting, this time in California where a Witness says Triangle UFO emitted sound of horns, trumpets. MUFON has categorized the UFO as "unknown", but it certainly would be intriguing to determine the origin of those lights in the sky. (CM)

June 23

As usual, EsoterX provides food for thought that is both entertaining and thought provoking. Those of us who consider ourselves anomalistic researchers are urged to give up the fight to win scientific respectability, stop wasting our energy, and simply do what we do best. For example, we don't have to try to make the world understand The Most Common Coincidences. Psychology Today does it for us, and it's a lot less mysterious than we've been given to believe. Something else that's not that mysterious, at least in our opinion, are these Netizens capture photos of ‘UFO’ in sky above Tsing Yi. Is it a drone? Is it a plane? It's....probably not anything extraterrestrial. Sorry folks.(CM)

Smells Like Rain Herald Tribune
Billy Cox could be a professional humorist if he wasn't so good at writing about UFOs. This latest installment, focusing on Billy's experience with the OGIS, is a very worthwhile read. Also worth reading is Kevin Randle's new book, and UFO Conjecture performs further analysis on his documentation of Roswell and The Golden Helmets. While we're waxing poetic about our ufology past, The 1968 Minot UFO Incident was presented on Destination America this past week, leaving us with a host of questions regarding who has been piloting all the UFOs over the years. Then, just to spice things up with a really good dose of skepticism, David Halperin writes about the Westall UFO, 1966 – The “Clayton Calendar” Story. It's a good thing open-minded skeptics are our favorite kind of people. (CM)

In an uncomfortable twist on previous MIB stories, the author's spouse is visited by a woman in white, whose fear-inducing qualities are at least comeansurate with her darkly dressed male counterparts. Seemingly sparked by a research visit to the local library, it leaves us wondering if there is any way to escape the clutches of these anemic figures once their sights are set on you. It may be time to refine our fact finding methodology with a greater emphasis on personal safety. Comics Legend Jack Kirby Worried That Our Attempts to Contact Aliens Might Attract a 'Tiger'. He may be right to be concerned, since the history of humanity has not included conquering races treating the vanquished with kindness. (CM)

June 22

Rock concert or weather phenomenon? Either is possible, unless of course it's those pesky aliens coming down to make crop circles. Speaking of which is this piece in The Telegraph: Mark Rylance: I'm Prince Charles's crop circle counsellor. No, it's not one of the more obscure jobs performed by Royal lackeys. Rylance, despite being one of England's most distinguished Shakespearian actors and presumably destined for the usual knighthood, seems to have blown his chances for a golden gong. Prince Charles, whose admirers are few outside of his intimate circle, has long been thought by the Great British Public to be quite the loon and Rylance does him no favors in this gushing piece in which he tells the world that the future King is fascinated by crop circles. Mind you, if you've seen Camilla, you'll understand why the rumors of reptilians among the Royals has so much support. And staying with creepy females who lurk in the background, John Reppion writes: The 5th Young One: Pay No Attention to the Girl Behind the Sofa. John digs deep into human psyche and the idea of parallel worlds to explain what turns out to have been a comedic device used by the writers of this 1980s UK sitcom. (LP)

It's likely that perfectly natural heralds of the latest apocalypse, such as world-bending asteroid impacts, explosive supernovae, or destructive cosmic ray jets, inspired tales like the great "Flame of Indra" of the ancient Hindu epics. But when prehistoric pens recorded the "Weapon of Brahma's" survivors losing their nails and hair, and rendering food unfit for consumption, it's little wonder that the Hancocks and von Danikens of the world have plenty to exercise their pens about. (MS)

June 21

Did the creature dubbed the Dover Demon, which created such a stir in 1975, make an appearance in Nova Scotia 30 years later? You will have to be the judge of that, but any beast that “radiates pure evil” is one worth discussing…and avoiding. All over the United States, trees that bend, seemingly unnaturally, at 90 degree angles can be found. Most have dismissed these oddly shaped trees as mere aberrations but Dennis Downes has a different theory and it is fascinating. See Mystery Of The Bent Trees: Expert Claims Trunks That Veer Into Right Angle Found Dotted Around The US Are Secret Native American Trail Markers for the story. Another alleged breaker and bender of trees, the Sasquatch, is back in the news thanks to M.K. Davis. According to Mr. Davis, a New Technique Leads To Clearest Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Clip Ever. Honestly, the only thing we can see that is much different than what has been seen before is that the image is reversed. It is doubtful this new version of the footage will do anything to sway opinions regarding its authenticity. (MM)

We may be dating ourselves here, but it used to be you worried about coming home from the theatre with a hickey, or maybe gum on the soles of your shoes. Times have changed. Now we have to worry about coming home with evil spirit attachments, or dropping dead during the movie. Just an FYI dear readers: If you experience chest pains during ANY movie, dial 911 and let someone near you know what's going on. Don't just sit there and wait to become one of the ghosts following patrons home, or you'll have to deal with The Real Lady Ghostbusters: Meet the Most Influential Female Paranormal Investigators in the Field Today. These women are smart, strong, and Seriously Badass. Paranormal investigation is no joke. Continuing Efforts to Explore the Psychology of ESP in the Laboratory are demonstrating that bona fide psychics produce different data in the lab than that produced by frauds. And if you're into really intelligent investigation of things unexplained, a Retired Police Detective Identifies Mysterious Patterns Across Thousands of Missing Persons Cases. This crime solver is implementing a more global perspective, finding patterns in missing persons cases that would otherwise be missed by local detectives. (CM)

When science and technology meet with belief systems and military secrets, the end result is Sekret Machines, a franchise Tom DeLonge hopes will provide serious investigation into UAP's. While Tom focuses on UFO sightings and paranormal contact, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell with Walter Bosley on the Paracast will discuss coexisting civilizations on Earth. (CM)

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