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March 25

The Hex Cat Of Tumbling Run The Curious Fortean
The locals 'round Mount Carbon, Pennsylvania, know plenty of weirdness. Their fortean phenomena can be counted on both hands, but Andrew Gable's interest is with the left hand's lone finger representing the hex cat. Some hex cats are good, while others are bad, but which are borne of a hexahemeron? Nearly 500 miles away, as the thunderbird flies, Nick Redfern's caught wind of The Strange Tale Of The Defiance Werewolf. Let's just say there was a time where Wisconsin wasn't the dogman capital of the Americas. Also in the running is the eponymous county seat of Orange County, Texas. Ol' Solomon bent Nick's ear about his encounter with A Shape-Shifting Wolf In Texas. An interesting factoid to keep in your back pocket is silver's current price of $17.84 USD/ounce. Average 9mm bullet is .26 ounces. A competent gunsmith can make 4 silver bullets, if they include some of grandma's fancy tableware to make up for the difference. On the other hand a typical box of 50 rounds of 9mm costs around $10 USD. If you run into a dogman make sure every shot counts, or hope your buddy's slower than you. (CS)

Argentinian crop circles are a darned sight different than their anglophone analogues. If these were hoaxed, someone must've used a gallon of Roundup in the process. After examining the evidence, hop on over to Bulgaria for Georgi Bonchev's analysis of Aliens And Recent Censorship at 4chan of all places. Connecting the dots between a reputed reptilian photo, NASA's announcement regarding TRAPPIST-1, and reddit's censorship of Collective Evolution gives everyone some food for thought. (CS)

Mainstream science is enamored with Schrödinger's Cat, but only EsoterX remembers Benoit's Snail after one of his famous benders. Outlined here are the curious experiment's methodologies and outcomes of Sheldrakian proportions. Is modern science recapitulating 19th century occultism, or should contemporary STEM majors bone up on the galvano-terrestrial-magnetic-animal and Adamic forces? Joining the fray of Throwback Saturday is Greg Taylor waxing nostalgic on The Backmasking Panic Of The 1980s. You don't have to be an Eighties Kid to remember "Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas", but Greg will get you up to speed with a few choice clips and insights regarding the music notorious for making Tipper Gore reach for the Ativan. Outdoing these whippersnappers, Chris Woodyard introduces everyone to the concept of fenestra mori with her Stiffs At The Cliff. (CS)

March 24

Are we alone in wondering if the afterlife has become really crowded as of late? How else to explain the proliferation of souls being returned as children who remember their previous lives? True, it could be something in the water--God knows, we're doing a fine job of poisoning the planet. But maybe, just maybe, these kids are more grounded in reality than we think. Our latest claimant is Christian Haupt, a young up-and-coming baseball player who insists he has memories of his previous life as Lou Gehrig. His mom has sought outside assistance to verify details, information Christian could not possibly have known, and so far it's coming back as accurate. Think of that what you will, but faced with the decision of how to arrive back in this world, we think he made a good choice. Not everyone is so lucky apparently, as Granddad Became a Seal. Dr. Beachcombing delves into the folklore of the Isles to find this twist on the belief in Purgatory. Not only is it the In-Between where sinners pay for their misdeeds, it's lived out in the body of an aquatic mammal. Somehow, we just don't know how to feel about that. (CM)

Attention all readers who would like to contribute to parapsychological research but who despair at their complete lack of paranormal abilities: Have we got a study for you! Get yourself over to the IONS website and take part in the Genetics of Psychic Ability study. Only those with absolutely zero Woo going on can participate. But take heart: just because you can't tell the future today doesn't mean you won't be able to forever: Woman Claims She Died And Woke Up With Psychic Abilities. Or she may have just woke up one day with the desire to manipulate weak minded young men. Not that we're judging--we weren't there 15 years ago when she died. And we suspect she wasn't there either. Hey Kaden, there's an IONS study you might want to take part in... (CM)

This splashy title announces The Final Revelation: The Sun Project, a 157-page book that covers many catchy current UFO-related enthusiasms. If there's anything to the article's headline, which apparently comes from work done by unnamed "former military and intelligence specialists" who studied old sheets of carbon paper found at a tag sale, this book would possess the true "smoking gun" about Roswell. It might therefore seem odd that since its June 2016 publication the tome hasn't made more of a splash in the UFO field. But the "loopy fringe that dotes on UFOs" and talk about "secret programs for achieving Global Dominance using the ET Advantage" are not the only reasons Why Science Ignores UFOs. Rich Reynolds opines that other passions with potentially more payback enthrall scientists, engineers, and other thinkers. Commenter Jean holds that it's "the circus atmosphere that surrounds the subject," but also invokes the potential payback card, or lack thereof, that inhibits expenditures for instrumented observation projects. Credible and relatively low-cost initiatives are underway, and were discussed at a special meeting during last August's MUFON International Symposium in Orlando, Florida. Maybe Rich isn't familiar with that Final Revelation book that led off this post, for he questions The Shameful 'Ethics' of Officials Who have Access to UFO Secrets. Rich rhetorically asks why "for 70 years no one has had the gumption to spill the beans about the activity of space visitors to Earth, some involved in crashes?" Rich also massively hints at the answer to his own question. (WM)

This piece by Micah Hanks reads like a how-to manual in sorting fact from fiction in a world beset by fake news. Considering current events and the seductive draw of conspiracy theories, it couldn't be more timely. Particularly when researching instances of high strangeness, we need to be able to separate the truth from the hoaxes, reality from the sensationalized. But here's the problem: Sometimes truth is far more strange than fiction: Experts Predict 7,000 More Siberian Holes Opening Soon. Paul Seaburn tells us that researchers in Northern Siberia have discovered around 7000 methane bubbles just below the surface of the ground that will explode in the not too distant future, creating huge craters that will provide Siberia convenient access to hell itself. Or not. Guess we'll have to wait and see. (CM)

The saga continues. Two "John Keel" installments ago we noted a long and sometimes almost lyrical letter John had written to the entities Apol and Agar on July 12, 1967. John says here that his contact Jaye Paro read him a message from the two "indicating that they had received and understood" his letter, but he gives no details. Nonetheless, John now follows up by composing a more matter-of-fact missive outlining a plan for Disclosure by a grand public appearance of the visitors' vehicles near the United Nations Building in New York City. Keel observes practically that "Flashing lights and merely luminous globes will not prove anything to anybody." [Well, maybe Keel was slightly wrong there.] He has other practical suggestions for the ufonauts to make their presence known safely and unequivocally. This letter could be construed as ratcheting up the pressure on the entities to "put up or shut up," and while Keel seems still intent on trying to help Apol and his associates, he demands a preliminary demonstration before selected witnesses as proof that the aliens understand him and are ready to carry out his UN appearance plan. Hopefully, he'll submit this letter to Jaye for transferal to Apol and Agar, and we'll learn more, soon. (WM)

March 23

Lee Speigel has a frank article about online UK tabloids. Misinterpreted images or hoaxes, in either case with inflated headlines for the purposes of click-bait, are rife. This massively sane article features useful video and video analysis by the Mutual UFO Network's Marc D'Antonio. Wonder what Marc would say about this UK Express story: Triangle UFO Sensation Deepens: Two MORE Bizarre Craft Caught on Camera. Reporter Jon Austin tells us about "A TRIANGLE UFO sensation which is sweeping the US." To be fair, the piece does include prosaic explanations by Scott Brando of But the article's first embedded link goes to a December 20, 2016, post by Austin of sightings it seems could be related to the TR-3B, "alleged by conspiracy theorists to be a secret 'black project' spy craft of the US Government that can be flown into space." If there's anything as exciting as ET UFOs, it may be "top secret test craft created by the US Government at mysterious air bases like Area 51 in the Nevada desert." Volcanoes and UFOs are a somewhat less-common pairing, but reported enough times to be featured in a post entitled Mysterious Beam over Mt. Etna and UFOs over Mexican Volcano. Mysterious Universe's Paul Seaburn takes advantage of footage from cameras monitoring Italy's Mount Etna and Mexico's Popocatepetl to ask "Is it time to worry?" twice. (WM)

At the Anomalist we hear many strange stories. Some can be considered paranormal, others somewhat normal, while still others can be written off to craziness, hoaxes, or misunderstandings. And yet, the one kind of anomaly that makes our collective blood run cold is when someone disappears without a trace, without a reason, without a note. Jon Billman provides some alarming details regarding hundreds of individuals who have disappeared on public lands in both the United States and Canada. These are instances where, for example, a hiker is there one moment, then gone forever in the next. Just as strange are Mysterious Vanishings on the High Seas. The question is where to start a search when an entire ship disappears with cargo, crew, passengers, and leaves no sunken hull, no pillaged wreck, no proof of it ever having existed. Theories have abounded throughout history, from both sea and shore based pirate attacks, to freak storms and sea monsters. But the ocean, just as the wilderness, likes to keep its secrets. (CM)

Malaysian mystic Ibrahim Mat Zin has been in the local news as of late, claiming to be using his connections with the spirit world (and what appear to be spectacular coconut juggling skills) to protect Malaysia's borders as well as locate flight MH370, missing since 2014. No surprise that he is being mocked quite thoroughly when not being derided by Muslim scholars. But let's give the guy a break--no one else has been able to do anything helpful. At least he's trying. In even stranger news, (and by stranger we mean so silly as to be embarrassing) Disclosure TV has revealed that Ancient Statues Holding Modern Designer Handbags Is Latest Evidence Of Aliens And Time Travel. Just remember folks--if you read the article, you have to admit to it. But here's something to revive those brain cells that may have just given up and died in the absence of common sense. New, Similar Experiments Dramatically Achieve Rainer Plaga Suggestion To Prove Parallel Universes. Best explained with a direct quote: "In 1997, physicist Rainer Plaga wrote a paper suggesting an experiment to prove parallel universes exist. It was never tried. Marshall Barnes has now executed his own specific tests in Grandview Heights, OH, that achieve the same, incredible goal." This article seems a bit heady the first time through, but once you've read it a couple more times you'll have to agree with us that it's Freaking Amazing. We love science that tries to validate the Strange. (CM)

Graham Hancock is an "alternative history" researcher and author, so he's accustomed to snide remarks and sideways glances from the uninitiated. Consequently, we suspect Graham is enjoying some well-earned gloating as one of his hypotheses is enjoying some validation in two different scientific journals. His theory that a cataclysmic impact event destroyed advanced civilization 12,000 years ago appears to be backed up by discovery of platinum deposits too plentiful and widespread to have occurred naturally on Earth. And so goes the war between two ideologies, one in favor of climate change as the key sculpture of Earth's geography, the other favoring the theory of extraterrestrial impact events. Were The Carolina Bays Formed by Frozen Debris From a Comet Impact? Recent research has uncovered evidence supporting the possibility of a comet impact with Earth, although there is a distinct possibility that the bays (or "pock marks") were formed by wind and other natural processes. The only certainty is that science--not ideologies--will uncover the truth one day. (CM)

March 22

Earlier this week a Cessna Skyhawk from Ann Arbor crashed 60 km east of Marathon, Michigan. Oddly enough, "The Cessna was unoccupied and there were no footprints in the snow around the wreckage." The Transportation Safety Board of Canada would not speculate as to what had occurred. Mysterious aircraft crashes have a long history and include The Mysterious Case of the B-17 Phantom Fortress. Back in late 1944 a British air force unit stationed in Belgium was witness to one of the greatest feats of trick flying in history. An American Army Air Corps B-17 bomber came in for an unscheduled landing at high speed, landing in an adjacent farm field and essentially arriving undamaged and causing injury to no one. The trick? There was no crew on board. A bevy of theories that equated to a whole lot of nothing were leveled at the situation, but to date there is still no reasonable explanation for how an enormous bomber landed itself better than many pilots could have done from the cockpit. Not all aircraft are so lucky though: The Bizarre World of Phantom Plane Crashes. The 1930s were a strange decade in the United Kingdom with numerous reports of planes crashing, complete with explosions and passengers jumping with parachutes. Of course, examination of the crash location always turned up zero evidence. Were these planes merely phantoms, figments of overactive imaginations, or the traumatic memories of war veterans scarred in battle? (CM)

The ET Dilemma UFO Conjecture(s)
Rich Reynolds rejects the notion that we've perceived the artifacts of, or been visited by, a space-faring alien race. He offers his usual suggestions for UFO and humanoid reports, and one based upon a postulated "omnipotent presence that is the Universe or thought the Universe into existence--a thing we may call God"--but has problems with that explanation, too. This is not an issue for Bangladeshi ufologist Obaidur Rahman, whose book, The Search for Extra Terrestrial Life in the Universe is available for free download from UFO Sverige. This is an earnest, ambitious, and fundamentally hopeful attempt to explain the prospects for contact with sentient ET beings. The book covers everything from Ancient Astronauts and candidates for life within and beyond the solar system, to a romp through geologic and paleontological history and human efforts to contact alien civilizations. Rahman is properly skeptical regarding the Ancient Astronaut (AA) theory, noting its fundamental disbelief that humans were capable of creating marvelous things without outside assistance. Rahman mentions the belief that the AA "was specifically developed to undermine the stellar works of ancient civilizations" that weren't European. This is too-tight a focus; the disturbing racial undertones to the AA merely reflect the European, and particularly German-language scholarship of the 19th and early 20th centuries, which generally denigrated the accomplishments of the darker-skinned races. Rahman seems too credulous towards tales that NASA astronauts have noted alien presences on the moon. But his enthusiastic approach and quaint prose possess a certain charm, he's worked hard to cover so many fields and recent theories in each, and the price is right. (WM)

Peter Rogerson reviews I Saw A Light and Came Here: Children’s Experiences and Reincarnation by Erlendur Haraldsson and James G Matlock, bringing with him a pragmatic, objective style of forteanism that makes his analysis a pleasure to read. While incidences continue to increase of children claiming to remember past lives, Rogerson reminds us that there is also a proportional increase in world conflict and a refugee crisis.He wonders aloud if PTSD can mimic reincarnation in the same way sexual abuse has been reported to masquerade as memories of alien abduction. (CM)

David Halperin Interview A Different Perspective
Kevin Randle's guest David Halperin has written several blogs on Randle's recent book Roswell in the 21st Century, and one might have expected some dialogue on their differing viewpoints about that work. Instead, the hour is mostly concerned with a September 1964 hoax that fooled the youthful UFO investigator Halperin, and a discussion of Halperin's semi-autobiographical novel about the 1960s UFO scene. The dialogue proceeds easily and the time goes quickly. Along the way the vagaries of memory are explored with several remarkable examples. Halperin and Randle agree that the UFO mystery is as much the story of the witness and of the investigator--and even of the debunker--as it is of the core phenomenon. And Halperin suggests that his book Journal of a UFO Investigator conveys the flavor of the times, even if it isn't always historically accurate. (WM)

March 21

T. Peter Park entertains us with some science in the face of St. Patrick's Day festivities and wearing-of-the-green celebrations. He proposes that sightings of leprechauns, dwarves, gnomes, and all manner of Little People could well indicate the existence of relic homonids--not unlike Sasquatch or Yeti, but of course much smaller. How is it the more we learn in cryptozoology the more we discover needs learning? Next up, From Mermaids to Mermen with Nick Redfern. While we're still not recovered from the idea of leprechauns being proto-pygmies, Nick hits us with how George Brisbane Scott Douglas (1856-1935) perceived water nymphs. Rather than creatures who were half human, half fish, he believed that they were actually quite similar to humans, only able to take the form of various sea creatures such as seals. Finally, for those of you who believe in ghosts but think Sasquatch is "too out there," may we present the Dunbar chiropractor writes the book on West Virginia Bigfoot lore. Dr. Russell Jones has grown up in the West Virginia woods and not much escapes his notice. He states that it was not his intention in writing his book to convert the nonbelievers, but to simply implore his readers to keep an open mind. Looks like Russell and the Anomalist share the same vision. (CM)

MJ Banias has an update on the Peruvian airport closure we reviewed two weeks ago, with the actual date(s) of February 12th and also February 7th. The February 12th shutdown featured 12 unidentified radar echoes and infrared video camera footage claimed by the witness-ufologist Joshue Cornejo to show the same objects. There's also a two and a half minute (Spanish language) video discussing the sighting. A Comment takes issue with the "closure" claim. Moving to Canada, Open Minds' Roger Marsh tells us about a Disc UFO Caught on Camera Moving out of Bay. Once again, we have a case where a "witness" notices something only after taking images which included the apparent object, but the images are interesting. It's also interesting that the witness to this Bay of Fundy "sighting" claims to have gotten no help analyzing the August 6, 2016 video in almost eight months. We hope MUFON can report out to us after the hoped-for analysis. No images in this next Marsh article, but it's an interesting story as an Engineer Recounts Low-Hovering Triangle UFO. The tale is of an 8pm February 15, 2017, event near Austin, Nevada, in which multiple witnesses saw, and apparently heard the departure of, a massive object that may have actually changed its shape, lighting, and rotation. High Strangeness? (WM)

The Eternal Mystic Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog
Beach provides our readers with fodder for their next dinner party where sparkling conversation is an absolute necessity. The good Doctor posits that mystics and mysticism have risen throughout history, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, regardless of context, in much the same way that the human species gravitates towards satisfaction of the drive for sex. The next topic for discussion is the Study of Experiences Reported by Nurses. Factors looked at included job stress, sleep deprivation, and individual burnout, with the final conclusion being the only practical choice really: Nursing staff that accepted their patients' paranormal experiences were a comfort to those who were seriously ill or dying. Probably not a surprise to most of our readers. And finally we contemplate Hysterical Strength: When Ordinary People Perform Amazing Feats Under Stress. While some researchers believe extreme increases in adrenaline at times of crisis enable a surge in physical strength, others maintain the fight or flight hormone could not possibly reach the muscles quickly enough to allow for a burst of extreme strength. For now we may have to accept the explanation given by a young boy who saved his father trapped under the family car. His explanation? Angels. For lack of any other explanation, that will have to work for us. (CM)

The Scarlet Woman claims that UFO sightings are on the increase in America, with "an incredible high point in 2017." This belief spurs the creation of a well-meaning if not completely accurate short article and a quick survey that you can take. The Scarlet Woman wants to know, for instance, what you think causes UFO reports. Well, Nick Redfern thinks that it may not be ET, but whatever is behind "the UFO phenomenon" [singular], it is trying to convince us that it is. Last year Nick wrote an article about "soil sampling alien" displays characteristic of the 1950s and 1960s. Nick mentions another type of "display" in UFO Repairmen from the Stars? No!. Nick calls nonsensical the "many reports of people stumbling on aliens 'repairing' their craft," and quotes examples of this type of tale from the late Richard Hall and other sources. Commenters note the similarities with fairy doings in these apparently ludicrous cases in which it seems that the aliens are "surprised" while at their labors. A little farther afield, Dr. Michael Swords has written about astronomical displays that seem completely overt, intended only for one or a few humans observing from a very circumscribed geographic location. Nick thinks that divining why these mind-games are being played with, or upon, us, might get us closer to figuring out what's really going on. (WM)

March 20

Brett Tingley tells us that "urban sewer legends" have, naturally, arisen since the arrival of sewers and the good folk of Derby are perplexed by the origin of "unexplained knocking noises" from beneath manhole covers. Fearing someone was trapped, firefighters investigated, but neither people nor answers have yet been found. A century earlier on the Emerald Isle, strange noises were thought to be the work of Some Irish Elementals, as detailed by Chris Woodyard. Next, Nick Redfern turns his attention to similar matters in this piece about Encountering "Fenris, the Wolf-horror" in which he tells of a woman who claimed to be able to conjure-up scary elemental beasts at will. Meanwhile, Glasgow Boy comes to the defense of Poor Old Alex Campbell (Part I), whose fame originated in 1933 when he wrote "the first story of the modern era" about the most famous beast of them all, Nessie. Campbell's cred's were given quite a bashing by an unknown letter-writer, and GB's piece provokes some lively discussion in the comments section. (LP)

Rich Reynolds asks whether "UFOs" truly exist outside of the minds of their beholders, and states his opinion that paranormal "things" such as ghosts, Bigfoot, etc. are "neurologically or psychologically induced, 'real' to the percipient but not real in the debatable sense of reality as we know it or think we know it." There is much to consider in those words, and Commenters have at it. Also in the text Rich ticks off some of the different explanations that have been conjured up to explain UFOs aside from the "nuts and bolts" theory. This illustrates that the subject, or subjects, is multifarious and, given the paucity of truly scientific resources dedicated over the years to study it, unsurprisingly so ill-understood. And a lot of "trash" has accumulated over the years courtesy of sensational UFO magazines, but in The Devil is in the UFO Details Rich notes that reputable writers did contribute to some of these publications. He instances two articles by Kevin Randle as evidence and uses them to support two of his own long-held views about the lower economic class and UFO reporting, and that UFO storytellers seem to be repeating information they came across in prior, well-publicized accounts. Yet, Rich notes in one of the articles a very small detail that, while common to a very famous case and an almost-unknown "kidnapping" account 16 years later, seems to defy credulity in being "borrowed" as part of a conscious hoax. Rich enunciates another of his core views in Civilization(s): Unique to Earth. Rich champions the "Rare Earth" theme here, ending with a definitive statement about the nature of UFOs, which should have elicited more comments from his readers, whether of assent or dissent. Maybe this supports his contention that there is No Renascence in Ufology. "Ufology is fraught with mothballs and is moribund," Rich claims, and "No one really cares." The lack of Comments to this lament isn't very comforting. (WM)

Those of you who like us appreciate Chris O'Brien as co-host with Gene Steinberg of The Paracast will want to catch Greg Bishop's interview with this UFO and paranormal investigator. Just last Tuesday we profiled a post on his Our Strange Planet site, dealing with his work in Colorado's San Luis Valley. Two days prior, the Radio Misterioso crew uploaded a two hour conversation with Chris, presenting his perspective on the whole field of ufology, and also on the matter of "cattle mutilations." Chris, who has investigated around 200 such cases over many years, has a lot to say about the phenomenon, its possible causes, and the cheap sensationalism and hucksterism in that arena. We may not completely share his qualms about trusting anyone who tries to make a living of sorts out of UFO investigations and presentations, but he is on point with his concerns about that practice. There was also some good dialogue on the matter of subjective versus objective perception of anomalous events, and even some healthy eating tips! (WM)

March 19

Most stiffs get cold when they buy the farm, while others buck the trend. Even more peculiar, scientists don't know why it happens and it has the possibility of cocking up murder investigations. Maybe the corpses are trying to jumpstart their bodies, come back and tell us what's happening on the other side. Keeping an open ear and mind, Brent Swancer shares Truly Amazing Accounts Of Reincarnation where people are alive again. Most of them are children but regardless of age, their recollection of past lives is startlingly accurate. Bringing us to the University of Virginia's Department of Perceptual Studies. They just presented a 'Medical Center Hour' at the hospital where Scientists Discuss Their Research Into Mind Beyond Body And The Survival Of Consciousness After Death. Funnily enough, it's as if they've read Greg Taylor's Stop Worrying, There Probably Is An Afterlife!. (CS)

If you don't drink coffee, like this editor, then you could use a little irritation to wake up. Was Nessie's cousin haunting Scotland's shoreline, or perhaps a giant turtle? Heuvelmans proposed it, and now Darren Naish is following in his footsteps. Except with snark, a video "shaming" people, and Naish citing himself as if that absolves him of having an opinion! If Naish was a fortean, he could've addressed The Problems With Lake Monsters much like Nick Redfern. How do huge critters appear in tiny bodies of water, then elude investigators and authorities? Typically marine beasts grow to great size thanks to their generous environment, feeding into Nick's tales of "The Hugest Monster In The Sea". Whatever stalked Swedish sailors was definitely not an Architeuthis as the kraken appears to be far more gregarious and adventurous than her bathypelagic cousins. (CS)

We're always stoked when something new is dug up from the deep past, almost as much as when we see Brett Tingley's posted at Mysterious Universe. Over in the People's Republic of China a pair of statues have archaeologists scratching their heads, and dreamers's imaginations running wilder than college girls. Contemplate the visages of Clairaudience and Clairvoyance, maybe share your best guess with us on Facebook or Twitter. Half a day's drive from Chongqing are some Newly Discovered 2,000-Year-Old Pyramid Found Under A Construction Site. Not even Tony Meyjes nor his peers are crying "aliens" nor "Egyptians", but the fact these structures were found near a tomb is a curiosity. (CS)

An association between distinct, different events is a coincidence but is there a mind behind it? Maybe there is, but it's not "god" but you according to Michael Grosso. He shares a few examples that may lead to pronoia or spirituality, while illustrating the need for high strangeness like this in our lives. But who can predict when these happen, jostling humanity from the sleep of complacency? Some scientists are hard at work investigating Differential Equations And The Role Of Coincidence. In Ingrid Ladner's terminology, coincidence is a random factor generated by previous phenomena. What's notable here is how Erika Hausenblas is incorporating this fuzziness into computing outcomes. It's almost a natural conclusion as Mike McRae Finds As Clocks Get More Precise, Time Gets More Fuzzy. In short, observing something in greater detail demands more energy. Using more energy dilates time making the measurement less accurate. (CS)

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