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The Anomalist

March 4

Henry May is arguably one of the hardest-working Bigfoot researchers today, as evidenced by his latest video update featuring the above details. Another hard-working researcher is Phil Poling of Parabreakdown and this week he's taking another look at the ​Bigfoot Sighting American Fork Canyon Near Tibble Fork Reservoir video and finds it lacking in the Bigfoot category. It's a great example of mistaken idenitity however. Meanwhile, Jason Orfutt tackles the subject of ​Exploring American Monsters: Alaska with intriguing reports of mammoth sightings, thunderbirds and...were-otters? Nick Redfern narrows his monster reporting down to ​Morag: Nessie’s Lesser-Known Cousin, the even more reclusive cousin who may dwell in Lake Morar. (MB)

A rural Tennessee highway was the scene of a bizarre yet bloodless massacre of a flock of blackbirds. As bizarre as it is, birds plunging dead from the sky for no apparent reason is not entirely unheard of and sometimes there are rashes of incidents. However, sometimes there are very obvious, very non-Fortean causes of mass bird death like the time a Solar farm sets 130 birds on fire in Nevada last month. The energy around the plant was so intense it set "streamers" alight and also unfortunately a passing flock of very confused birds. (MB)

March 3

Since there is very little evidence in the way of social structure within Bigfoot groups, researcher Mitchell Waite gives us his "gut feeling" as to how he thinks their society works based on his personal observations. He's got some interesting, though blurry photos, and he's even named a few of the ones he's encountered. Waite suspects that the Bigfoot responsible for the tree knocking, rock tossing, and general harassment of hunters and campers are generally juveniles out "having fun." This video is fascinating and informative and more than worthy of a watch, as opposed to videos like this turning up in mainstream media which are just the opposite: Did this photographer capture Bigfoot on camera? From the brief glimpse we can see, it looks more like the photographer captured a fellow hiker who was probably a lot more startled by the guy turning and running in terror. In other blurry cryptid news, Finding Bigfoot goes to Loch Ness as the team investigates the literally very colorful reports of Sasquatch-like creatures across the UK including the various iterations of the Green man and also the Grey Man legend in he Cairngorms of Scotland. Then they visited Loch Ness and, yes, improvised a Nessie call just as you'd imagine they would. The UK is one of the last places we'd expect to spot Bigfoot, but what about Honduras? More specifically, a Lost City Discovered In Honduran rainforest that may be the fabled "City of the Monkey God"--the White City that explorers have searched for over the past few centuries. Local legends and mythology tell of a race of ape-like creatures who kidnapped women and bred human-monkey hybrids...(MB)

Ah, spring. That wonderful time of year when the world awakens from winter hibernation and birds sing, flowers bloom, trees regain their leaves and mysterious booms fill the air. This story is nearly identical to the many, many reports we've come across over the past few years--unidentified sky booms that perplex everyone who hears them. And if there's one report, there's always bound to be two or three more. See Exhibit A: Bombs or birdshot? Mysterious booms fill the skies over central North Texas. And not to be outdone or out-weirded, Florida jumps in on the action with a ​Fireball & sonic boom witnessed from Florida to South Carolina. These sky booms are steadily increasing but oddly, the believable explanations posited by experts remain woefully unconvincing. The only thing we're convinced of is that the experts actually have no idea what's going on or what to do about it, as it's impossible to cover up a very loud, window-shaking noise with the explanation of "weather balloon." (MB)

March 2

It really does seem that way as the lawyer representing John Burroughs quietly issued a press release over the weekend confirming that after decades of battling the Veteran's Administration for disability claims for injuries he suffered during the infamous Rendlesham incident, the VA has finally conceded defeat. "The U.S. Government has finally acknowledged that John Burroughs suffered adverse health effects in the Rendlesham Forest and, therefore, has recognized the link between his health problems and the UFO he encountered,” proclaims the press release. In other words, Burroughs claimed he was injured during a close encounter with a UFO and the VA has confirmed that as fact by approving his claim. The implications of this decision are astounding and in a normal world this story would be blaring from every news agency around the world. But this isn't a normal, sane world so instead this story is delegated to the "Weird News" files in mainstream media. But luckily for us, we are able to listen to Nick Pope, J. Patrick Fascogna and John Burroughs himself discuss the VA's jaw-dropping decision and the Rendlesham case in detail on Paracast. (MB)

This is a ghost video that refuses to die (excuse the pun.) It's resurfaced at least 3 times since it was first discovered in 2009, and reportedly tracks a ghostly figure that seems to make its way down a walkway and through a gate just as a living Disney visitor would do. That's lead to the debate that also arises each time this photo shows up--it's more likely it's just literally a ghosted image left over from a previous security camera recording. Meanwhile, the 3rd part of the Ghost Adventures trio, Jay Wasley gets in on the publicity action this month with an interview with Dread Central in which he talks about the behind the scenes process of filming the show and also his scariest moments. Also in today's lineup of ghostly stories, a new book about Australian ghost cases explores the Humpty Doo poltergeist a ’malicious and mischievous’ spirit that could not be exorcised, along with dozens of other cases. Despite the silly sounding name, the Humpty Doo polt was actually a very active, violent and disturbing series of incidents that took place in the late 1980s and along with the typical noises, voices, knocks, moving objects this spirit also broke things, injured people and attempted to communicate in some truly bizarre ways. And on the subject of violent ghosts, Mysterious Universe suspects that ghosts may be becoming more pushy as evidenced by the sudden trend of videos of invisible forces pushing people to the ground. We suspect it's more a case of copycat fakery that always seems to follow after a video goes viral. (MB)

March 1

If you follow the UK political scene you'll be aware that it's currently fizzing with controversy, especially within the Conservative Party. This exposition by MP David Tredinnick seems unlikely to improve matters. He apparently wants a healthcare system in which one's doctor consults the stars as a route to providing treatment. Perhaps Prime Minister David Cameron will give it a try to ease the additional headache this story will surely have given him. (LP)

Between August 2014 and January 2015, 126 people have fallen victim to this mystery illness. Although doctors claimed last month that the sleeping sickness was likely due to the “high concentrations of vapors that have built up during the heating season in basements and poorly ventilated living spaces,” the findings are weak by toxicology standards. So local authorities have begun evacuating Kalachi en masse, “hoping that getting people out of the town will just eliminate the illness wholesale.” Somehow we don’t think that solution will work. Mysterious in quite a different sense is the Mysterious Rain of Money Falls From the Sky in Kuwait City. And we are not talking small change: the paper money that fell from the sky is estimated to be worth between $544,000 and $817,000 in US dollars. While money showers usually turn out to have a mundane explanation, we were surprised to learn that there have been other unexplained rains of cash: in 2007 over Worms, Germany, in 1968 over Kent, UK, in 1975 over Chicago, Illinois, and in 1957 over Bourges, France. Oh, to be in the right place at the right time! (PH)

There is no more important subject, yet consciousness is basically ignored by mainstream science because it holds that consciousness is simply a product of what the brain does. But Dr. Allan Leslie Combs believes there is much more to consciousness than that, so he is developing a Consciousness Studies PhD program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Another active champion for consciousness these days is Alex Tsakiris, who is the author of Why Science is Wrong…About Almost Everything. Why “everything”? Because consciousness is everything, as he explains in this recent in-depth conversation with host Tim Binnall. Along the way they discuss the key evidence showing that consciousness is not trapped within the brain, how skeptics of NDEs resort to some underhanded techniques to stifle research and belief in the phenomenon, Rupert Sheldrake's research into the psychic connection between dogs and their owners, Alex's attempt to have an honest investigation into psychic detectives, the healing research of Dr. William Bengston, and much more. (PH)

The Many Slides Stories UFO Conjecture(s)
The build-up to release of the alleged 'Roswell' slides continues over at UFO Conjecture(s), which ponders (yet again) the background and authenticity of the slides and the motivations of those involved in their release. The comments which follow the RRR Group's post resemble a cream-pie fight from the silent movie era. Everyone gets one in the face at some point, leaving the issue covered in a rather sticky mess. And if you want Kevin Randle's different perspective on the whole affair check out his very detail post entitled The Roswell Slides and Me. He's not expecting this to end well either.(LP)

February 28

There's a Latin saying which roughly translates as “what people want to believe, they will believe” and this is supported by Roger Marsh's piece on OpenMinds, which tracks the recent escalation of what in reality was a Canadian military exercise, but has evolved on the internet into a “UFO crash.” More mud in the waters for serious researchers, alas. No need to ask what these serious researchers would think of this UFO Story [that] Lands in a Hall of History. Whether or not you believe the Reed family's story of multiple abductions since 1966, the Great Barrington Historical Society in Massachusetts has given it recognition in its museum. The case already has a space in the Roswell UFO museum, but this new display gives alleged abductee Thomas Reed, now 55 and living in Tennessee, a welcome feeling of recognition for his traumatic childhood experience. (LP)

The title says it all, though the results have yet to be released. Researchers at the University of St Andrews, Fife, are testing people's reactions to Bigfoot sightings, both “real” (i.e. guys in hairy suits) and imagined. The study seems strangely “front-loaded.” however: Everyone was told they were taking part in an experiment and one group was even told to look out for Bigfoot! They would have a much harder time trying to fool people with a fake lake monster. The post In Search Of Lake Monsters – Reviewed has Nick Redfern recalling one of the first cryptozoology books he ever read—and loved—a new edition of which has just been reprinted with a new Introduction by Loren Coleman, a first-time-in-English Preface by Bernard Heuvelmans, and a new Afterword by the author himself, Peter Costello. Redfern thinks the book is the complete package: “important, entertaining, revealing, and thought-provoking.” (LP, PH)

Nick Redfern has a personal interest in this one and shares his thoughts on a famous case of wrongful imprisonment in England in 1903. A forthcoming series on British TV, “Arthur and George,” tells the story of how George Edalji was imprisoned for mutilating horses in Staffordshire and how in later years Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle became involved in clearing his name. Redfern grew up in the area where the mutilations occurred and as a result gained local insight into the case. He posits a theory that the attacker may have been, as was said at the time, a species of big-cat—and this is given some credence because the attacks were not far from Cannock Chase and its well-known association with such beasties. (LP)

Steve Hammons reports on last week's 24th Annual International UFO Congress held at Scottsdale, Arizona. Some of Ufology's big hitters were present, including Travis Walton, about whom a new independent film 'Travis' has been made and which received the EBE award. Among the speakers was the grand-daddy of Area 51 revelations, Bob Lazar along with reporter George Knapp. Cattle mutilations, Roswell, Rendlesham were all on the agenda, as well as some unsettling consideration of how prepared we Earth-folk need to be to deal with visitors who may not have our best interests at heart. Of course, the treatment of the Congress by the mainstream media has been like Disney opening a new theme park with the reporters insisting on writing stories Admiring the parking lot. Hopeless. (LP)

February 27

The Fouke Monster of Arkansas makes a surprise appearance in the background of an interview on a news report featuring what else? The Fouke Monster! Not only that but the eyewitness experiences recounted on this story are well-detailed and entirely believable. Definitely a must-see if you're at all interested in the true story behind that infamous "Legend Of Boggy Creek." We aren't quite convinced by the Bigfoot and "baby" screencap though. Meanwhile, Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" is coming to Maine to knock on trees and yell for Bigfoot in April, and Loren Coleman is hosting a town hall meeting for "eyewitnesses deemed credible" at the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland. Nick Redfern puts forth an interesting theory that may explain the sightings of an entlrely different cryptid sometimes reported across North America--werewolves. He wonders if these creatures spotted walking upright like a human might just be a bipedal canine species yet discovered. So are is it possible werewolves or bipedal wolves roam isolated, remote areas of North America like Bigfoot does? And finally, Glasgow Boy rounds up a few Frank Searle items including a book excerpt illustrating the "vilification of Frank Searle" and also a PDF of Searle's own booklet, The Story of Loch Ness.(MB)

This is a pretty impressive video but since there's no other objects like trees or houses visible to compare it to, it's completely impossible to judge the size or height of the UFO. The eyewitness says it was at least the size of a football field and had pulsating lights. It's also triangular shaped which has become increasingly more common over the past two decades. Around the same time of the Missippi sighting, Witnesses saw a pink UFO over Arizona, New Mexico, which was a little more photogenic than a triangular set of blinky lights but turned out to be most likely the after effects of a rocket launch from nearby White Sands Missile Range. And if you've ever spotted a strange light in the sky near Weston, Connecticut you are far from alone. The Weston Forum is sharing a large collection of photos and stories recording Fifty years of strange encounters in Weston, where UFOs have long held a keen fascination for the Saugatuck Reservoir. The sightings range from blobs of bright orange light to the ever-present triangular crafts with blinking lights hovering over the huge structure. Is it a power source or a stop along the route of an extraterrestrial vacation tour? (MB)

February 26

Get out of the big cities like New York and Atlanta and head for the hills, literally. The scientists say make your way to the Rockies which are far more sparsely populated and could be "safe for months'. This is timely advice according to one drunken hipster who smash[ed] storefront windows to escape "flesh-eating zombies" in Williamsburg, New York. Now someone just needs to pass on this helpful info to Rick and Co. who are currently doing the exact opposite traveling further up the east coast to escape The Walking Dead. (MB)

Nick Groff returns to Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, Kentucky for the second time after Ghost Adventure's infamous investigation back in 2008 that seemed to open up not only doors to further investigations and opportunities for their show but also to negative energy in the form of entities that the GA guys say followed them around for years. In the most recent investigation, Goff's name was once again called by a disembodied voice. In another group investigation, this one in Liverpool, England Southport Visiter reporter Rebecca Koncienzcy joins Sefton Paranormal as they investigate a centuries old building to uncover the truth behind the rumors of a Victorian child ghost roaming the halls as she shares details of "the night I became a ghost hunter." Much beeping and buzzing from the team's equipment ensued along with a lot of jacket grabbing by the unnerved reporter. The British seem to have always be just a bit more in tune with the paranormal world, and a survey conducted around 1900 by the Society for Psychical Research reflects that with an astounding 10% of 17,000 people polled across Britain claiming to have experienced a "hallucination." That's a staggering amount--"boggling," as Beachcombing describes. This leads Beachcombing to muse on the nature of those hallucinations--and The Mystics and Joe Bloggs: Seeing and Hearing the Paranormal . (MB)

Ever wonder how faked stories are created and gain traction online? This story gives a little insight into the phenomenon which depends heavily on the gullibility of its target audience. In this case, once we read the source was "World News Daily" we immediately dismissed the story as being anything but truthful. "Word News Daily" is a well-known hoax site, and this article tracks the fakery from its humble beginnings there. It's alarmingly simple to deceive a public that doesn't question anything its presented with. (MB)

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