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Journal Issues
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  The Anomalist 1
Dinoaurs and the Gravity Problem by Ted Holden
Alien Writing by Mario Pazzaglini
The Numbers Game by Martin Cannon
Daytona Beach Mystery Wave by Patrick Huyghe
Cargo of the Gods by Paul Rydeen
Incendiary Poltergeist, SHC, and Fire Suicide Clusters by Loren Coleman
The First Extraordinary Claim by Martin Kottmeyer
The Perils of Erasing Astrology From the Past by Ingo Swann
Commentary by William Corliss

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  The Anomalist 2
Betting on the Mars Face by Tom Van Flandern
Was the First "Bigfoot" a Hoax? by Loren Coleman
On Human Origins: Out of Siberia? by Patrick Huyghe
The Great Pigeon Mystery by Rupert Sheldrake
Groking Galloping Gertie by David Ritche
From Faits Divers to Folklore and Back Again by Hilary Evans
Myth, Mutes, and More by Dennis Stillings
Organ Theft Rumors in Guatemala by John Shonder
Alien Dreamtime by Robert Baker
Letters to the Editors

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  The Anomalist 3
Extraordinary Claim? Move the Goalposts! by Patrick Huyghe
The Naked Ghost by Hilary Evans
The Anomalies of Death by Michael Grosso
Visions of a Subterranean Wonderworld by Doug Skinner
UFO Flaps by Martin Kottmeyer
Connecticut's Mystery Felines by Gary Mangiacopra and Dwight Smith
Me and the Number 23 by Peter Jordan
What Are Mars Rocks Doing on Eaarth? by Ev Cochrane
Involuntary Spontaneous Human Invisibility by Donna Higbee
Letters to the Editors

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  The Anomalist 4
Nine Reasons to Fear the Paranormal by Michael Grosso
Project Blue Book's Last Years by Hector J. Quintanilla
The Earth's Second Moon by Paul Schlyter
Keen on Crop Cirlces by Montague Keen
Wired Spirits by Steve Mizrach
The Phantom of Broad Mountain by Gary Mangiacopra
De Loy's Photograph by Loren Coleman
Screams from the Stream by Michael Cremo
An Egyptian State of Mind by Colin Wilson
The Mysterious Phenomenon of Loading by Betty Eisner and Larry Dossey

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The Anomalist 5

Too Many Anomalies, Not Enough Time by T. Peter Park
Depp Secrets by Patrick Huyghe
Mindsight by Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper
The Channeled Myths of James Merrill by John Chambers
Jules Verne: Remote Viewer? by Joseph W. McMoneagle
UFOs: For RAND Use Only by Karl Pflock
Cosmic Dancers on History's Stage? by Mike Davis
Letters to the Editors

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The Anomalist 6

On the Role of Stage Magicians in Biological Research by Jacques Benveniste and Peter Jurgens
Night Out on the Earth Plain by John Chambers
The Time-Warp Chronicles by Chris Woodyard
Moses' Radioactive Death Machine by Mike Heiser
Dead Cows I Have Known by Ted Oliphant III
Demon Moose by Martin Kottmeyer
The Mystery Animals of Hong Kong by Jonathan Downes and Richard Muirhead

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The Anomalist 7

The Complacent Intelligentsia by John Chambers
The Santa Clara Disaster of 1947 by Gary Mangiacopra and Dwight Smith
Incident at Usovo by J. Antonio Huneeus
KThe Abduction Conundrum by Greg Sandow
Transplant Memories by Michael Grosso
Charles Fort's Degrees of Reality by Colin Bennett
Vanishing Vanishings by T. Peter Park
So You Want to Materialize? by Hilary Evans

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  The Anomalist 8
Home Field Advantage by Charles Miller
From Mermaids to Little Grey Men by Jerome Clark
Roper's Latest Knot by Peter Brookesmith
George Adamski's 1959 World Tour by Colin Bennett
Reading the Strangeness by T. Peter Park
The Best UFO Case Ever? by Patrick Huyghe
What's Really Behind the Flying Saucers? by Karl Pflock
Debunkers of Doom by Markin Kottmeyer
Letters to the Editors

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  The Anomalist 9
The End of the End of the Paranormal !by Joseph Felser
Do-It-Yourself Dieties and Mail-Order Messiahs by Hilary Evans
Intelligent Communications with Extraterrestrials by Montague Keen
The Psychic Life of Malcolm X by Robert Durant
Did an NDE Make a New Age Prophet of H.G. Wells? by John Chambers
H.P. Lovecraft: An Abductee? by T. Peter Park
Earth Phantoms by Richard Spaulding
Red Herrings and Alien Abductions by Kevin D. Randle
Letters to the Editors

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  The Anomalist 10
Bigfoot Labeled: A Depression-Era Image from California Discovered by Loren Coleman
A Field Investigation of Texas Bigfoot Vocalizations by Chester Moore, Jr.
Hoodwinks by Michael D. Winkle
Shapeshifting by Lisa Oakman
Southern Falls: Flesh and Stones by D. Dwight Smith and Gary Mangiacopra
Sky Visions, Ghost Riders and Phantom Armies by T. Peter Park
A Personal Account of a Stigmata by Robert J. Durant
The Oera Linda Book by Jount Mount
Alien Lit 101 by John Chmabers

Fear and Loathing in the Land of the Chupacabras by Jonathan Downes
Little Green Men by Martin S. Kottmeyer

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The Anomalist 11
Welcome to the Fringe by Patrick Huyghe
The Marfa Lights: Money is No Mystery
by Dennis Stacy
Cotton Matter and the Case of the Floating Girl
by Richard J. Ravalli, Jr.
Is HIV Really the Cause of AIDS? by Henry Bauer
Bad Forecast--The Global Warming Myth by Will Hart
The Fire Theory by Ian Kidd
Memtics by Jack Hardy

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   The Anomalist 12 The Anomalist 12: The Universe Wants to Play
Sex, Serial Killers and ESP by Michael Schmicker
The Hobbits of Flores: Science Meets Cryptozoology by Dwight G. Smith and Gary Mangiacopra
A Visit with Rupert Sheldrake by Jay Walljasper
Operation ESPionage: A Cold War Tale of Psychics, Spies, and UFOs by
Nick Redfern
London's Monster Scares by Hilary Evans and Robert E Bartholomew
Microbe Sailors Of The Starlight by Roger Hart
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The Anomalist 13 The Anomalist 13: Intermediate States
The Black Flash of Cape Cod by Theo Paijmans
The Flying Saucer That Never Was by Nick Redfern
Between Worlds: The Three Nephites by Loren Coleman
Sargon II's Sea-Serpent Sighting by Ulrich Magin
They Dine Among Us by Cliff Willett
In Touch with Other Worlds by Mark Macy
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The Anomalist 14: Electricity of the Mind
The Enigma of Out-of-Place Volcanoes by Ulrich Magin
PrometheusÂ’ Curse by Aeolus Kephas
The Topography of the Damned by Theo Paijmans
The Real James Randi by Tim Cridland
A Lesson in Speculative Archaeology by Cameron Blount
Hetlerville—Omens in the Sky? by Dwight Whalen
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