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The Anomalist

December 4

Whether their genesis is "god", karma, mathematical randomness, or something stranger, one thing is for certain — Coincidences happen. Since many of these events are anecdotal, with no empirical evidence to connect them, they are dismissed. But once you're in the sights of a coincidence, like Bernard Beitman, these's a je ne sais quois driving people to understand and discover more since they happen every day. Follow Deborah Netburn as she ducks down a particularly provocative rabbit hole of miracles and apprehend these wonders. Another angle to appreciate is you may not be consciously making decisions, but everything still works out for the best. Such is the case with Ran Anbar's professional experience with Unusual Guidance From The Subconscious where two patients let the better angels of their subconscious guide them and provide meaningful guidance. (CS)

While unlimited associative learning is redolent of mechanistic materialism, suggesting consciousness is the product of experiential conditioning, David Robson and Florence Craig certainly know how to evoke beauty and wonder from this argument for the emergence of consciousness from Eva Jablonka and Simona Ginsburg. Set aside five minutes to apprehend this hypothesis and apprehend the wonders therein. Still the question remains — What Is Consciousness? Welp Werner Herzog asks about consciousness in his new film posing tough questions to scientists about where our thoughts and feelings come from. On the surface his inquiry appears to be about science and tech, controlling robots with brain sensors and such, there's much else of interest to be unpacked from his Theatre of Thought writes Richard James Havis. Despite all these electrodes, wires, and gadgetry Science Isn't Even Possible Apart From Non-Material Consciousness. You met Sabine Hossenfelder yesterday when she was interviewed by The Guardian's Killian Fox, now Denyse O'Leary sets up all these notions of science only to yank the rug from under them. (CS)

Poltergeist activity is often linked to pubescent teens, their hormones and energies raising all sorts of Cain, but sometimes a teen will just be a teen and troll their elders. Tim "Law And Order" Binnall gets down to brass tacks on a particular haunting devoid of supernaturalness with a reserved admiration for the youth's cleverness. Not all the kids today are hooligans taking advantage of their elders, as a Four-Year Old Identified As Rinpoche's Reincarnation at the foot of the Himalayas. On the other paw, cats are also known for being mischievous and Undine's newspaper clipping of the day concerns Topsy The Ghost Cat Has Risen To Bid For Fame nearly a century ago. After cashing in on one of her nine lives, Topsy demonstrated how tough cats can be in the face of adversity. (CS)

December 3

While Morgan Rehnberg, or his editor, spoiled everything in the lede there's still much to unpack since the new measurement doesn't necessarily eliminate the possibility of airborne life in Venus's clouds. Not to mention similar techniques could be used for exoplanets and such. In other disappointing news, a Double Telescope Study Of Zone Where Wow! Signal Originated Comes Up Empty. While the poetically named 2MASS 19281982-2640123 may not host communicating extraterrestrial life, this doesn't take away from the reality of such a remarkable signal. Perhaps Bob Yirka and other scientists should change their approach? On the brighter side, we may have already met the martians and they are us! Once upon the red planet was once blue, or maybe purple, and during the late heavy bombardment a little thing called panspermia helped spread important organics through the solar system supporting Søren Thiesen's thesis All Life In Our Solar System May Have Begun On Mars. Skeptical? Dig the science behind this maverick proposal in the article. (CS)

Science is a tool and oftentimes it tends to be quite dull, so people spice it up with multiverses, string theory, hypothetical particles, and SETI. But often belief in those topics detract from the primary pursuit of facts and have us seeking knowledge. If you thought Richard Dawkins and his ilk were hardcore, Ms. Hossenfelder is diamonds and she has more than a few pearls of wisdom to support Joe Friday's maxim of "Just the facts." On the other hand(bag), The Anomalist is here to have fun and we're positively tickled by Paul Lavers's video concerning the Ancient Handbag Symbol and how its importance is much bigger than we can imagine. Not to mention this object's pervasiveness in ancient art across the globe. (CS)

While the necropsies of calves outside of Meeker, Colorado strongly suggest these cows fell victim to canines, a lack of tracks and no sightings of wolves since 1945 has ranchers and authorities scrathching their heads. No word of black helicopters nor if the corpses were thoroughly exsanguinated in Isabel Keane's piece. More high strangeness, this time from America's Vacationland of Maine, as Pete Warner investigates a wild curiosity. Here's What We Think Is On The Deer's Head In This Mysterious Trail Camera Photo leaving some to believe one is a unicorn, there are some stranger guesses as to what's going on with this deer. Also having a bit of fun is Karl Shuker who considers Woolly Beras And Hairy Huberts. Well they're one in the same and Karl shares a local superstition about the critters that has nothing to do with their capacity to predict how cold a winter will be. (CS)

December 2

This remarkable John Greenewald interview with the controversial Dr. Taylor packs a lot into a relatively short timeframe. Starting with Taylor's exposition of his career to the present, the dialogue covers NDAs, secrecy oaths, and the positions he's held, serially and concurrently. Those familiar with such matters might find things that resonate here. Taylor contrasts "Authority" to do something and "Funding" for same, and in the "GIMBAL" footage case he expands upon remarks Luis Elizondo has made regarding sensor secrecy and the weakness of explaining an "unknown" by using just part of a multiple-sensory data package. Not sure the security-clearanced scientist would have had personally to disassemble a "SNOOPIE team" camera to verify its aperture, but this is a fascinating interview. John Greenewald himself would be a perfect person to comment upon Anthony Bragalia's UFO Recovery and Technology Transfer Revealed in New US Intelligence Document. As with some of the Defense Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRDs) released to him through FOIA and now widely available, Anthony interprets certain interesting text items as proof of "ET-ness" acknowledged and even held by the government or its contractors. But is this mostly an example of "covering all bases" possibilities inserted into legislation still under development, based upon what's become a standard "meme" of non-FOIA-able-reverse-engineering of alien spacecraft? Recall the "Wilson-Davis Memo" inserted into the record by an active Congressperson at the May 17th House hearing. (WM)

All about the role that cryptids play in the economies of their home countries... For example, Nessie helps keep Loch Ness on the minds of tourists to the area, drawing thousands to boat cruises and monster hunting tours. Bigfoot, skunk ape, and yeti also generate tourism dollars, in spite of a Bigfoot tour not being readily available in most areas. However, we object to the description of cryptids provided by National Geographic, which essentially describes them as magical creatures that probably don't exist. That's just offensive—what happened to woke culture? We prefer "oft times hairy, elusive, and sometimes frightening citizens of the world that have not yet been identified." And we're not getting any closer given the utter lack of quality video evidence. Although this next report comes closer, with a Creature With Bigfoot Proportions Caught on Camera in Tennessee. As usual, it provides blobby, overly zoomed images. But every so often it all comes into focus and it's quite impressive. Magical creature that probably doesn't exist? Doubtful. Hairy beast that is not interested in giving personal interviews? Absolutely. (CM)

A Friday miscellany of somewhat quirky articles starts with a misidentification of a cetacean "paddle." (We abbreviated Stacy Liberatore's headline to save heading space, not because the short version is more "eye-catching." Well, maybe also some because of that.) And maintaining "It's never aliens," Amanda Kooser says That's Not a UFO in This NASA Mars Rover Image. Here's What It Really Is. The "Bad" pixels identification makes sense, and Kooser has other instances of "false alarms." However, we find Australian Surfers Suddenly Extremely Wary of One Another As Esteemed Harvard Scientist Suggests Meteor Hit off Pacific Coast May Have Actually Been UFO! Chas Smith's lighthearted response to Avi Loeb's plans suggests possible impacts upon even the Aussie surfing world! And for our conclusion, Consummatum Est: The UFOlogy Tarot (Major Arcana) Has Been Completed. Thus Miguel ("Red Pill Junkie") Romero on what's actually just the first step of an art project that remains to be fully completed. "RPJ's" work is to this reviewer stunning and evocative, and it's a relief that a wider group of folks should be able to benefit from its anticipated conclusion. (WM)

December 1

In a two-part interview, host Michael Ryan and guest Shane Ryan (no relation) discuss Shane's 17-year investigation into perhaps the largest mass school UFO sighting on records. First up, how Shane became interested in the suburban Melbourne, Australia, event, followed by tallies of the numbers of witnesses Shane's talked to who saw the one (or three) objects and finally those who saw ground traces and those seeing both phenomena. Some odd features of the witness accounts are noted; these continue in Part 2 of the Shane Ryan Interview. Witness reluctance to speak then and now is also covered, and Michael Ryan includes online interviews with the witnesses of the Ontario-area events. These low-key, thoughtful dialogues fully merit consideration. Paracasters Gene Steinberg and co-host Tim Swartz offer a Kevin D. Randle Interview. The discussion flows from 1996 Varginha, Brazil, and the century-older 1896-97 airship wave through other cases, all of which Kevin knows well and many of which have their own Randle-authored works. Kevin propounds a jaundiced but clear-eyed view of "progress" in ufology since the December 2017 revelations of a "secret" government UFO program and UFO videos, and considers problems attaching to witness testimony. As with the Ryan/Ryan Westall interviews, even those familiar with the topics will find new items of interest. (WM)

Here is yet another pair of spook reports where the lack of common sense actually exceeds the fright factor. First up is a haunted tour group that not only leads their paying customers into spaces requiring signed insurance waivers, they include ouija board sessions to ensure some energy is stirred up and no one goes home disappointed. The "child's face" captured in a digital photograph only makes us wonder how much zooming in was required before something showed up that could be used to attract the next group of tourists. Next up, The Devil's Rocking Chair; Or, The Dangers of Buying Discounted Antiques. It seems a young woman's strange purchase—in spite of sensations that indicated she should run, not shop—unleashed a series of unsettling and sometimes dangerous events upon her family. The solution? Sell the antique to someone trained to handle demons and who enjoyed doing so—at a discounted price of course. (CM)

The Klaatu Directive UFO Conjectures
Rich Reynolds argues, from several bases, that "badly" behaving ETs don't have an inherent right to do human harm without human opposition. But is it the case that "Resistance is futile"? Rich's The Worldly Philosophers? offers variations in understanding UFO existence. His notes strike a responsive chord amongst his readers, and thoughtful and civil discussion erupts. In asking UFOs are a Symptom.....of What? Rich discusses his own concept of "research," and despair about divining the defining characteristics of UFOs. Here he perhaps underestimates the capabilities of elucidating at least the reported UFO characteristics and rather misunderstands the ultimate purpose of the Albuquerque archival site. (WM)

November 30

"This is just what we need in the run-up to Christmas, isn't it?" Thus writes Tom Wood about the oldest of "13 viruses previously unknown to science" emerging from the melting Siberian permafrost due to global warming. Wood names some unhealthy implications for us all. Articles beneath his enlarge upon this story and introduce the complementary notion of "'zombie ice' from Greenland." But there's some good news as well, as The Emperor Wasn't Fake after All! Research on Gold Coin Yields Historic Results. A coin found in 1713 has proven not a modern creation but a real c. 260 CE issue by a military-leader-turned-Roman-emperor in Dacia. Maddalena Mastrostefano tells the remarkable story of Sponsian's non-zombie reanimation to history. But Ruth Schuster has another unearthing-conundrum as Mysterious Footprints in Spain Were Made 300,000 Years Ago. Redating footprints once thought made "only" about 100,000 BP raises questions about just who were their owners. Schuster well presents the "fluidity" in current human palaeontology this newest surprise represents. And Tom Hale says an Underwater "Swiss Stonehenge" Was Built by Unknown Ancient Culture. Recent work identified an artificial feature composed of almost 200 stacks of stones that's more than six miles long, now at the bottom of Lake Constance in Central Europe. But built for what, and by whom? (WM)

R.I.P. Linda Godfrey Coast to Coast
It is with the deepest sadness that we inform our readers of the death of author and cryptid investigator Linda Godfrey. Linda was the foremost expert on the Dogman phenomenon  and had 19 books to her credit, including The Beast of Bray Road, Monsters Among Us, and I Know What I Saw. Writes Tim Binnall, "By way of her work documenting the 'dog man,' Godfrey left an indelible mark on the world of high strangeness and will be deeply missed by both her colleagues as well as all those who were riveted by her coverage of the creature that, in a testament to her influence, many simply know as the 'Beast of Bray Road.'" Linda's passing leaves a void in the world of cryptozoology. You can find her obituary and tribute wall at Albrecht Funeral Homes. Rest In Peace, Linda. (CM)

Nathaniel Janowitz looks at the Mexican cities of Madero and Tampico, many of whose inhabitants believe an offshore alien base reroutes hurricanes away from its location and that of nearby folks. Differing levels of belief, related moneymaking opportunities, and future hopes are chronicled here. Compare these with those of a city half the world away in Japan, presented in the embedded video. Interesting Engineering wonders Could a UFO Bring These Materials? from the stars to Earth. This article is first in a series of short studies about cutting-edge technology. The initial episode features the work of misspelled researchers Jacques Vallee and Garry Nolan. And Tim Binnall reports that a Fundraiser Aims to Replace Destroyed 'Frisco UFO House' with Modern Replica. One of the few remaining 1960s-1970s-ish "Futuro Houses" by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen rather mysteriously burned up. Hatteras Island, North Carolina, locals want to purchase a replacement envisioned by an Ohio company to continue its "roadside attraction" appeal. Joy Crist has more specifics at Editor's Blog: Could the First New Futuro House in 50 Years Land in Frisco? Hopes and plans similar to the Mexican and Japanese cases, though perhaps a little less belief in aliens. (WM)

November 29

Two Penn State profs pooled their respective backgrounds and energies into a study enjoyably setting UFOs into a general post-WWII context. Professors Greg Eghigian (History) and Matt McAllister (Film Production and Media Studies) and their work are profiled in this article, which links to the Fall 2022 Advertising & Society Quarterly result at Flying Saucers and UFOs in US Advertising During the Cold War, 1947-1989. At the end of this period, one man supposedly had a frightening encounter. That and its aftermath are the subject of Eyes On Cinema's One World Government Holographic Projection Shown During Amaury Rivera's Alien Abduction Experience. Whatever one thinks about the case, and the resultant book Amaury Rivera's Alien Abduction, this is another lesser-known sidelight of an important area of the UFO subject. Stanley Orr Talks about the Bizarre Newfield Sightings of 1967 is another Eyes on Cinema unearthing of a past audio account with an animated witness. (WM)

We're accustomed to learning about traditional cultures and clucking about how backwards they seem compared to our "modern civilization." But the Dagbon use many different types of divination in providing successful holistic healthcare services for their communities in Ghana. In divination western-style, we have The 'Psychic' Animals Predicting Who Will Win The World Cup. They can't be any less accurate than obsessively picking your favorite team every year, and sometimes they're incredibly accurate. No doubt, it's "just coincidence." (CM)

Iconic researcher Jacques Vallee talks about his recent book, Trinity: The Best Kept Secret, co-authored with Paola Leopizzi Harris. Interlocutor Jesse Michels and Vallee branch out into a variety of other interrelated Vallee theories as well as personal experiences. Curt Collins takes a slightly different tack from his regular UFO past coverage to give us A UFO (Book) Report on a new publication. But Gordon Arnold's Flying Saucers Over America: The UFO Craze of 1947 is right up Curt's historical/cultural alley. In covering the larger cultural context of the 1947 "wave," (Gordon) Arnold's book complements both Bruce Maccabee's (Kenneth) Arnold case-centered Three Minutes in June, and the longer-in-time but media-focused Greg Eghigian/Matt McAllister article Flying Saucers and UFOs in US Advertising During the Cold War, 1947-1989 we're discussing above. And for a different perspective, Dr. Bobby Brewer Presents New Book about UFOs. Cyrus Guccione tells how the Evangelical pastor came to write UFOs: 12 Things Everyone Should Know (A Christian Perspective). (WM)

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