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September 29

The new President of the Society for Scientific Exploration has, with the help of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU), surveyed ten leading US UAP scientific study organizations and developed a comprehensive profile of the "ecosystem" they comprise. Dr. Julia Mossbridge interviewed representatives of the SCU, MUFON, CUFOS/UFODATA, NUFORC, NARCAP, UFODAP, The Galileo Project, Enigma Labs, and the AIAA UAP Community of Interest, plus SETI. (SETI is rather differently focused than the others here listed and rather outside their orbit, while UAPx was unable to be interviewed.) Group memberships range from several thousands to single individuals; most but not all are nonprofit; about half are decades-old, while some are just "spinning up." Group relationships with the general public vary widely, and each appears to occupy its own niche role in the overall ecosystem. These differences emerge in the separate interviews of up to 59 minutes and are charted and verbally summarized. Mossbridge has a standard short set of questions to elicit desired comparisons and contrasts, while allowing the dialogue and dialoguers to expand and sometimes delve into other topics to enhance the understanding of each group's particular character. The result is a fascinating, informative, and generally enjoyable learning experience. Intergroup cooperation emerges as highly desirable and in play, and some spokespersons participate in or collaborate with organizations other than the one they represent. At article's end, Mossbridge confers a superhero name upon each organization, explaining how each embodies particular strengths and contributions they bring to the UFO study field. For example, it's a "Banner Day" for CUFOS! (WM)

Those of us who, for many years, have been disgusted with the annual vandalism inflicted on England's vital grain crops will be further inflamed by the statistics in this piece. "I don't believe this rubbish that it's done by aliens," said one farmer, who's among many that are frustrated and out of pocket thanks to the selfish antics of certain Earthlings. And the importance of a Nessie 'Purists' Petition for Webcam Reports to be Stricken from Official Record will depend on one's personal view. Much ire has been created by "a group of Nessie fans dubbed The Falkirk Boys," who reckon that webcam images just aren't good enough and shouldn't be considered "official." No doubt, much debate will ensue from this opinion. (LP)

You may recall a story we looked at recently of a figure recorded standing atop a mountain in Canada. The witness claimed the figure must surely be a giant—or at least a Bigfoot—and became obsessed with finding out more. Following  purported encounters with authorities, a death notice of what appeared to be the witness was published in the local paper. Anyone can publish a death notice and unless there was a verifiable funeral service we won't be getting ourselves too worked up over a misguided hoax. Since we're talking about people being less than their best, prepare yourself for one heck of a forehead slap when a Man Who Saw Buddhist Deity in the Sky Fights Skeptical Bystander. Evidently this gentleman believed the image he could see in the clouds was that of the Buddhist goddess of mercy and compassion. And he was prepared to exercise extreme malice to defend his vision (or his pareidolia), which is disappointing but not surprising. (CM)

September 28

What's up with UFOs in our neighbor to the North, where they still call 'em the proper name and not "UAPs"? That's what John Greenewald learns from interviewing Borealia's premier researcher Chris Rutkowski. Chris' latest book Canada's UFOs: Declassified came out in late May. Here's the chance to learn how Chris got into the field, and even how the Canadian public's reaction to their government's UFO reticence leaked south of the border and helped spawn US UFO conspiracy theories. Also discussed: the annual "Canadian UFO Survey" which Chris publishes. Go to Chris' Ufology Research website to learn about More Digitized Canadian Government UFO Files. This ultimately sends you to the Archives for the Unexplained or John's The Black Vault. Daniel Otis tells us How the Canadian Government Plans to Handle Questions about UFOs. Better yet, Otis' links take you directly to examples of reports from "civilians, soldiers, police officers," etc. And across the Pond, word's out that Prince Philip's 'UFO Investigation Could be Released'. Philip allegedly was fascinated by UFOs for seven decades, and it would be very interesting to learn the contents of the "Royal X-Files." (WM)

This video of a figure in white is causing the local villagers to refuse to leave their homes. (Perhaps they're afraid of being captured in a really bad video like the spook in a sheet on a roof?) As a result, police are involved, and we hope they are taking their investigation seriously because “Haunted Houses” Remain Scientific Mysteries. Parapsychologists and traditional scientists are unprepared to work together and conduct new research, so that makes the evidence gathered by amateur (i.e. unpaid) researchers even more valuable. The most promising areas of research involve environmental and social variables.  (CM)

Vicky Verma assembles several sources—including "A Memorandum of Importance" whose "data herein were obtained by so-called supernormal means"—to bolster the "interdimensional" argument. Verma also thinks Jeremy Corbell's New Video May Prove Bob Lazar Worked At Secret UFO Base In Area-51. Again, not sure this confirms Lazar's more exotic contentions, but this article includes a (possibly interdimensional) portal. And Stanford Prof. & US Navy Vet's Claims Might Prove Wilson-Davis UFO Memo Is Authentic, per Verma. Verma gives a concise background to the "UFO Memo," and shows a photo of Project Unity founder Jay Anderson and Oke Shannon, whom Anderson recently interviewed concerning the Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson half of the Memo attributed to Wilson's 2002 conversant Eric Davis. Stanford researcher Dr. Garry Nolan vouches for Davis' character, and this one is a real puzzler. Now Joseph Trevithick has the "skinny" on another sensation that bothered us on the 26th, per Trevithick's Flying Saucer Appears On U.S. Aviation Intelligence Office Logo (Updated). The Office of the Director of National Intelligence says tersely its (National Intelligence Manager-Aviation) office "NIM Aviation erroneously posted an unofficial and incorrect logo." Um-hmm. Trevithick's discussion provides great context, anyway. (WM)

September 27

The paranormal often requires a suspension of disbelief, being that much of it is beyond explanation. These next two stories are also inexplicable, but rather than suspending your disbelief, you'll find yourself staring in it. First up is an epic tantrum by dark magician Aleister Crowley who sought to use black magic to prevent the Irish poet W.B. Yeats from throwing him out of the Golden Dawn. What did Yeats use for self defense? His boots! In more modern times we have news of another "battle": Clash of the Psychics Clinton Baptiste and Ramone Tamine Heads to Scarborough Spa. But never fear. This clash is orchestrated entertainment and if either character has any genuine psychic powers, they're likely buried under a mountain of ticket sales. Suffice to say the show is not helping the cause of real mediums to be taken seriously. (CM)

James Oke Shannon and the EWD Notes - A New Interview with Shannon Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - Scientific Research
Controversial topics and people in the news. Keith Basterfield summarizes a recent interview with a person mentioned in the uber-disputed notes physicist Eric Davis supposedly took after a clandestine conversation with then-just-past Defense Intelligence Agency Director Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson. Significance: the topics included reverse-engineering of ET spacecraft. Billy Cox figures in this article, and explains his role and gives more background in Let's Get Those Hearings Rolling Again. Kevin Randle follows up on a headline involving Lue Elizondo and Two Crashes on the Same Day. That headline turned out to be inaccurate, but as Kevin explains, its subject "does, however, show that Roswell is still alive in the UFO world." And Chris Lehto does us all a service by analyzing a substantial article in Chris Mellon: Ex-Staff Director for the US Senate Makes Compelling Case for UFO Understanding. One of many things Lehto highlights is the reason why we shouldn't expect anything probative from smartphone UFO imagery. But Mellon's article ranks as one of the strongest arguments for UFO-study respectability we have read. Mellon's The Debrief piece is at The Paradox of Fermi's Paradox. (WM)

A Rich Reynoldsfest of feisty articles includes this sort-of review of a new book composed of favorite UFO accounts by a wide variety of folks. The topic of Interdimensionality is continued by Rich's later Why is the "Dimensional" Idea for UFOs So Hot Right Now? Check out the comments for more information on "Interdimensionable possibilities." Rich also asks of Old UFO Events (Like the 1957 Vilas Boas "Abduction"): Should We Keep Reviewing? Rich himself played a role in that story through information from a Bosco Nedelcovic suggesting the "alien abduction" was really a DoD/CIA operation. Rich tells where to get more information on that score. Many People Want in ... will tweak a few egos, but everyone should consider Rich's dictum that "entree to the [UFO] phenomenon ... takes an immersion in the history of flying saucers and the literature (reports, lore, nonsense) pertaining to the topic." And the Things We Know and Things We Don't - about UFOs, per Rich's judgments, are sure to exact head nods, shrugs, and shakings. (WM)

September 26

National Intelligence Manager For Aviation Logo National Aviation Intelligence Integration Office
What seems a "legitimate" renovation of the activity logo of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence NIM-Aviation is causing quite a stir in UFO circles. Notice the UFO in the logo! The HuffPost, in Sharp-Eyed Viewers Notice Stunning Apparent Addition To Key Intelligence Logo, is one of the first media sites to take notice and wonders, as we do, if "the logo is the work of hackers or pranksters." Or maybe this is early fulfillment of Bryce Zabel's Here Comes the October Surprise? Zabel prognosticates the potential political power of The UFO Issue, and even the date for the next government UFO report. Bold prediction, but Zabel and Richard Dolan's 2012 A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact picked May 14, 2021 as the worldwide Disclosure date. That's not so far from the June 25, 2021, publication of the "Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena," a document which fully reversed the debunking conclusions of the 1953 Robertson and 1969 Condon reports on more levels than generally understood. Dirk Schulze-Makuch's Why Science Suddenly Has a Lot to Say about UFOs and UAP says it's "Time to stop giggling" and scientifically tackle the issue. Schulze-Makuch launches off that "Preliminary Assessment" and more recent Ukrainian astronomers' and others' work. And Keith Basterfield reports on an Upcoming French UAP Symposium. Speakers for the October 16th conference include Avi Loeb and Jacques Vallee, as well as physicists, engineers, historians, an astronaut, and others possessing impressive "real-world" backgrounds. (WM)

Jason Colavito tells the story of a charlatan/showman who made a living with stage props, pretty assistants, and whole lot of deceit and copyright infringement. It seems Kara Klum may have been the most exploitative "medium" of the 1950s. In looking at posters for his stage show, we have to conclude that he drew his audiences from the same crowds that gathered to stare at train wrecks and building demolitions. Next, a woman is South Africa has been coping with an unusual situation: Leave Me Alone, Mom—You're Dead! is the result of a closed casket service causing the daughter of the dearly departed to be haunted by dreams of a mother-zombie, one who isn't so easily dispatched as those on Netflix. If the funeral industry gets hold of this story, you can bet their prices will go straight up—and start including anti-reanimation services. (CM)

Some iconic UFO cases and personalities launch with an extraordinary case involving an aerial phenomenon and multiple aircraft between Ohio and Saginaw, Michigan. This occurrence deserves more notice than it has heretofore received. Sgt. Russell Yokum Recorded the Sound of a UFO Hovering over the Columbia River, St Helens, OR, 1981, is also courtesy of Eyes on Cinema we're able to hear it. Similarly, we're "there" as Woodrow Derenberger Talks about His 1966 UFO Sighting & Encounter with a Humanoid Named Indrid Cold. Rich Reynolds has more on this and a pertinent comments link in Listen to This Account of a 1966 Event That Examples Jose Caravaca's Distortion Theory. Whatever we make of anecdotal tales like Derenberger's, Prof. James E. McDonald Talks Physical Evidence of UFOs and the Lack of Scientific Importance, 1967 makes a passionate case for UFO studies. Maybe it's seriously being heeded, 55 years later. (WM)

September 25

While mainstream science might consider bigfoot to be a joke, there are many true believers. Even more than a handful from their hallowed academic halls. Fortunately Kris Maher tagged along on a few unofficial expeditions and expounds upon the earnest believers striving to prove we're not alone... in the woods. From the Pacific northwest to the sea floor, a Mysterious 'Blue Goo' At The Bottom Of The Sea Stumps Scientists and Harry Baker does his berry best to provide the best guesses as to the provenance of this 'goo'. Taking a left turn at Albuquerque, Mike Lockley reckons the Ark Of The Covenant And Holy Grail May Be Located Under An English Manor near Burton. Why? The Knights Templar, and they're just the tip of this weird iceberg. (CS)

The enigma of fast radio bursts may be on its way to being cracked, writes Becky Ferreira, based on a new paper from Nanjing University. While the answer isn't you-know-who, there are plenty of data points outlining the essential parts of this cosmic mystery. Even as the words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, Lucia Binding wants you to know Extra-Terrestrial Water Found For First Time In Meteorite That Landed In UK last February. While it wasn't sloshing around inside of a sealed cavity inside the meteorite, scientists are stoked by the discovery and a peek into our past and the cosmos. Goodness only knows where the water came from in the first place and there are many potential sources, like comets and other planets. Speaking of which Chris Impey wants you to know Super-Earths Are Bigger, More Common And More Habitable Than Earth Itself – And Astronomers Are Discovering More Of The Billions They Think Are Out There. Despite this nascent real estate boom, puny earthlings have no way of claiming their newfound alien property. (CS)

One of the greatest challenges faced by life is death, but machines don't really die. Sure they might break down or malfunction, yet machines have the potential to keep running forever. While Martin Rees is explaining an unknown, extraterrestrials, with another unknown, strong artificial intelligence, there's an interesting point to be made concerning expectations of our SETI program. Hope springs eternal when it comes to detecting biological life as Christopher Plain reckons this Star Trek-Style Biofinder Could Be A Seret Weapon In The Search For ET. Not only could this gadget detect life existing right now, but also life which may have existed thousands or millons of years ago. Sometimes the gee-whiz gadgetry isn't our own and may provide a clue as to whether we are alone considering Scientists Are Looking For 'Very Powerful' Alien 'Transmitters' Hiding In Space Images. And Becky Ferreira makes a point to note humans have a lot of space images already, making the search less of a grind for astronomers. In light of all these methodologies and gadgetry for detecting alien life, Ashmita Gupta reckons Humans May Find Alien Life In The Next 25 Years and Sascha Quanz elaborates upon that point and how first contact might be closer than one expects. (CS)

September 24

What do computer and A.I. scientists discuss while spitballing ideas in their field? Superintelligent artificial intelligence. Except they came to the conclusion such minds would laugh at the will of their creators. Why? How? Well that's where you take the clickbait. Still what would a superintelligent A.I. think of eir creators? Hopefully they'll have a sense of humor, perhaps instilled (or installed) by humanity. That's a segue if I ever wrote one for Cami Ross's AI-Enabled Laughing Robots Are No Joke based on a new study where an AI programmed to laugh facilitates goodwell in humans towards their virtual companion. Here's hoping Alexa and Siri acquire this feature soon. (CS)

There are a pair of new webcams standing sentinel over Loch Ness and Tim Binnall has caught the Nessie-spotting bug, evinced by his headline. Check out some of the latest footage from Scootlund of two sightings and analysis of this Cultural Phenomenon as well. Cryptozoology isn't entirely about monsters and elusive critters, as demonstrated by Darren Naish, sharing his passion for the science, the anthropology of sightings, the concomitant folklore, and how cryptozoology is finding its legs as a legitimate field rather than a haven for woo-meisters. Just don't tell that to Tim Binnall after the Lake Champlain Monster Spotted On Sonar last Thursday from the deck of the good ship Kelpie II. Dig the video footage of the sonar data and how it's being interpreted, perhaps lake monsters will finally be confirmed right here in the USA. (CS)

Ghosts often show up in unexpected ways, and it appears this particular spook served to inspire a bicycle racer to push their limits. Yet when the race seems to end in tragedy, shares Undine, that's when the spookiness is revealed in a M. Night Shyamalan-style twist. Yet another spectral speedster was caught with a Ghost Child Filmed at Notoriously Haunted Hotel in Arkansas. It's just interesting they happened to be filming at the time, yet Tim Binnall makes a strong case for us having the willies. If you're in the mood for something paranormal that you can sink your teeth into, Spectre Or Spectacle — A History Of The Paranormal should be coming to a streaming service near you soon. Steve Higgins has reviewed a screener of the new documentary from S.J. Evans and shows why it will be must-see-TV once it goes LIVE! (CS)

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