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The Anomalist

December 5

Progress is being made in the UFO field by people outside the DoD, IC, and highly-secret governmental and private sectors. For example, Chris O'Brien announces that "citizen scientists" can now play a meaningful role in UFO/UAP tracking, thanks to Chris and others' hard work. Per Chris, “UFODAP [Unidentified Flying Object Data Acquisition Project] is the first and only UFO detection system commercially available and interest in this groundbreaking technology has skyrocketed worldwide with exposure on popular TV programs and documentary films.” Chris explains how this affordable system came to be, what its several versions can record, and how it works. The Center for UFO Studies is HQ for the complementary UFODATA organization, which “creates a cloud database for uploading and subsequent analysis of collected data.” Curtis Segarra notes the National UFO Historical Center’s UFO Document and Research Collection [is] Growing in New Mexico. The joining of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) files with the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) and National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) holdings gives the Rio Rancho center the three historically-most-noted organizations' materials. NUFOHRC Executive Director David Marler shows how centralizing such resources can improve understanding of important cases. And the Associated Press reports the UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico, Reaches 5 Million Visitors. Remembering Kevin Randle's recent strong recommendation, sounds like the place's public historical value has been much enhanced. (WM)

Nessie-cam watcher Eoin O'Faodhagain spotted something moving at speed for a short distance on the Loch. Dismissing the obvious likelihood that it was a bird, Eoin favors the idea it was the famous critter "in pursuit of prey." Similarly convinced of Nessie's existence is the controversial Henry H Bauer, who expresses his views on the subject (and on other contentious matters) in Significance of the Loch Ness “Monsters” (Nessies) --- Some Morals of the Story. (LP)

Articles slightly "off the beaten (UFO) Track." Jaime Maussan apparently is back with more "information" on the two "Peruvian mummies" somehow brought into Mexico and recently displayed before the lower House of the Mexican Congress, then reintroduced via various pictures and claims about their being authentic. Now nearly a third of the mummies' DNA are claimed "not from any known species." Thus quotes reporter Juliana Cruz Luna, herself adding "But the remaining 70 percent has not yet been revealed." And is that Jaime Maussan doing interviews in the Eyes on Cinema video linked at Rich Reynolds' USSR Space Probe Phobos II Photographed UFO near Martian Moon before Losing Radio Contact, 1989? The video assemblage is somewhat repetitious, but a rather full exposition of the claims. Thanks to Rich and reader Ron for the reference and useful commentary. And Global Experts in UFO (UAP) Phenomena Join the Convergence on VoiceAmerica. We hadn't heard of the organization, whose December 1st broadcast and YouTube video are now available." While the Press Release had some miscues, further reading piqued our curiosity. (WM)

December 4

John Greenewald provides the latest in "government disclosure"—aside from the fact John notes that Sean Kirkpatrick retired on December 1st. One may judge how useful the three cases are, and the "fishing net" one at least visually leaves some leeway for indecision. Richard Dolan considers such "transparency" in As the Empire Crumbles ... Controlled UAP Disclosure? Dolan covers the current status of the UFO "Problem," how it came to be, and what might lie ahead. While some of Richard's evidence and conclusions may be questioned, his seems a concise but comprehensive, coherent discussion. One current obstacle to progress is well-examined in Marik von Rennenkampff's Why Are Key Republicans Resisting Transparency on UFOs? Some at least "significant Republicans" back greater transparency, as shown by the UAP Transparency; House Oversight VOWS To Tell American People... November 30th Anna Paulina Luna-hosted press conference. Democrat Jared Moskowitz as well as five GOP members participated. While mostly non-partisan, it featured some differences between and within parties on specific matters. But the Congresspersons agreed that some in the DoD and Intelligence Communities; non-elected members of the Executive branch; non-elected staff and elected members of both congressional Houses; and shadowy figures in private industry have historically stymied the American People's Right To Know. (WM)

Avi Loeb takes a swing at combining UFOs with human prehistory of the potentially oldest kind. His "possibility would overcome the challenges associated with UAPs[sic] arriving on Earth through interstellar travel"; that's true. But that postulate seems to explain one "unknown" with another—something Dr. Thomas Bullard warned this reader against many years (not eons) ago. And Loeb's own paper with AARO Director Sean Kirkpatrick offered a much more "acceptable" scientific explanation for the UFO conundrum. Jason Colavito's noted that Avi Loeb Embraces Lost Prehistoric Civilization as Possible UFO Explanation. Jason helpfully mentions Gavin A. Schmidt and Adam Franks' useful The Silurian Hypothesis paper, and says "I think Loeb enjoyed his time on Ancient Aliens too much." Writing for Nature, Dyani Lewis uncovers a much more recent but still ancient mystery in A 27,000-year-old Pyramid? Controversy Hits an Extraordinary Archaeological Claim. Lewis lines up scholars and their contrary opinions on a "multidisciplinary study of Gunung Padang," noting what Jason Colavito would stress that the Publisher's Ethics Team Launched Investigation into Flawed Gunung Padang Article. Jason's archaeological points seem better grounded than some of his ufological arguments. (WM)

A pair of head scratchers in Ohio and Rhode Island today, starting with this rather eccentric theft of a Bigfoot statue that may not have been a theft at all—at least in the eyes of the thief who left behind a few dollars and a marble. Maybe he's a follower of Sasquatch Ontario whose habituation experiences include a multitude of manifested marbles—Bigfoot Currency if you will. Next, a Puzzling 'Mystery Object' Confounds Rhode Island Town. The item in question is a large piece of concrete debris with 15 drilled holes and a rectangle. While some have speculated it's an archeological relic of a bygone civilization, there are others who recognize it as part of the electrical trolley system that was in use over a century ago. Mystery likely solved. (CM)

December 3

Earlier in November we shared a link about Marcelo Gleiser who is the anti-Lovecraft arguing against humanity being insignificant within the cosmos. Another voice joining the philosophical arguments against cosmicism is Chris Ellis, making the point such a philosophy is counterproductive to progress and society. What remains unsaid, yet is made perfectly clear, is science is a tool not a philosophy yet many assume science is a philosophy despite pinheads with soapboxes arguing philosophy is a fool's errand. Speaking of literal voids, Indranil Banik wonders Is A Giant Void Driving The Universe Apart considering the controversy surrounding the Hubble tension and the expansion of the cosmos. Indranil argues the problem isn't with the universe but our vantage point basing his calculations upon Modified Newtonian Dynamics. Plus if we are in a void, maybe that explains The Great Silence. (CS)

Here's an interesting study aligning with observed and reported phenomena associated with near-death experiences, just don't be surprised Sam Parnia is behind the inquiry. Vladimir Hedrih outlines the simple test for this phenomenon along with its provocative conclusions. But what if there is no beginning or no end, as Denyse O'Leary writes in The Likely Reason The Human Mind Has No History, driving home the point of knowledge already exists but understanding data and experience is fluid defying the propositions of biologists and sociologists. But what about the things hallucinated by humanity? Check out The 'Mandela Effect' — A Psychologist Explains Collective False Memories and how our brains fool us despite our best intentions, along with some of the potential mechanisms behind the Mandela effect by way of Mike Travers. (CS)

Scientific papers are retracted all the time. Whether they're grudgingly retracted by woo-meisters pushing nonsense like the vegan universe or sincere researchers who misplaced a decimal, and the omission made their thesis fall apart like a 1971 Chevrolet Vega. Yet scientists and mainstream media will be oblivious to retractions as long as the data meets their needs and Jodi Schneider presents a pointed proposition to end the madness. So far as The Anomalist knows, A Star With Six Planets That Orbit Perfectly In Sync is still 'good science' and Katrina Miller dishes the data on HD110067 and its six companions moving like clockwork much to the astonishment of astronomers. (CS)

December 2

The data presented by Joel Achenbach argues humanity knows nothing about aliens. Yet this data from SETI and saucer chasers, pumped into the vaunted Drake Equation suggests a lot about our putative space siblings and what Earth can anticipate when they reach out to touch us. With some disappointment we share Garrett M. Graff's disappointing thesis summed up by Aliens Are Out There — But They Probably Don't Care About Us. Garrett's thesis doesn't hinge on Lovecraftian cosmicism but numbers. Distance, location, opportunity all play a role in the goal of first contact and it sounds a lot like real estate except we do want to meet the neighbors. Even if we do It May Take 400,000 Years To Connect With Alien Civilizations according to scientists and Dr. Alfredo Carpineti because of that there speed of light cockblocking any attempts for a meet or greet. Yet hope remains evergreen by way of Mike Caragliano and his lede Is There Alien Life Out There? One Astronomer Says They've Been Here. The astronomer? Harold Kozak. The incident? Roswell. Read the rest and draw your own conclusions, true believers. (CS)

According to Tim Binnall, the purpose of witch bottles is to contain malevolent spirits and intentions hopefully to better our planet and people's lives. After enduring an insurrection, COVID, Russia in Ukraine, a mess in the Middle East, dogs and cats living together, among other horrors, beaches in the Lone Star State are a destination for these vessels. But is it merely ocean currents, or is something in store for Texas? In a similar vein 'Devil's' Cave Was Thought To Contain Spirits — But 'Rare' Phenomenon Was At Play. This devil's cave, known by locals as the Devil's Church, is central to magickal and shamanic ceremonies and science has sussed out one aspect of this grotto supposedly making it appealing to the woo-inclined. We're boosting Brendan Rascius's signal since we don't want it to fall upon deaf ears. In the midst of all this witchcraftery, Karl Shuker has something to say about the Daunting Dragonflies of the Demonic, Horse-Headed, and Brobdingnagian Varieties replete in legends and lore. Yet we're talking Karl Shuker here and he has the skinny on real giant dragonflies from the deep past and possibly contemporaneous with H. sapiens! (CS)

December 1

A storm seems brewing in Congress right now over The People's Right to Know, and ironically those ranged against that belief seem to be from the staunchest supporters' own party. Tom Norton describes the current status of the Fiscal Year 2024 National Defense Authorization Act, the Players, and the Prospects. Norton says "A growing number of politicians and commentators have alleged" a plot to stymie the stronger UFO/UAP elements in the Act, and provides context. One such commentator is Liberation Times' Christopher Sharp, with Republican Leadership Takes Axe to UFO Transparency Legislation. Sharp points to "three of the four Republican members of the Gang of Eight, a group privy to classified intelligence briefings from the executive branch," as part of the anti-transparency group. Micah Hanks weighs in with UAP Disclosure Act Receives Pushback from Lawmakers on Capitol Hill, as Bipartisan Fight for Transparency Continues. Hanks has images of some of the actors and a very interesting chart showing recent donations to House Armed Services Committee members, as well as profiles of two men from very opposite political leanings who have banded together with others to advocate for the strong transparency language to remain. And Jeremy Puech has a UAPCheck take on the recent collaborative Daily Mail article by Christopher Sharp, Josh Boswell, and Matt Ford about The United States Allegedly Raiding Non-Human-Origin Vehicles from Other Nations. Truly—and bearing in mind all the other worldwide crises afoot—we live in very interesting UFO Times. (WM)

We feature two book reviews today, starting with Women of the Paranormal. "Writers exploring the history of the paranormal have often noted the prominence of women in the field," notes the reviewer, John Rimmer, but other than the well-known names, like Helena Blavatsky and Eleanor Sidgwick, there are many others "who are now virtually forgotten. Alex Matsuo gives brief lives of thirty-three such women." The next review is of The PSI Mind in Action: Exploring the Powers of the Human Mind Beyond the Brain, by Robert A. Charman. The book focuses on the relationship between psychic experiences and certain brain states, which has become a major theme in parapsychology. The reviewer, Robert McLuhan, notes that "There’s a finely-judged balance between descriptions of case studies and experiments on the one hand, and comment and analysis on the other..." He concludes: "an intelligent and accessible survey." (CM)

A natural phenomenon over Alabama caused much speculation among viewers, but was quickly despatched by a meteorologist as a "fallstreak hole." It was a good opportunity for local scientists to get active in the UFO discussion, and supportive of NASA Independent Study Team leader David Spergel's employing the "needle in a haystack" argument. One Pennsylvania citizen tried to follow Spergel's cellphone advice without success, as recounted in Jacob Fife's 'Did I Really See What I Thought I Did?' Harrisonburg Man Shares UFO Sighting. The man got only derision from his wife, but Facebookers backed him up. And a more intriguing event happened three days earlier as a Black Triangular UFO/UAP Changes Shape Over House During Daylight in Fayette County, Pennsylvania-November 16, 2023. Stan Gordon's associate Jim Brown reports on a daytime sighting unaccompanied by cellphone imagery. But security cameras can "go" 24/7, and watch as an 'Alien' Figure Emerges in Security Cam Footage. Whatever's imaged in these videos, we are glad we weren't present at these events! (WM)

November 30

Some corrosively caustic commentary on "UFO people" of different sorts. Billy Cox has a hilarious faux-exchange between the outgoing AARO head and some theoretical press people perhaps more able than "two senior softball league journos." But to Kirkpatrick's "go Dawgs" this reader begs to reply "Go Blue." Daily Caller News and Commentary Writer Kay Smythe rather defends "Dr. K" on one point with Not Even Joe Rogan Can Make This UFO 'Whistleblower' Sound Convincing. Smythe launches from a 1933 Magenta, Italy, case—which to many attuned ufologists an embarrassing "MJ-12-type hoax" whose data have "grown" over the years—to paint the whole of the "UFO Community" in generalized, broad-brush, inaccurate strokes. Some of Smythe's observations would be stronger were Smythe better-grounded in ufological history. Smythe's editorial US On Brink Of 'Catastrophic' UFO Leak, 'Experts' Claim repeats the "mercenary" assertion and David Grusch's non-believability, now in relation to the recent inaugural Sol Foundation conference. But wait; there's more—and it's from Jason Colavito, who says Chris Mellon's Incoherent UFO Analysis Reveals a Millennialist Salvation Fantasy. Jason's classic Jason here, and his admissions that Mellon's article has some "highlighting" informative value are appreciated. Thanks for the reference, Jason! (WM)

A church in the community of El Chanal, Mexico, is receiving quite a bit of attention lately. The church's statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary seems to cry actual tears. As expected, theories abound as to what is causing the tears, while the faithful speculate about what this apparent miracle signifies. It's interesting to consider what we do When the Impossible Happens, Scarlett Heinbuch, PhD. Enjoy this podcast as it explores synchronicities and coincidences, and how they connect us to one another, particularly in the face of possible miracles. (CM)

We have been saving up some Rich Reynolds musings for a while, so we begin with something fresh as that Thanksgiving turkey was. See what you think of this AI "test." Speaking of Albert Rosales, Rich less recently considered The Caravaca and Rosales (Sometimes Dennett) UFO Encounters. Someone with the time (and perhaps linguistic abilities) should take a look at "the conversations between those Middle Age creatures and those (usually) religious oriented peoples," while leavening the discourse with the usually religious interpretations drawn therefrom. Back to the near-fully present with Rich's comments on Rat Holes: UFO People Seek Them Out. Why? Rich's opinions here are controversial and "open to rightful criticism" if his stated boundaries are crossed. But the Vallee remarks—whatever one makes of them—are of course very topical in view of Congressional actions and Douglas Dean Johnson's important "Trinity" arguments. And we focus on one of Dr. Vallee's long-time postulates in UFOs as a "Control System"? Rich misdoubts Vallee here, too, stating "a working, operational 'control system' is a hypothetical farce, an intellectual joke that can be discarded." But is the "control system" concept itself so illogical? Take for example the "Black Friday" fake "mark-down-bargain" attempts of numerous sellers—apparently because they work. Revelations of such chicanery freshly revealed by alert internetters and even "apps" (AI-aided?—one wonders) show that humans have found "thought control" attempts as useful as Hitler once did on an even more ghastly stage. (WM)

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