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August 4

People sometimes get caught in between UFOs and government. Reporter Henry Erb says "Jack Bushong was sure he was going to lose his job" with the National Weather Service for his part in the famous March 8, 1994, Holland/Grand Haven UFO radar/visual case. The article is accompanied by a very staticky audio and a series of radar screen tracings, the latter executed by Dr. Michael Swords with the assistance of radar operator Bushong and Bushong's boss at the NWS. After many years, George Knapp comes out with a troubling story in Ex-cop Says DOD Tried to Influence a Judge in the Bob Lazar UFO Saga. And a fully innocent "bystander's" life changed. The Truth Is Out There, But This Company Holding UFO Info Won't Share It. Thus Daniel Otis, who explains how a Canadian government arrangement with the private company that "directs thousands of flights per day," ensures pilot UFO reports never see the light of "public" day. And Nick Redfern tells Why the "Roswell 'UFO' Incident" Could Prove to be the Government's Biggest Nightmare EVER. And it's besides Nick's claim that "numerous civilians caught up in the maelstrom were 'treated' to death-threats." (WM)

We've heard the stories before of children with detailed memories of past lives. Typically it seems these situations occur in families where reincarnation is accepted as fact and life essentially goes on with the shadow of an unseen (previously deceased) third party in the background. This is not one of those stories. The idea of multiple lives faces skepticism, and a reunion of the reborn with past loved ones is awkward and troublesome. Speaking of awkward skeptics, do you ever wonder if anyone on those spook hunting shows privately thinks, What’s the Point of EVP? Well they do, but the significant peer pressure asserted by a group dependent on the interpretations of their leader for ratings and/or employment keeps the skeptics silent. Even ghost hunters have to eat. But they really should be more careful: Woman ‘ghost hunting’ falls through roof of New York train station, police say. (CM)

There's more to the J. Allen Hynek "swamp gas" remarks for the 1966 Michigan sightings than Micah Hanks can discuss, but he well explains what's also behind the strange phenomenon Hynek invoked. From natural marvels we turn to Constructed Creatures: "Things" That Aren't Entirely "Real". That's courtesy of Nick Redfern, who covers well-known possibilities followed by jaw-dropping stories of Brad Steiger "look-alikes." Now that he's got your undivided attention, Nick tells you some Things About the Rendlesham Forest "UFO Landing" You May Not Know About. In a sense Nick challenges readers to get active, for "There are plenty of Rendlesham secrets still to be investigated and exposed." On a lighter note, Paul Seaburn speculates that UFOs May Be Billionaires from Other Planets Because of the Cost of Space Food. Paul quotes some truly astronomical figures for not only the edible stuff, but also to get it into orbit and later get rid of it. And Brent Swancer closes with The Bizarre Northern California-Oregon F-15 UFO Incident. In that October 2017 series of events the jets never really "engaged" the "airborne intruder"--and that's part of the "mystery." (WM)

August 3

Good news for those with their gaze fixed on Loch Ness. More activity was recently witnessed and while it did not result in any photographic evidence, it did occur live on site. That's delightful news after months of pandemic lockdown resulting in most Loch Ness activity being viewed on webcam. It's really too bad those cameras weren't aimed closer to the shores of the loch. The Best Places to See the Loch Ness Monsters: They May Not Be Where You Think They Are. Not that we're aiming to put anyone off quiet lakeside strolls, but there have been plenty of indicators that when food is scarce in the water, yon wee Nessie lurks in the shallows, the better to snap up any unsuspecting wildlife stopping by for a drink. Some strange and perplexing examples of dry land run-ins with Something from the Loch are detailed in More on the Matter of Those Loch Ness Monsters Seen on the Land. The mid 1930s saw a number of strange encounters on the road that winds around the loch, with witnesses describing describing something completely unlike the typical Loch Ness Monster and more like something belonging in a horror movie. (CM)

The "Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" report of June 25th stated the UAPTF "has begun receiving data from the Federal Aviation Administration." Adam Kehoe and Marc Cecotti reveal some of that organization's more intriguing records. Gizmodo eschews ufologists in asking What Do the UFO Videos Really Show? Note: A "Congressional hearing" has not to our knowledge been scheduled. In considering The Pentagon UFO/UAP Report, the Nimitz Tic-Tac, and the Enigma of Alex Dietrich David Halperin makes some good points but perhaps overthinks the part about Dietrich, who happens to have been the female "wingman" of David Fravor in the 2004 Nimitz "Tic Tac" encounter. Jazz Shaw had an interesting panel discussion if only for his question Forget Extraterrestrials: What If UFOs Were Piloted by Dolphins? Then there's the result of a Hill Poll: 60 Percent Say They Think Government is Holding Back Info on UFOs. (WM)

A "Reynoldsfest" begins with Rich marveling at all the shapes reported for UFOs. Rich thinks this diversity "tells us something about the essence of the phenomenon, but what?" In search of that "essence," Rich bemoans Where are the UFO Aesthetics (Or Even Homey Provisions)? But must their insides, for instance, be more creative than the layout, uniforms, and fare of a commercial airliner? Rich explains what's behind his queries in What is the ET Essence? Rich despairs that such "creative conjecture" will fall upon deaf brains of "UFO followers who want the phenomenon to be spacecraft of alien visitors or weird phenomena that won't harm or enlighten them." For Almost All UFO Enthusiasts (And the General Public) Want a Sci-fi Explanation for UFOs. Here Rich solicits any explanation for the saucers that "startles by its logical or creative patina." A request he repeats while reiterating his contention that The UFO [UAP] ET Explanation is just old, dull thinking. (WM)

August 2

"He's baaack!" The lone aerialist who appeared in The Wrong Places overlooking Los Angeles' primary airport has returned. Tyler Rogoway expresses disbelief that this potentially dangerous mystery hasn't yet been solved, offers an audio of the pilot/air traffic control banter about the phenomenon, and promises updates when available. Miguel "Red Pill Junkie" Romero chimes in that The Adventures of 'Jetpack Man' Continue!, offers several past videos of what/whom pilots are now calling "Iron Man," and makes and illustrates comparisons with the "flying humanoids" of Mexico "in the late early 2000s." Some think "Jetpack Guy" could be a mannikin, per Joseph Trevithick's illustrated Airliner Pilot Says Jet Pack Guy Over Los Angeles Looked Just Like This Crazy Drone. That reminds us of another atmospheric riddle as Documents Indicate How Little Officials Knew About Mysterious Drones Last Year that bothered folks in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Michael de Yoanna reviews a case whose response by authorities remains nearly as enigmatic as the flying puzzles themselves. Making "Australian (sun)Light" of the drone subject is the lead image in Bill Chalker's Drones, UFOs, UAPs and the Wonderful, Whimsical world of Leunig. (WM)

The "historian of parapsychology" died of cancer on July 16th at the age of 66. The announcement on his blog was written by his wife, Nancy Zingrone. Carlos Alvarado was a Research Fellow at the Parapsychology Foundation, and Adjunct Research Faculty at Sofia University. He was on the editorial boards of the  Journal of Near-Death Studies and the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Scientific Exploration. Alvarado received the 2010 Parapsychological Association’s Outstanding Contribution Award and the Parapsychological Association 2017 Outstanding Career Award. His scientific and scholarly work appeared in psychology, psychiatry, and parapsychology journals. Andreas Sommer has written A Remedy for Historical Split Personalities: In Memory of Carlos S. Alvarado (1955-2021). "Historical illiteracy," he writes, "especially if it is an expression of reluctance to face certain cultural realities, ... comes at a cost. By losing Carlos, we have been deprived of one of our richest remedies for it." Rest in Peace, Carlos. (PH)

The antics, apparent associations, and unknown purposes of unidentifiable helicopters constitute part of the overall ufological puzzle. Nick Redfern's weird examples of this phenomenon go back to 1957. In The Collins Elite: What in Hell?! UFOs, Demons and Putting the Picture Straight Nick corrects misconceptions about a group that may employ these machines for nefarious ends. Reading Nick's gripping Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife (Anomalist Books) will help elucidate the Collins Elite and may very well scare the "heck" out of you. But wait; there's more from Nick on this in his Non-Human Entities and Wholeness and the Implicate Order. It even contains a "Collins Elite" explanation for "the phenomenon of cattle mutilations and mysterious helicopters" Nick profiled in his first article. Reinforcing the possible UFO connection with "mutes" and "phantom helicopters" are Cattle Mutilations Reported After UFOs Appear in Argentina. Paul Seaburn adds an apparently recent confluence of those two phenomena. (WM)

August 1

"In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics" is Homer Simpson's mantra, but The Next Web shows how Google has discovered a workaround to Newton's laws of motion by using them in the real world. We first mentioned time crystals back in the spring of 2013, not really grasping their utility, but this article lays out their groundbreaking practicality without losing signal to Treknobabble. For those who are stout of heart, read Google's Observation Of Time-Crystalline Eigenstate Order On A Quantum Processor. For those who merely wish a challenge, rather than rolling a sanity check, dig Natalie Wolchover's Eternal Change For No Energy — A Time Crystal Finally Made Real. Remember Google's submission has yet to be peer-reviewed. (CS)

Are American diplomats and agents really suffering from injuries related to a Cuban/Russian/Chinese super weapon? Or might it all be in their heads. Patricia Karvelas gets Dr. Robert Bartholomew to talk about this five year old phenomenon, and what he's discovered with his investigations into Havana Syndrome which are reason to maintain some doubt. On the other hand, the CIA Director Says He Is Escalating Efforts To Solve The "Havana Syndrome" Mystery. Despite arguments to the contrary, the US Government and the CIA are serious as a heart attack when it comes to anomalous health incidents and the potential link to adversarial foreign actors. Be a fly on the wall as Mary Louise Kelly listens to CIA Director William Burns's roadmap for the agency and why anomalous health incidents are too serious to ignore. (CS)

The Curiosity and Perseverence rovers keep sending back data suggesting Mars was positively damp back in the day, yet no signs of life have been sighted yet. Why? While Liam Stewart's headline may seem like a conspiracy is afoot, but those plucky rovers may be telling humanity the real reason why evidence of putative martians may be so elusive. In ther space news, ardent anomalist will know The Anomalist loves to illustrate the brokenness of the Standard Model of cosmology, and it seems mainstream news is going to jump on the bandwagon considering Ethan Siegel's The Standard Model Is An Orphan Theory Now. While Ethan's piece is more of an obituary for Steven Weinberg, whose keen intellect contributed to the Standard Model, it's also a pre-obituary for cosmology-as-we-know-it since the cracks are beginning to show and can't be dressed up like before. (CS)

The funny thing about shadow entities is they're only spotted during the day time. We like to assume these are the least-intelligent of shadow entities since it's so much easier to go unseen at night. Such beings did not escape the steely gaze of Maxine Hughes nor Tim Binnall, demanding divine intervention along with advice from the teeming masses on the internet. Twelve hours later, as the time crystal shifts, Nick Redfern's When A Shadow Can Become Your Enemy In The Dead Of Night shines a light on the darker side of the phenomenon and its beings. What's damnably elusive is why these things have a penchant for broad-brimmed hats. (CS)

July 31

If there's one story defining forteana for the final week of July 2021, it's this gem from the pen of the legendary Tim Binnall involving a little kid, a ghost, and getting all the facts right. Did a little kid see the specter of Sandra Hughes, because it sure as heck seems like it. If you don't believe, the Sierra National Forest is notorious for The Restless Spirits Of Shuteye Peak as enumerated by Tim Christensen which are equal parts Missing 411, true crime, and campfire stories. While an incident around a national park may grab headlines, we're glad Jorge Vela is on the case when there are Ghost Sightings Reported On Laredo's Mines Road and among those are La Llorona! While the blurry photo may not be worth a damn, these first person accounts are welcome chills on a hot Texas summer day. Continuing our journey southwards, Scott Corrales tells of A Voice From Beyond The Grave. Just before a fishing expedtion, someone heard a weird and disembodied voice which precipitated one of the strangest days ever recorded. (CS)

And you thought dreams of being late for class while naked were bad, pity the saga of Daniel Porter. What Oddity Central's contributor completely avoids addressing, despite the superficial details presented, is the nature of memory and how those old memories are fresh after two decades and trauma. On the other hand, Paul Seaburn is our man in Rajasthan with the tale of Man In India With Rare Disorder Who Sleeps For 300 Days A Year. Come discover the magic of HPA Axis hypersomnia and why too much sleep is as dangerous as too little. (CS)

Some may be confused by the omission of Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell in Brent Swancer's dissertation, but remember that Corbell doesn't really present lies. Rather crumbs for the gullible to "weaponize their curiosity". Shade aside, Swancer always provides quality material and his collection of crapumentaries would certainly make for a fun TV watching weekend, or date night with that someone or something special. Of course fakery shenanigans go way back, and Dr. Karl Shuker recounts Koch's Monstrous Missourium And Horrid Hydrarchos from the 19th century and the other P.T. Barnum, Dr. Albert C. Koch. While Missourium and Hydrarchos aren't gaffs, these chimerical displays certainly put butts in the seats. Part one concerns the magnificent Missourium, but Part Two addresses the impressive Hydrarchos, two exhibits which helped Dr. Koch seek out other marvels. (CS)

July 30

The then-Weapon Systems Officer who made the famous 2004 "Tic-Tac" recordings gives his first on-camera interview, telling how he came up with that now-historic moniker and why he thinks what he "captured" is so significant. Commander Chad Underwood affords Jeremy Corbell yet another coup in a dialogue highlighting yet-unreleased radar data, underscoring that multiple sensory systems support his encounter. Duncan Phenix notes salient points and offers a transcript from the entire exchange at Navy Aviator ho Recorded Tic Tac Video Speaks on Camera for First Time. CNN Business continues an outstanding theme in that Underwood interview and provides context at The 'Baffling' Thing about UFO Tech That Has Security Experts Worried, while Keith Basterfield extends the discussion internationally in The Recent SIGMA2 3AF French Report on UAP. Keith summarizes an English-language summary of the 377-page document and tells where to get the complete French-language Report. (WM)

A radio station in Texas is currently engaged in one of our favorite activities--stirring the proverbial Bigfoot pot. Describing possible sightings in the area over the last 20 years, the station has declared that Bigfoot is overdue for an appearance. But don't pay attention to the Somerset Insider page on Facebook, which has what they claim are Several Photos of Possible Bigfoot Near Kentucky Lake — Or Are They? It's a parody site. Here's an even murkier report: Second Possible Bigfoot Sighting Reported in Ashland County, Ohio, in Less Than Two Months. The witness--if indeed that's what he was--was cutting the grass and didn't have his cellphone with him to snap a photo because it had just rained hard. Who cuts their grass right after a hard rain? Sounds sketchy. We finish up this flurry of Sasquatch reports with Man Photographs Possible Bigfoot in Iowa. The photos unfortunately don't offer a lot in the way of sizing perspective, so the teeny tiny dark image could be a Bigfoot. Or a crow. Or a bear. Or a dude in rain gear. Even the BFRO hasn't published the photo, which speaks volumes. (CM)

The Harvard astronomer who's just co-founded The Galileo Project joins John Greenewald to discuss the initiative and its rationale. Loeb reiterates his theme of guidance by evidence rather than philosophy, theory, or emotion; he believes it's nothing "extraordinary" to conceive of possible ET intelligences; and he maintains that whatever this activity discovers will be a "gain." Besides outlining The Galileo Project, Loeb recounts how the 'Oumuamua discovery marked a turning point in his thinking, and identifies those whose recent generosity galvanized his thoughts and created the Project. Kevin Randle offers impressions of the Monday announcement in his Galileo Project and Avi Loeb, while linking to a January 28th podcast interview with Loeb on 'Oumuamua. Miguel ("Red Pill Junkie") Romero atones for an oversimplified characterization of the "martyrdom" of Giordano Bruno with a typically provocative discussion of the Loeb and co-founder Frank Laukien Announcement with Avi Loeb's Galileo Project: Raising the Middle Finger to UFO Whistleblowers & the ET Search Establishment. And Loeb joins old friend (and The Galileo Project Scientific Advisory Board Member) Brian Keating in a more personal discussion of Loeb's experiences since 'Oumuamua's discovery, illustrating some fundamental problems within the scientific community at The Galileo Project: Systematically Searching for Evidence of Extraterrestrial Technological Technology!. (WM)

July 29

John Greenewald dissects documents recently received through FOIA, with his headline featuring the most significant finding. John also learned separately that the "Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" released on June 25th and its classified annex "are substantively consistent and the key conclusions are the same in both." Luis Elizondo has now revealed that the Pentagon Has Extremely Clear 23 Minute UFO Video Showing 'Multiple' Craft Moving in Strange Patterns, Claims Insider. Henry Holloway says Elizondo's recent interviews have provided eyebrow raising "snippets of information," including that this particular UFO footage is "'compelling' and enough to make you go 'woah'." Well, Chris Impey would like to see it, because such Government UFO Data Should Be Studied By Scientists, This Astronomer Says. Micah Hanks notes how Impey's recently "weighed in on the debate over UFOs" and summarizes an Impey perspective differing from that behind Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb's new initiative. Impey confesses that "historically I had sort of been interested in it [the UFO topic] as the sort of archetype of pseudoscience." This attitude David Bates attacks vociferously in What's the BBC Got Against UFOs? Bates holds up the BBC as the "archetype" of "the historical disconnect between the reality of the UFO phenomenon and mainstream journalism." Bates asserts "No, ufologists are not pseudo-scientists, and they are not scientists. They are journalists," and tells unserious mainstream media outlets "It's time to cut the crap." (WM)

Mid-July brought some unwelcome excitement to a community in Argentina. A farmer seeking to understand why two recently born calves were left to fend for themselves in his field was met with a horrific sight. His 400 kg heifer lay dead and mutilated some 5 km away, with incisions cauterized and no trace of blood on the ground. The authorities were notified, resulting in investigation by a police veterinarian and a ufologist. Wanting an exciting and somewhat easily explainable conclusion is one thing, but getting it is quite another. So Nick Redfern asks the question Cattle Mutilations: Who or What are the Culprits? His answer may surprise you because while it does involve conspiracy and governmental coverup, no aliens are involved. (CM)

"Japan's Pyramid" got its nickname from its "orderly triangular sides," but there's much more to this "mountain of many mysteries" than just myth. Hikoshi Tamura says an archaeological investigation only added to the place's fascination. There's a much wider-reaching surprise and conundrum in Secret Patterns Found in Arrangement of Medieval Islamic Tombs. "They were set up a little like galaxies in the universe." Owen Jarus isn't saying there's necessarily a celestial connection here, but studying locations of a staggering 10,000 monuments in Eastern Sudan with the "Neyman-Scott cluster process"--formerly used in astronomy--has produced remarkable results. Locations figure in our next case, but here it's Ancient Coins in Out of the Way Places: When a Group of Scientists Looked at "Anomalous" Coin Claims. Micah Hanks' tale of the conclusion from a 1980 study of ancient coins discovered in the Americas reminds us of the ufological-based controversy between some members of the 1968 Condon Committee and its director. For a comprehensive account of such anomalies in the New World see Columbus Was Last: From 200,000 B.C. to 1492: A Heretical History of Who Was First, by Patrick Huyghe (Anomalist Books). And Ashley Cowie tells us sometimes the mysteries are confined in time and place, as with an 18th-19th century East Yorkshire, England Mystery Bottle Discovered Between Woman's Legs in Hull Burial. (WM)

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