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February 22

Host Michael Ryan chats with the author of a biography concerning one of the more enigmatic and intriguing characters in UFO history. Paul Schatzkin's The Man Who Mastered Gravity: A Twisted Tale of Space, Time and The Mysteries In Between covers Townsend Brown the man, his career, and his family in a 453-page tome. Host Michael Ryan has long studied Brown, yet as the interview proceeds his enthusiasm shows how much more he's learned from reading this book. And Joy Ryan's highly effective audio rendition from a chapter is almost lyrical. Some suggest we must rethink basic concepts of what we know and even can know about truly anomalous phenomena. Specifically, how to understand experiences "pointing to a connection with a different reality—a reality we nowadays interpret as 'the UFO phenomenon' but which seems to be more intricate and richer than our current modern stereotypes"? Thus, Miguel "Red Pill Junkie" Romero in The Owls Are Not What They Seem: A Conversation with Mike Clelland, Author of "The Unseen". Mike sees the "Owl-UFO connection" as one of five major associations between the birds and "highly-charged" human experiences. RPJ and Mike cover these and similar topics, discuss the process behind writing The Unseen, and a Kickstarter campaign to fund a professionally-read audio book of the novel. (WM)

A quick world UFO encounters tour... Stan Gordon's always a busy man, and his coverage of a barrage of sighting reports less than a week ago is ongoing. Stan does believe he may have answers soon and will provide an update when such happens. UAP Check cohosts Baptiste Friscourt and Guillaume Fournier Airaud interview Jann Halexander in UFOs in Africa, Encounters and Aftermath. Halexander's The UFO Issue in Central Africa: (Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo) was just published in an English version, and helps fill a serious western knowledge gap concerning a significant UFO history in particularly Central Africa. The conversation highlights cultural influences on UFO reporting and affords good perspective on how European and particularly U.S. approaches to the UFO problem are seen elsewhere. And now for some Remarkably Clear Photos of 'Flying Saucer' Snapped by Woman in Argentina. Tim Binnall has the story and the lively conversation between the television hosts and the energized woman and her husband. (WM)

Karl Shuker delves into the little known subject of the Isabella Quagga, a semi striped, tan-colored zebra hunted to extinction in the latter part of the 19th century. Then on a lighter note we look at the Mysterious 'Thundercow' Becomes Local Legend in Oklahoma. Evidently its circadian rhythm is entirely messed up because it only travels at night, when it grazes around local Thunderbird Lake. Thanks to social media the confused cow has been named Thunder Cow. Sounds like a new superhero genre. (CM)

February 21

Some rather eye-catching headlines and articles to ponder, including this imagery and story of an undersea puzzler. Seems some media folks could promote an exploration and documentary about it. That's been done in other cases and is again in process as described in A 1947 Ghost Rocket Retrieval Attempt Code Named Arctic Seals by Ole Jonny Braenne, MUFON National Director for Norway. This is the follow-on attempt to what Chris Lehto covered back in June, and Braenne says the latest effort starts on February 20th. "News will be posted on the Chris Lehto YouTube channel." And in Anna Paulina's Shocking Comments About UFOs Patrick Scott Armstrong analyzes the UFO/UAP-dogging Congressperson's recent remarks about possession of "UFO tech" and some of her key statements and questions at the historic July 26th House hearing. At podcast's end Armstrong makes an extended plea for discussion without rancor in this field, and promotes another dialogue he'll have with Metabunk's Mick West. (WM)

This podcast episode features an interview with afterlife researcher Mark Boccuzzi. Mark is one of the leaders of the Windbridge Research Center, which is focused on investigating the survival of our consciousness after death. He discusses their research into Instrumental Transcommunication, AI, and the healing power of mediumship. Next we examine The Phantom World Hypothesis of NDEs/OBEs. In the most general terms, the memories and "snapshots" of our life experiences are carried around with us at all times, thereby creating a "phantom world." When we die, as our minds reintegrate with the greater universal mind, this phantom world grows in a process of "inheriting" the perceptions of others. (CM)

Stanford prof and co-founder of The Sol Foundation Garry Nolan speaks at its November 17-18th inaugural event. Nolan offers a remarkable presentation on his work with alleged UAP materials, including some "hot off the press" at the time findings. He also discusses an initiative towards establishing standardized testing protocols for "The Stardust Repository." This is a public, scientific federation effort to analyze such certainly-industrially-processed yet strange materials and make the resultant data freely available. Jeffrey Kripal offers in "Shooting Down Souls... Good Luck with That": Some Paradoxical Thoughts on the UFO Phenomenon from a Historian of Religions. As Kripal introduces, he wrote this essay for The Sol Foundation's event. Kripal examines the UFO phenomenon/a in terms of the seven degrees of strangeness Jacques Vallee proposed in his own Sol Foundation lecture. Kripal argues that a collective of scientific and humanities-based efforts is necessary to make some progress in understanding UFOs, but that in the end we must rethink our basic concepts of what we know and whether we can know the super-reality that UFOs pose "with our present categories and order of knowledge." (WM)

February 20

The UFO Experience is largely based upon Belief, and here's a short "promo video" teasing one of the classic controversial cases in all of ufology. Another example is Rich Reynolds' Former UFO Study Official Confirms Info Found in Anthony Bragalia's FOIA Related to UFO Debris. This seems not "new news," per Billy Cox' October 25th A Glimmer of Light from the Black World. And comments to Rich's October 18th A Long-time Smoldering FOIA Argument between Tony Bragalia and John Greenewald, Jr, is Resolved seem uncertain the case was made. Based upon the posed anomalous situation's similarities to a "Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control" scenario positing how to react to a hypothetical situation (see Author Explains Fire Service Guide To UFO Response) Lacatski could have offered the "question in question" to illustrate an as-yet unaddressed potential issue. Interestingly, the Department of Defense Inspector General recently indicated the military offices still lacked a coordinated plan regarding an alien encounter possibility. Patrick Scott Armstrong asks why The Why Files Doesn't Trust David Grusch? Armstrong has more questions, too, about Richard Doty and others—plus an item rather supporting Anthony Bragalia's beliefs. And Belief "goes all in" with Red Pill Junkie's [Review] Raël, the Alien Prophet. One of Netflix' best documentaries follows the rise and fall of Raëlianism, reinforcing "RPJ's" belief that "Hoaxes play an important role in this mystery and society in general, whether we like it or not." (WM)

In an example of "What the heck was that?" a baby monitor has recorded what looks like a disembodied arm reaching into a child's crib to pick up a dropped pacifier. However, while the monitor was a new purchase for the family involved, there's no indication if it had in fact been used before and its recordings only haphazardly erased. In the same category, Indian Village Tormented by 'Sinister Spirit'. It seems after hearing a knocking, a villager opened their door to witness a dark hair covered being with large feet leap from a tree. There have also been strange screams and howls reported. A slaughtered goat is the final touch in a situation that sounds as if a Bigfoot-like creature has taken up residence rather than an evil spirit. Finally we have this Ghost Sighting Terrifies Teacher and Students at School in Zimbabwe. An apparition was visible to both the teacher and students at the same time, lending credibility to the sighting. However  school officials were quick to blame the incident on a faculty member practicing something occult, so it may become an excuse for a witchhunt. (CM)

This headline and interesting source history should catch the early business-week eye. This February 16th rave review says "The film's timing is impeccable," as did the "It is the perfect time to release the film" of the similar September 26th's New UFO Film-God Versus Aliens-Suggests Life May Be A Computer Game Controlled By Aliens. Actually, upon second thought, both claims may still be correct. No better example than this Mystery Video Shows Glowing Dots 'Flying' in the Night Sky over Chinese City as Locals Fear 'Aliens Attack the Earth'. The Chinese have really mastered drone swarms... Neat videos here and in reporter Aiya Zhussupova's additional offering I'm a Pilot-I saw a Giant UFO Twice the Size of a City While Flying at 35,000 ft before it Vanished into the Night. Arturo Saucedo recounts his experience on Armando Saucedo's podcast. Coincidence? And The U.S. Sun's third contribution here takes us Inside Top Secret RAF Base Dubbed 'Britain's Area 51' Where Time Stands Still and 'Aliens Hide in Underground Tunnels'. The aerial and inside views of fabled Rudloe Manor are complemented by a very informative text. Overall, an interesting series of articles on UFO impacts upon the human psyche. (WM)

February 19

Why cover a three-month-old discussion on a Congressional NDAA initiative that was "gutted" in December? Because it shows the value of what was proposed to do about the UAP/UFO problem, the prospective stakes stemming from that disembowelment, and what therefore needs to be accomplished. Army Reserve officer Col. Karl Nell's concise, comprehensive, and straightforward breakdown of the "Schumer Amendment" deserved more time than allowed, and deserves more consideration than it's received. A central element in Nell's argument is explored in Christopher Mellon on The Potential Consequences of Disclosure. Mellon brings an essential perspective to many of the issues Nell describes and is passionate in his arguments for Congress to persist pushing the UFO agenda. He stresses that military, government, scientific, etc. communities shouldn't "suddenly change the standards we normally use in the intelligence committee" and downgrade witness testimony. He recalls history's lessons about effects on society from previous existential threats, and how lack of prior preparation for an "alien reality" could leave "behind a devastating psychological and spiritual void." Agree or not with Mellon's vision and those he quotes at the end of his presentation on where society is going, and his "Ronald Reaganian" hope for benefiting "from an awareness we are not alone," but Christopher Mellon voices critically important—and neglected—issues. Both Nell and Mellon's presentations received intense criticism from skeptics and others of whatever bent, and The Sol Foundation is to be commended that they are now publicly—and freely—available. (WM)

Colonel John Alexander is a former Army Special Forces Commander and is credited with research in non-lethal weapons and paranormal applications to the military. In this long interview, he discusses his experience of jungle warfare in Vietnam, the roles of coincidence and intuition, and some of the experiences detailed in his book, Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences with Things that Can’t Happen – But Did, published by Anomalist Books. Next, in the Unseen Beings Podcast | Greening the Paranormal - Dr. Jack Hunter, anthropologist joins host Erica Jampa Andersson to discuss the "intersection between spirituality and ecology," and moving beyond the notion of humankind as the metaphorical center of the universe when thinking of the paranormal. Prepare to change your perspective. (CM)

Lost TV Classic: The Flying Saucers The Saucers That Time Forgot
Let's return to those "thrilling days of yesteryear" with two articles about almost-precognitive, UFO-related media "firsts." Curt Collins relates what "may have been the first serious treatment of contact with aliens on television," whose theme literally set the stage for the "classic 1951 film Day the Earth Stood Still." Now for a different trend-setter in The Observer's The Kids Are Alright With UFOs, Part 2. The eerie similarities between a November 1952 Jack and Jill children's story and later contacteeism continue from Part 1. Mere "coincidence"—in such numbers? These parallels impel considering later "borrowing" from the story, or some "byproduct of the collective unconscious," as The Observer speculates. Could story author Carl Biemiller have unconsciously precognitively reaching into his own future, when he read about the contactee stories? This compels considering Dr. Eric Wargo's highly acclaimed Time Loops: Precognition, Retrocausation, and the Unconscious, published by Anomalist Books, for more understanding. (WM)

February 18

Folks talk in their sleep, others wander about, other sleepers are capable of remarkable feats, but piloting a remote car around? Micah Hanks has the scoop on REMSpace's funky experiment, what they observed, along with unflattering images of participants in wifebeaters covered in wires. Still there's no easy answer to explain this or similar phenomena. In fact all the different opinions are like a hall of mirrors, and Denyse O'Leary lays out The Many Ways Consciousness Baffles Researchers. They range from new states of matter, lizards, and electricity, yet somehow they all contribute to consciousness? No wonder the hard question is such a tough nut to crack. Another tough nut to crack is the erudite Michael Grosso busying himself by contemplating What Our Minds Can Do To Our Bodies. The placebo effect has the body heal itself because the mind believes a drug will work as advertised. People who've lived deeply spiritual lives remain incorruptible after death. This phenomena is old hat for Mike, and he has Pierre de Rudder as his centerpiece. What's so nifty about de Rudder? Decades after his death, contemporary investigators found evidence of his miraculous recovery, causing speculation on humanity's gift for self-healing. (CS)

The gut-brain axis is relatively new to science. Human stomachs, being the second-most wired part of the body, are a command center rather than actually being a brain. Plus it's full of bugs affecting our emotions and health too! Which brings us over to Buddhist monks being a merry bunch since they meditate on a regular basis? The intersection between these two statements is where Ying Sun and pals did something a little gross, revealing something mind-blowing about the effects of meditation. (CS)

February 17

Don't be surprised that asking locals questions about local strangeness makes life a little less stranger. It's a lesson learned by Thomas Lake when he made his acquaintance of Walter Mullenix. We may never know why the guidestones ended, but Mr. Lake now has an idea how they began. Funny enough, Tim Binnall broke this story in 2020 on his Binnall Of America podcast interview with J. Michael Bennett. We love you for trying, CNN. Queerer still Chernobyl's Mutant Wolves Appear To Have Developed Resistance To Cancer. It's been a subject of study before murderous fascist Vladimir Putin began attacking Ukraine without provocation, and Dr. Cara Love shares the unusual data collected over the years on these unique predators. Maybe they've developed a symbiotic relationship with a parasite or a mushroom? In what may be the shortest peer-reviewed article this editor has seen, thrill to photos of Mushroom Sprouting Out Of A Living Frog. While a far cry from Cordyceps, Chinmay C. Maliye and Lohit Y.T. have some discussion of this unusual pairing. (CS)

Exactly what it says on the tin, mate, and George Dvorsky has a grand time illustrating a novel approach to SETI using Thomas Schelling's approach to game theory. While aliens aren't blowing up stars, rather they're using supernovae as a universal phenomenon of interest, beaming out an obviously artificial message at the same time when they know there will be eyes, or something else, observing the heavens. For interested parties, Phys.Org has a crackerjack explanation of the nitty-gritty behind this technique from the SETI Institute about their Novel Ellipsoid Technique For Searching For Signals From Distant Civilizations. On the other hand Noor al-Sibai reckons Alien Probes May Have Already Visited Earth. In this case it's just jiggering numbers to increase probabilities, looking over spans of aeons than years, for alien visitation. Best of all, they don't need any evidence which isn't particularly scientific. (CS)

February 16

End-of-week news includes John Greenewald reproducing photographs from UFO Contactee Paul Villa's meetings with assorted-size ETs. It's almost as much a mystery how the snaps "wound up in the Goddard Space Flight Center records collection" as is their "legitimacy." Serious legitimacy is being given in the United Kingdom to whatever UFOs are, as evidenced by Press Release: UK Pilots Reporting UAP. This follows a "resurgence of interest" in UFOs, led by the U.S. and its admission of an air safety issue caused by the "whatsits." Things get a little weird as Patrick Scott Armstrong asks Was Jeremy Corbell Accused of "FRAUD" By Tim Burchett? "There is way more to this story than meets the eye," says Armstrong. And Avi Loeb Says the Messiah Is an Alien; Plus: David Grusch's UFO "Spiritual Awakening". Yep, that's Jason Colavito writing, and he supplies the Grusch concluding address to the November 17-18 Sol Foundation conference. Note that the FY 2024 National Defense Authorization Act's Schumer Amendment and other strong UFO language had not yet been removed/enfeebled. (WM)

Sit back for an experience that may stretch your mind beyond the breaking point. Emory University prof Dr. Courtney Brown's outside job is rather more exciting to most than his day job. Whether this particular facet of Brown's work is as solidly-based is for the reviewer to judge, but it certainly is a mind-blowing proposition. Brown also touts his remote viewing work and excoriates his and previous paradigm-challenging predecessors' critics and background academic stigma. It gets even more "detailed" in Remote Viewing the E.T. Presence and Secret Space Programs. The "bad ETs and the good ETs" are battling for control versus freedom of humanity. We live on a "prison planet"; bad ETs are into human trafficking; and Jesus was a good ET; etc. Backing off from this, and absent having a photo analyst of sorts working on this data--or as Brown preaches, doing it oneself--it's hard to evaluate his imaging claims. One wonders whether the "ionised gases, which are drawn to the electrical charge of aircraft, spacecraft and satellites" posited by an international team of scholars we reviewed previously could provide an explanation for these phenomena. See, again, Extraterrestrial Life in the Thermosphere: Plasmas, UAP, Pre-Life, Fourth State of Matter. (WM)

A review by Carl Hoffman of John O'Connor new book, The Secret History of Bigfoot: Field Notes on a North American Monster, which speaks to what it is to be human, i.e. to wonder about and even fear those things that go bump in the night. But ultimately Hoffman finds the book "a frustrating read." Read on to find out why. In other Bigfoot news in the media, there is also a New ‘Sasquatch Sunset’ Movie Trailer: Harry & the Hendersons This Ain’t! The movie is not family friendly and it might be a bit much for adults who aren't into watching daily "activities" involving defecation and fornication among hairy bipeds. Evidently it's art. (CM)

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