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June 17

UFOs and Politics to start off this work-week. Jason Colavito latches on to a portion of a Ross Coulthart speech at the recent Scientific Coalition for UFO Studies (SCU) annual conference. As usual, Jason includes what he's analyzing so that readers may evaluate his assertions for themselves. Mainstream media has seized another appearance, this time by Donald Trump himself, for comment. The Hill's Nick Robertson offers Trump on Alien Lifeforms: 'There Could Be' But 'It's Not My Thing'. A Logan Paul podcast interview apparently spent 3 1/2 minutes on whether Trump believed in aliens, during which time the former President said "we are one relatively small planet, why wouldn't it [life] be on a planet that's, you know, 400 times the size?" The Independent headlines I Want to Believe: Trump Gives Surprising Answer on the Existence of UFOs. Under a clip of Trump giving Paul some memorabilia, reporter Josh Marcus describes the dialogue with Trump mentioning questions he gets about Roswell and a question he asks regarding "aliens." But another back-and-forth here gets Salon News Fellow Griffin Eckstein's headline as Trump Says Pilots, "Like Beautiful Tom Cruise but Taller," Told Him UFOs Exist. Eckstein has more to say about that exchange, other Trump statements, and the podcast venue itself. (WM)

Fans of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a questionable duo who made their living "investigating" paranormal goings on, may well be aware of the Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut, which closed in 2019 after Lorraine's death. Filled with a multitude of cursed artifacts and supernatural articles, the museum may be best known for its extortionate entry fees. However, if you'd like to check out at least part of the plethora at the museum, click the link and keep reading. Meanwhile, Ghost Activates Ambulance Siren at Hospital in Costa Rica? Well, perhaps. The accompanying video shows a shadow figure seemingly making an escape after the ruckus starts. Truthfully, it could have been a mischief maker dressed in dark garb, or a sign the camera needed maintenance. Or it could have been a spook. Take a look and decide for yourself. (CM)

Foundations: UFO/UAP Studies Exploring the Outer Edges of Society and Mind
Academic interest in UFO and related(?) anomalies. First, David Metcalfe touts a new course he and Dr. Diana Pasulka have developed for a series called Beyond the Stars. Praising both the SCU and Sol Foundation initiatives in this public education arena, Metcalfe includes a Pasulka presentation to the latter group and sign-up information for this course, beginning on June 24th. A Professor Tells Fox & Friends UFOs Could Be Aliens Or Time-Traveling Humans: 'Could They Be Walking Amongst Us?'. Writing for MediaIte, Isaac Schorr provides the short Michael Masters interview, and perhaps is kinder to Masters than was the Fox talent. The academic paper in question is The Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis: A Case for Scientific Openness to a Concealed Earthly Explanation for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena, available from ResearchGate. And Alexandro Rojas talks Ball Lightning Science with Dr. Karl Stephan as part of a recent Open Minds UAP News episode. (WM)

June 16

Life was cheap in Mesoamerica with cataracts of blood flowing down the stepped pyramids of the Maya. Archaeologists and historians puzzled over who was chosen to sate the grim hungers of their pantheon, and Katie Hunt is set to reveal the victims. In other religious news for this blessed Sunday, New Data Supports 1300 Year-Old "666" Theory. Just as The Great Beast Aleister Crowley admonished in his Book Of The Law "Divide, add, multiply, and understand", so did Zachary Harris to gain a fresh insight on an old, infernal topic. Strangest aspect of his discovery is that forward and reverse gematria are very different. (CS)

To recapitulate Aleister Crowley again, every man and woman is a star. Each of us bears the divine within, yet that cosmic consciousness lay beneath the surface. Now Michael Grosso namechecks Kim Peek, a man with possibly the greatest capacity for memory in recent... well... memory. Mike proposes Kim was in touch with his Holy Guardian Angel, then ponders different methods to awaken this from within to harness its potential. (CS)

Why I remember when I was Tim Binnall's age that crop circles would appear far earlier than this, what with the summer solstice a handful of days away, but there's much to contemplate with this latest manifestation of cereal art o'er in Wiltshire. A bit further north, Glasgow Boy notes how Fordyce's Monster Walks Over Sceptical Theory. For those of you playing along at home, Fordyce's Monster is supposedly the Loch Ness Monster except this manifestation can walk on land with a very queer aspect. Someone on Facebook dared challenge Glasgow Boy on his turf regarding his favored topic, only to get schooled with some real skepticism. If you can't catch a flight across the pond, then head south of the border and follow Paul Dale Roberts's advice to visit The Zone Of Silence in the Chihuahua Desert. If you thought Skinwalker Ranch was weird, you ain't seen nuttin' yet. (CS)

June 15

The same rule for real estate applies to optical SETI — Location, location, location. Follow along with Mark Kaufman as he enumerates the limitations of the James Webb Telescope's targets and how it's going to take a long time to gather enough data from a lifeless rock. Should we presume a distant exoplanet is a candidate for life and knowing its properties, Sarah Wells talks to Adam Frank and Valentina Erastova for their best guesses on What Could Aliens Look Like. Ardent fans of written science fiction won't find much that's groundbreaking, yet this piece is a great way to break someone's cherry and involve them in our sweet science. (CS)

STEVE is back! He's less of an acronym but a phenomenon known as Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement, and Michael Irving shares the latest findings from ESA satellites concerning this weird light in the northern sky. Further afield, Robert Lea has the scoop on Water Frost On Mars Discovered Near Red Planet's Equator. Spotted by two ESA satellites not orbiting Earth, nobody ever expected Mars's majestic Tharsis region and its monstrous volcanoes to ever get any of the white stuff. (CS)

Of all the "A.I."-centric news this piece, courtesy of Agence France-Presse, this is the best. According to Michael Pardo of Colorado State University, Go Rams!, he and his team have sussed out elephants have names for each other with a little help from artificial intelligence. A remarkable discovery considering how other animals seem to mimic their mates instead of invoking their name. Yet another remarkable discovery is shaking zoology as For The First Time Ever, The Colossal Squid Might Have Shown Its Secret Face. Don't get too scared as this potential Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni is just a baby. Darren Orf has the 4-1-1 from the discovery and a link to the video featuring the specimen, and it's pretty darned nifty. A wee bit further north from Antarctica there's a Mystery Over Strange Whale Photos Off Aussie Coast and Michael Dahlstrom insists he's never seen anything like it. Dig the groovy photos but also the wild theories behind how this whale became so downright strange looking. (CS)

June 14

A quite dramatic eleven-year-old sighting is covered admirably by Matthew Phelan. The 2013, multi-witness, rather close encounter, and rather detailed narrative that emerges is itself highly intriguing. And the witness interview is compelling. Scientific Coalition for Ufology co-founder Robert Powell co-investigated this case at length with former police detective Phil Leech for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). H/T Dr. Thomas Bullard for the lead to this article. Speaking of drama and government connections, Fox News' Chris Eberhart says the Energy Czar Makes UFO Admission During GOP Lawmaker's Fiery Exchange - and That's Not Where It Ends. We aren't sure that Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm's "admission" was all that exciting, but Representative Anna Paulina Luna was an excellent questioner. The DOE has historically been very tight-lipped about UFOs. House UFO transparency promoters and a UFO-advocate reporter did suffer setbacks, as the House Drops UFO Amendments; Coulthart Mad Australia Laughs at Him. With no remorse, Jason Colavito reports UFOs went 0-for-4 as the House Rules Committee rejected the trio of Rep. Robert Garcia amendments and the one proposed by Tim Burchett to the House version of the FY 2025 National Defense Authorization Act. However, the House Intelligence Committee did put new whistleblower protections into the Intelligence Authorization Act. The Ross Coulthart story is less important, probably even to Coulthart, than it is to Jason. (WM)

The UFO Community has been largely unsatisfied with the recent All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) resolution of a January 2023 Eglin Air Force Base F-22/UFO "meetup." An aerospace engineer tackles the question of how an object such as what the F-22 pilot sketched could fly (if indeed it were not the "balloon" of AARO's explanation). We are not equipped to evaluate "Condorman's" scenarios, but Liberation Times writer Christopher Sharp apparently has full confidence in the "birdman." Even stranger is the Bizarre 'Orb with Mouth' Filmed Floating Over Lake in Argentina. The thing looks like a version of "Pac-Man," as anyone who can remember back to 1980 will suggest. But the four ghosts that should be trying to engage the "Pac-Man variation cryptid" were absent. And from a contested explanation of a Gulf of Mexico case and a still-mysterious "orb with mouth" in Argentina, we go to a case resolved, as Experts Say They've Identified 'Hairy UFO' That Crash Landed in North Carolina. Matthew Phelan describes how something looking like it came from a "Steampunk" "Game of Thrones" battlefield has been named—and how it's symptomatic of a larger and potentially deadly problem. (WM)

A video out of a recent Taylor Swift concert in Madrid has sparked some interest as it shows a figure seemingly dancing in the rafters of the stadium. Frankly, we have nothing more to say about this, because it was a Taylor Swift concert—it probably was someone in the rafters dancing. Next up a 'Mystery Creature' Appears During Indian Prime Minister's Inauguration Ceremony. The oath-taking ceremony took place at the very posh Rashtrapati Bhavan, and during the event a rather large four-legged creature strolled by in the background. Officials are claiming it was a house cat, but anyone who saw the actual video knows that's a big fib. We're placing our bets on somebody having an exotic pet they have no business having. (CM)

June 13

Defense analyst/journalist Marik von Rennenkampff's scathing commentary leaves no doubt why a bipartisan group in the U.S. Senate isn't buying the DoD's statements on the UFO problem. Von Rennenkampff sketches recent Senate moves to tighten the screws (and legislative control) on the matter. His linked references--particularly to the "nearly 30 pages of robust new whistleblower protections"--are extremely valuable. Regarding the House, on May 30th Matt Laslo offered the Full Bill Text: Rep. Robert Garcia Introduces UAPDA as NDAA Amendment. Garcia brought forward Senator Chuck Schumer's FY 2025 National Defense Authorization Act initiative as one of three House UFO/UAP amendments. Unfortunately, on June 11th Garcia reported on "X" at Congressman Robert Garcia that those amendments to the NDAA were blocked from consideration, ending with "We will continue pushing." H/T Chris Frantz for the initial heads-up. The American Military News has noticed Tim Gallaudet's UFO/UAP seriousness advocacy, as Beth Brown says the Ret. Navy Rear Admiral Sounds Alarm Over UFO. While the video predates the June 25, 2021 "Preliminary Assessment," the article text notes it and that the issue still seems to be brewing. (WM)

Good news for anyone living in the US! The Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies has made available—for free—the five volume set of essays from their search for the best proof of life after death that was conducted in 2023. It's over 2000 pages of reading and includes essays by the top three winners of the contest: Jeffrey Mishlove, Pim van Lommel, and Leo Ruickbie. To obtain your copies, email with name + address (US only) + you must tell them why you are interested - before June 30, 2024. (CM)

Host Martin Willis and UFO researcher/author Charles Lear cover the strange doings in the human arena figuring in Lear's Crashed Saucers and Malevolent Aliens: The Emergence of the Popular Modern UFO Mythos in the Late 20th Century. Government-sponsored disinformation into the UFO Community, "crashed saucers," plus controversial abduction research practices and "grey alien" narratives characterized the human "UFO circus" Lear chronicles. Lear also describes his "favorite" UFO case, which got messed up by competing UFO organization investigations. Let's shift our focus to skeptical Dr. Brian Keating's question to Adam Frank: Are We About To Discover Aliens? Funnily enough, as with our first interview, Keating and Frank almost immediately address the cover of Frank's recent book The Little Book of Aliens. They move to the probability of intelligent life in the universe, the lack to-date of real scientific evidence for it, and Frank's championship of microbes as more important than Keating suggests. The enthusiastic Frank is fun to experience, and his points, especially about "The Great Filter" and what is meant by "civilization," are worth noting—even for those not sharing his opinions about UFOs. (WM)

June 12

Three widely different views on attracting attention to UFOs. Billy Cox compares and contrasts "made-for-TV UFO Science" with that practiced and produced by presenters at the recent Scientific Coalition for UFO Studies (SCU) annual conference. What formula can make the very-often esoteric drudgery required for serious science palatable, if not box-office enthralling, for the mass of taxpayers (and their Congressional servants)? Well, maybe headlines like Area 51 and Alien Conspiracy Theories. What is Area 51 and What Really Goes on There? That's Russell Deeks, writing for BBC Sky at Night Magazine. Seems hard to imagine a better vehicle than the BBC for bringing credible investigations of outré matters to the General Public. But Deeks plays up the conspiracy and "Storm Area 51" angles and doesn't go into any detail on just what's up, maybe literally, at the famous "secret" site. Benjamin Taub makes UFO implications truly personal--and challenging with UFOs May Be Evidence Of "Cryptoterrestrials" Secretly Living Among Us. Taub characterizes an academic paper by a Harvard Human Flourishing Program and two Montana Technological University scholars as a "wild study - as yet not peer-reviewed." Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the latter is Michael P. Masters of the "Extratempestrial Model" of ufonauts as future humans. We'd highly recommend Mac Tonnies' The Cryptoterrestrials: A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us, from Anomalist Books, as the seminal work on the subject. (WM)

Sea Monsters have been part of the human experience for a very, very long time. In fact, even writings about Alexander the Great include encounters with strange creatures from the briny depths, which were taken as omens that the god Poseidon would come to his army's aid. Next up are 15 Funny Medieval Illustrations of Animals Artists Had Never Seen. Kudos to the artists for trying their best, considering they had never seen the creatures they were expected to illustrate. Most are difficult to identity with any certainty, except perhaps elephants with their trunks.  Enjoy this entertaining albeit brief walk through medieval history which bears some resemblance to the beginning of cryptozoology. (CM)

Worldwide high-level UFO interest reporting. Someone threw in Arizona prof Chris Impey's characterization of the October 2023 FY 2013 ODNI/DoD UAP report and not the much more recent AARO "Historical Report" with this June 6th CBS article, whose text on the bipartisan Japanese parliamentary group effort is much more current and meaningful. It does reference that "Historical Report" and also mentions Christopher Mellon's Inaugural Address to the Japanese UAP Caucus, as Mellon's website reproduces. That's a highly-effective speech, proceeding from Mellon's personal governmental experience and understanding. And Australian Keith Basterfield tells us about The Latest Academic UAP Workshop - Held in Germany. This workshop was assembled by Julius-Maximilian-University of Wurzburg, whose Dr. Hakan Kayal has been rivaling Avi Loeb as pushing for academic and scientific study of the UFO problem. As does Keith, we look forward to accessing these serious presentations. (WM)

June 11

A surprise turn to an FOIA initiative by John Greenewald resulted in a very interesting series of exchanges between Lue Elizondo and the Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review (DOPSR). John presents the exchanges and already has a new request targeting specifically the screenplay and its review. More on such government materials comes from Kevin Randle's article Moon Dust Documents Online. Kevin points out the evolving unearthing of knowledge about the Moon Dust activity, which never was a full-blown project as formerly suspected, and available (and a currently "lost" key document) online information about it. Kevin's final point: "research never seems to end and there are many rabbit holes for us to go down." And more on U.S. UFO-related efforts comes in the form of A National Science Foundation Initiative - a UAP Workshop. Keith Basterfield summarizes the rather-closed May 16th and 17th workshop's main points, as mentioned by one of its self-identified participants. Keith also references more on the workshop by Baptiste Friscourt's The National Science Foundation Organized a Private UAP Workshop with AARO and Florida State University's iSchool Assistant Professor Co-Leads NSF-Funded Workshop on UAP/UFO Communication. (WM)

Recording technology has become standard ghost hunting equipment, but it may be time to admit it doesn't serve a useful purpose as far as providing evidence of ghostly activity. For example, shifting light sources, or simply lights from the actual devices used, can create anomalies that appear paranormal in nature but are in fact very, very normal. Often it's the narrative of the ghost hunter wielding the camera that convinces viewers, rather than the actual images captured. Knibb suggests that video and CCTV be used instead to provide a control to a paranormal backdrop whereby anything out of the ordinary could be contrasted against the recorded location. But that might not get as many viewers as "recording ghosts" at every eerie location . (CM)

Mark Russell Bell has assembled a remarkable set of recordings from mostly the Contactee and more esoteric side of ufology—itself admittedly a rather exotic subject. Bell also includes much other material that is fascinating, if somewhat outside of many readers' "familiar zone," and has important information about the Wendy Connors "Faded Discs" collection. More on people talking about UFOs comes from Inquisitr Entertainment Writer Ishita Sen Gupta, who says Here Are 9 Celebrities Who Believe in Aliens: "They're Real". Many of them remark sensibly about the arrogance of humans thinking they're the only intelligent beings in the universe. But a couple have had their own sightings. And Fansided's John Buhler reports The Truth Is Out There: Raiders Superstar Claims Team Had a Supernatural Experience. Well, Maxx Crosby says his Las Vegas Raiders football squad once had a pretty interesting sighting on a flight back from Miami. Buhler has fun with this, but seems to accept the tale as true. (WM)

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