The Anomalist


The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials

by Patrick Huyghe

From the book...

Suspicions about what the aliens really look like have haunted UFO researchers for years. Some think that the human-looking entities, such as the blond "Nordics," might actually be screen memories imposed by the aliens. Behind the mentally imposed human mask lies the actual alien face, they say, though what the real underlying face looks like might be difficult to uncover. In one case, a witness told California psychologist Richard Boylan that she had encountered a "spaceman." When he invited her to look closely at the face of the "human" spaceman, she replied, "Oh my! It's not human after all, it's one of those Grays." But when he then suggested that she look closely at the face of the Gray, she realized that the Gray was actually a reptoid.

The real nature of these aliens is obviously quite elusive. One case in particular drives the point home. It took place on the night of May 30, 1974, in South Africa. When asked by the hypnotist what the aliens looked like, the witness replied, "They looked how I wanted them to look..."

Avon Books, 1996
ISBN 0-380-78128-X
New Enligh Library, 1997
ISBN 0-340-69503-X
Trade Paperback, 136 pages
54 illustrations

"As field guides go, this one is out of this world!"
--Tattered Cover

"Once the concept of extraterrestrials managed to dominate very nook and cranny of the media, it was inevitable that someone would proceed to deal with them scientifically
and establish a taxonomy...
--Skeptical Briefs

"A useful reference guide that blows your mind. Very well done."
--The INFO Journal

"...a useful refernce work...well written and entirely neutral in tone. Huyghe's work deserves to be accepted into the ufological canon, and once the endless Roswell cash-ins have withered and died, I suspect this book will still be going strong."
--Fortean Times

"Thought provoking and recommended."
--The MUFON Journal

"Who knows? In centuries to come, Huyghe may be considered the Linnaeus of extraterrestrials."
--UVA Alumni News

Both Editions are
Signed NEL Editions