The Anomalist


The Field Guide to UFOs
by Dennis Stacy and Patrick Huyghe

From the book...

The late J. Allen Hynek, Air Force astronomy consultant for Project Blue Book and founder of the Center for UFO Studies that now bears his name, once referred to the sheer number of UFO reports as an "embarrassment of riches." The numbers would certainly seem to bear him out. One Gallup public opinion poll revealed that nine percent of the adult American population, equivalent to about 11 million people at the time, had seen what they thought was a UFO. Extrapolated worldwide and over time, the number of UFO witnesses from the last half century alone easily extends to the tens, if not hundreds, of millions--only a minuscule fraction of which are ever reported to the military, law enforcement officials, or civilian UFO research organizations.

This inherent embarrassment of numbers includes an embarrassment of forms as well.Obviously, if we had had, say, 37 million reports of the same object since Kenneth Arnold's landmark 1947 sighting, we would all be more or less agreed that an invasion of advanced and presumably extraterrestrial technology was now well under way. But the fact of the matter is that UFOs are routinely reported in a vastly bewildering variety of shapes, forms, and behavior. It's one thing to contemplate that we're being visited on a regular, if not daily basis, by extraterrestrial visitors. But it's quite another to posit the position that planet Earth represents little more than a convenient truck stop on some intergalactic highway, a brief stopover between one edge of the Milky Way and the other for every passing vehicle of alien manufacture and its occupants.

Quill/HarperCollins, 2000
ISBN: 0-380-80265-1
Trade Paperback, 180 pages
51 illustrations

"This book is a welcome addition to the library of those eager to know more about the subject of UFO shapes. There is no question that the authors are knowledgeable and have done their homework. . . The numerous black-and-white illustrations by Harry Trumbore are well done, and add appreciably to the book's interest and value"
--The Explorer

"Stacy and Huyghe make some interesting points. . . even if some UFO reports are produced by something very exotic indeed, it is unlikely that that something is an alien technology, and more likely to be something we currently have neither concepts nor vocabulary to describe."

"Meaty. . . a detailed look at representative cases of UFO sightings and the varying configurations reported by witnesses. . .The Field Guide to UFOs delivers good value for its price."

". . . the authors do a fine job in organizing [UFO shapes]. . . [a] nicely done guide by writers who know what they are doing. . ."
--MUFON UFO Jourrnal

"An interesting introduction explains why the authors decided on recognizing eight and only eight basic UFO shapes. . .This book is a fine piece of research"
--Saucer Smear

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