The Anomalist

Swamp Gas Times:
My Two Decades on the UFO Beat

By Patrick Huyghe

SWAMP GAS TIMES is a revealing memoir by a journalist who has covered the UFO field for more than twenty years. This honest, behind-the-scenes look at how the media handle UFO stories also examines the dramatic events and major players that have transformed UFO research in the past quarter century. [Excerpts] [Reviews]

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Patrick Huyghe was a freelance science journalist for more than two decades during which he also acted as contributing editor to Science Digest and Omni. He has authored numerous books, including a series of field guides to the unknown for Avon and Quill; taught science writing at the college level; produced public TV documentaries for WGBH-Boston and WNET-New York; and written texts and interactive scripts for science exhibits from New Jersey to Malaysia. He is currently the editor-in-chief of Paraview Press and also edits a print and web journal on the mysteries of science, history, and nature called The Anomalist.

Anomalist Books
ISBN: 1933665459
Trade paperback: $17.95
349 pp. with 8 page index

Sample chapters from Swamp Gas Times without the book's commentaries and updates to articles originally written for The New York Times, Omni, Science Digest, Newsweek, and elsewhere.

Rave Reviews:

See Colin Bennett's "An Experiment in Autobiography: A Review of Patrick Huyghe’s Swamp Gas Times" in Phenomena Magazine.

See John Rimmer's review "A refreshingly balanced approach to ufology" in Fortean Times.

" of the best journalists covering the UFO scene...fascinating, level-headed and filled with behind-the-scenes insights... highly  recommended..." --Peter Robbins,

"The UFO Beat, as Huyghe calls it, is a drama of many scenes based upon a puzzling complex of physical, physiological, and psychological phenomena...The personalities involved are fascinating; and Huyghe has confronted many of them in his many articles...His interviews and oversight give him an unrivaled vantage point from which to sketch out one of the most fascinating social phenomena of our time...It's an insider's view well told." --William Corliss, Science Frontiers

"Having removed himself from the 'gutter-roots' of UFO group controversy, Huyghe is able to combine an outsider's objectivity--being in thrall to no group or partisan publication--with an insider's knowledge of the complexities of the subject and of the politics and personalities involved....each of the pieces in this book is a model of literate UFO journalism...An essential book for anyone who wants a rational guide through the UFO jungle..." --John Rimmer, Fortean Times

"Huyghe lives up to his ambition of tackling the topic with honesty and integrity. This one comes highly recommended..." --Kenn Thomas,

". . .one of those pulse of treatments that examines its subject, ufology, so closely from the inside out, it makes your flesh crawl. . .It is well-written, it is fascinating, and it is revealing." -- Loren Coleman, Fate

"[Huyghe] is an excellent journalist and editor... with a keen sense of objectivity, awareness and insight. I highly recommend his latest..." -- UFO Lawyer Peter Gersten

"You do yourself no favor if you fail to buy, read and seriously think about this book."
-- Geroge W. Earley, UFO.

" excellent writer... will keep the reader turning the pages as they review highlights of the past half century." --Dwight Connelly, MUFON UFO Journal

"The UFO book of summer 2001! ...[will] please readers looking for something other than the usual dry recitation of sightings." --F. Milton Olsen III, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy