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The Alphabet of Anomalistics

by Chris Savia

A is for Anomalist
A grand old site
We post by day
And write all night

B is for blood rain
Don't forget your umbrella
High strangeness don't care
If you're a dame or a fella

C is for crop circles
Upon green English fields
Good forteans use skepticism
As their mighty shields

D is for dybbuk
Hiding in a box
One can be tamed
With bagels and lox

E is for Earth
Whether hollow or flat
Her secret is elusive
To all, but cats

F is for Fort
Patron of us all
Now swims the Super Sargasso
With aliens, big and small

G is for ghosts
Clanking their chains
Stuff 'em in a dryer
After it rains

H is for hauntings
Going bump in the night
Call Hayley Stevens
To guard you from fright

I is for Icke
One contentious fellow
Bonked too often in football
And lost all his mellow

J is for John
Keel is his last name
If it weren't for Mothman
What'd come of his fame?

K is for ketamine
Granting visions so bold
Had Lilly been moderate
He'd be 103 years old

L is for lizardmen
Reptilians to others
Adversaries of the Greys
Our space brothers

M is for Marfa
Famous for its lights
Clever Texans know
Never go out at night

N is for Nick
Nick Redfern, that is
The most prolific writer
In our weird biz

O is for Olmec
A civilization long dead
Still watching the jungles
With giant stone heads

P is for pyramids
Sentinels of the sand
Who knows what horrors
Still haunt desert lands

Q is for queer
A synonym for strange
Like those poor raccoons
Suffering from mange

R is for Roswell
Nineteen forty seven
Does anyone think
Aliens go to heaven?

S is for star jelly
Where's cosmic peanut butter
To make a sandwich
Perfect for a nutter

T is for tulpa
From the Tibetan plateau
Demons from your head
Not from below

U is for unidentified
Flying objects, there be
Keep looking up
You're bound to see

V is for vardoger
A doppelganger, but kind
Showing up early
While you're running behind

W is for weird
Beyond mortal comprehension
Only the kooks dare
Celebrate it at conventions

X is for files
Always good for a scare
Don't roll your eyes
The truth is out there

Y is for yowie
'Straya's hairy man
Punching out 'roos
And crushing beer cans

Z is for Zener
Famous for his cards
Searching for psychics
In our own backyards

*         *        *
Copyright 2018 Chris Savia