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Bigfoot Labeled: A Depression-Era Image from California Discovered
by Loren Coleman
One measures a circle, beginning anywhere, said Charles Fort. If so, then perhaps we can learn more about California's experience of Bigfoot through lettuce. Lettuce? Yes, lettuce, or rather a crate label for lettuce. Actually, it's a fruit crate label. Let me explain, backing up just a bit first. . ."

Monsterous Sounds: A Field Investigation of Texas Bigfoot Vocalizations
by Chester Moore, Jr.
"The devil himself couldn't have made more frightening, vile sounds. An enraged cacophony of growls, yells, and grunts broke the silence of the darkened forest and stirred the very core of my 12-year-old soul. My father and I were rabbit hunting near a creek bottom in the deep pine forests of Newton County in East Texas and happened upon some thing that didn't appreciate our being there. With each passing moment the noisemaker seemed more agitated as it increased the intensity of its furious-sounding cries. . ."

Hoodwinks: A Look at Hooded Entities

by Michael D. Winkle
"One night in 1985 my younger brother Mark drove down a dead-end road off 81st Street and Riverside Drive in Tulsa, Oklahoma, just to see where it went. Back then the area was quiet and wooded; later the road "punched through" to 91st Street and became part of Riverside. My brother rolled a few hundred yards until he reached the end, a dirt turn-around surrounded by trees; to his amazement, several figures in black, monklike cowls dashed out of the reach of his headlights as if taken by surprise. . ."

Shapeshifting: My Experience and Folklore

by Lisa Oakman
"Shapeshifting is the ability to change form, physically or in the subtle body, either one's own or another's. I have not only watched beings shapeshift their forms, but have also been shapeshifted by beings. I found both experiences very disconcerting. As a result, I have always had a strong interest in shapeshifting as described in religion, mythology, and folklore; it made me feel that the peculiarities I experienced were documented somewhere. Shapeshifting tells me that physical reality is not as concrete as it appears. I had many experiences, with many kinds of beings, through my childhood and teens. . . "

Sky Visions, Ghost Riders, and Phantom Armies
by T. Peter Park
"I have always loved the old cowboy song 'Ghost Riders in the Sky,' which I used to hear on the radio frequently in the 1950s. The song always gave me a numinous feeling of eerie, wholly-other awe and mystery. 'Ghost Riders' is sometimes dismissed as a repent-or-be-damned fundamentalist sermon because of the last two lines quoted above. However, the song's imagery evokes a 'mental region' weirder and more eldritch than conservative moralistic Protestant fundamentalism. When I heard the song as a 13-year old 6th grader in the early 1950's, the words 'Their brands were still on fire and their hooves were made of steel,/Their horns were black and shiny and their hot breath he could feel,' invariably made me think of Assyrian and Babylonian winged bulls. They echoed an early adolescent fascination with ancient Mesopotamian culture. The song suggested a Wild West vision of Assyrian winged bulls in the sky!"

Southern Falls: Flesh and Stones
by D. Dwight Smith and Gary Magiacopra
"We've heard of rains of fishes and frogs
Of pitchforks, babies, cats, and dogs,
Of lizards and bats,
Of mice and rats
Of manna that fed the Jews,
And of warm blood over your shoes;
But the oddest yet
Was the shower of meat Last Friday morning!"

Teleportations: A Review of the Phenomenon in UFOlogy
by Alejandro Cesar Agostinelli & Luis R. Gonzalez Manso
"The idea that things or people can break space-time barriers or thermodynamic laws moving instantaneously for one point to another is mentioned in old popular legends or sacred histories. It is also a common literary device in science fiction narratives, considered by many as the realm of human imagination. This phenomenon received a boost after World War II, when "teleportations" appeared on the flying saucer scene, adding a new dimension to the phenomenon. . ."

A Personal Account of a Stigmata

by Robert J. Durant
"As an airline pilot, I am required to take a physical examination every six months. This is a fairly simple test of blood pressure, hearing, vision and that sort of thing. The exam must be administered by a physician certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. FAA medical examiners are not that common, and those in my vicinity require an appointment, usually a month or so in advance. My flying schedule tends to be erratic and unpredictable, making it difficult for me to meet these appointments. The following events occurred in the summer of 1990. . ."

The Oera Linda Book

by John Mount
"At the risk of reigniting an old controversy, I have before me a copy of what could possibly be the oldest collection of family manuscripts ever found. Collectively known as the "The Oera Linda Boek," this collection of manuscripts is considered by some to be the oldest book in the world--and by others the biggest hoax in the world. The story begins in the town of Den Helder in Northern Holland in the year 1848. A young man by the name of Cornelis Over de Linden, who had just come of age, was given a bundle of manuscripts containing a strange script that no one could understand. The manuscripts had been secretly passed down through his family with strict instructions that they be always handed down from father to son, always to be faithfully re-copied and guarded well. . ."

Alien Lit 101
by John Chambers
"It's a type of literature that's been around since at least the end of the eighteenth century and probably well before. And although it is by now represented by well over a thousand volumes, not a single university course has ever been taught on the subject. At least, not on this planet. I'm talking about Alien Literaturebooks ostensibly channeled by mediums from extraterrestrials residing on planets in our Solar System and beyond. . ."

Fear and Loathing on the Trail of the Chupacabras
by Jonathan Downes
"This is a personal account of our expedition to Puerto Rico in search of what I now believe to be one of the most disturbing zooform phenomena to be reported anywhere in the world at the present time. Although they are often reported as being "Mystery Beasts" zooform phenomena, are not animals at all, but are entities or apparitions which adopt or seem to have animal or part-animal form. Zooform phenomena occupy the fortean end of the zoological/cryptozoological spectrum. In many ways, these elusive and contentious entities have plagued the science of cryptozoology since its inception--and tend to be dismissed by mainstream science as thoroughly unworthy of consideration. Zooform phenomena seem to be a mysterious blend of paranormal manifestation, social or cultural icons, and misunderstood or misinterpreted inanimate objects. . ."

Little Green Men
by Martin Kottmeyer
It is the cynic's synonym for aliens. Journalists are quite fond of it and seem to use it endlessly. It is too cutesy, a gentle clue the user thinks the ufo phenomenon verges on the campy. Ufologists pretty much consider anyone using it as obviously stupid. Those who know anything at all about the ufo phenomenon know that ufonauts are never really green and never have been. Thus we have here a puzzle. How did this expression come to be a synonym for aliens if there have never been any little green men sightings?"