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Spring 1995

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Betting on the Mars Face
A Commentary by Tom Van Flandern
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Was the First "Bigfoot" a Hoax?
by Loren Coleman

"The year is 1958. Television is in its heyday . . . Drive-in theaters are all the rage . . . three movies making the circuit are Half Human, The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas and I Was a Teenage Werewolf . . . the stage was set for Bigfoot...8

On Human Origins: Out of Siberia?
An Interview with Yuri Mochanov by Patrick Huyghe

"This northern origins hypothesis was abolished to the archives of science, not because it contradicted general scientific trends or ideas, but because confirmation for it could not be found. So the concept was forgotten. But here are some new facts an d the concept starts to work again. [The] Diring [site] forces us to re-examine the forgotten concept that North and Central Asia was the original homeland of humanity...28

The Great Pigeon Mystery
by Rupert Sheldrake

"The budget for my pigeon experiments so far has been about a thousand dollars. This kind of research is inexpensive and fascinating. In any case, I can assure you that the homing of pigeons is a real mystery, even though people will tell you otherwise . Anyone who actually works in the field and who knows the literature understands that it is completely unsolved. And pigeon homing, as well as the homing of dogs and cats, and the migration of fish, birds, and other animals, all point to faculties that w e have yet to take into account....48

Groking Galloping Gertie: An Anecdotal Exposition of Remote Viewing
by David Ritchey

"Something about the emotions related to the event makes words inappropriate. Words don't work. The feeling, if it could be expressed in words, would be something like 'Get the hell out of here! Leave me alone!' . . . There's a sense of anger, a sense of outrage, a sense of violation . . . there's an insistence being conveyed that 'the hand of man' doesn't belong here..52

From Fait Divers to Folklore and Back Again
by Hilary Evans

"If we can believe the experts, wolves rarely if ever attack humans, and then when only sufficiently maddened by hunger. Similarly, eagles do not fly with babies, and would not be physically able to even if they wished to do so. The motivation usually ascribed by behavioral scientists to the narrators of these tales--that they are projecting society's collective fears onto a suitably spine-chilling 'villain'--is doubtless correct. But that does not explain the process whereby stories of this kind come to be told, not as some occurrence involving an unnamed friend of an equally unnamed friend, but to specified people in specified places on specific dates." The same also applies, Hilary points out, to encounters with the Virgin Mary and alleged alien beings..68

Myths, Mutes and More
by Dennis Stillings

"There are very few events of historical significance that do not eventually become elaborated by folklore and myth. In the realm of folklore and myth--that is to say, in the realm of psychic reality--it makes little difference whether or not an histor ical event 'really' happened as reported. To the extent that the event has an unknown or unexplained component, a psychological vacuum is created which is readily filled by the mythic imaginings of the human psyche. This mythogenesis is not confined to su ch elusive exotica as Bigfoot or flying saucers; it can just as well accompany completely 'ordinary' events of the day....80

Organ Theft Rumors in Guatemala: Some Personal Observations
by John Shonder

"I first heard the rumors from my secretary in Guatemala City in December of 1993. She assured me that the body of a child had been found at the side of a road with its chest cut open and its heart and other organs missing. A note which said 'Thanks fo r the organs' (in English) had been left in the chest cavity....88

Alien Dreamtime
by Robert Baker

"If the oxygen supply is further restricted, the sexual pleasure centers in the brain are stimulated. Knowledge of this phenomenon is often used in autoerotic aphyxia.... It is also why the alien abduction syndrome is replete with images of alien rape, the probing of sex organs, and so forth. Frequently, this sort of sexual arousal is carried over from REM sleep and, in the male, usually results in penile erection."...94

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