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The Anomalist 3

Winter 1995/6

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Extraordinary Claim? Move the Goal Posts!
Commentary by Patrick Huyghe
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The Naked Ghost
by Hilary Evans

"Nude ghosts are surprisingly rare. Indeed, Frank Clifton's experience [Texas, 1940] is so exceptional as to be almost unique. Most ghosts come wrapped. Yet if ghosts are what they are generally supposed to be, visitors from another realm of being, this is rather strange. We might think that in the next world the spirits wil l have abandoned the use of clothes, with all their inconveniences...This seemingly trivial observation leads to some more profound speculations, which carry us to the heart of the question which mankind has been asking itself for a couple of millennia and more: what are ghosts, and why do they manifest as they do?".....8

The Anomalies of Death: Exploring the "Next" World Now
by Michael Grosso

"If there is life after death, the consciousness that survives must exist, somehow and somewhere, in a way that is contemporary with our world...If so, there may be a way to conduct traffic between the two worlds; moreover, it should be a two-way conne ction. [So] what's holding us back? Why have we built a Berlin wall between the two worlds? ... Might it be because we unconsciously know that death is the gateway to alternative realities we're unprepared to explore?".....28

Visions of a Subterranean Wonderworld: The Lost Art of Richard S. Shaver
by Doug Skinner

"Few people today remember Richard S. Shaver. Those who do--mostly UFOlogists and science fiction buffs--often have only a vague idea of his career, and an even vaguer idea of his paintings. In the late 1940s, though, Shaver kicked up quite a ruckus in a scruffy pulp magazine called Amazing Stories. He claimed our world was honeycombed with huge caverns built long ago by Titans from another galaxy." With examples.....56

UFO Flaps: An Analysis
by Martin Kottmeyer

"UFO reports do not amass at a steady, regular rate. The UFO phenomenon is an inconstant, mercurial affair which changes across time in a highly volatile manner. Like some volcanoes, it rumbles along month to month and then erupts suddenly and spectacularly. The eruption of UFO numbers has been variously termed "waves" or "flaps." It is not immediately obvious why the UFO phenomenon shouldn't be a more or less constant occurrence over time..." The award-winning essay published here for the first time.. ...64

Connecticut's Mystery Felines: The Glastonbury Glawackus, 1939-1967
by Gary S. Mangiacopra and Dwight G. Smith

"Unlike most legends, the history of the 'Glastonbury Glawackus' began at a precise time in the Glastonbury township, located in the county of Hartford, southeast of Connecticut's capital city of the same name. For weeks prior to January 15, 1939, local residents had heard the blood-curdling yells of a strange animal at nig ht. Witnesses said that the animal looked like a dog--though it also somewhat resembled a cat.".....90

Beyond Coincidence: Me and 23
by Peter Jordan

"At a day job I had with a company in New Jersey, I was assigned 23 as a phone extension; 23 also became my assigned spot in the parking garage. The number also invariably turned up in hotel rooms I booked, as well as beckoning to me from road signs, s treet addresses, license plates, and wherever else my attention was drawn. Even the checks sent to me by Science Digest for my mutilation article bore the code number 23! The skeptic would, of course, argue that the number wasn't hunting me, but that I was hunting the number.".....124

What Are Mars Rocks Doing On Earth? Ancient Myth and Modern Science
by Ev Cochrane

"An entirely different explanation for the presence of Martian meteorites upon Earth emerges upon consideration of the ancient literature. As I have documented elsewhere, the planet Mars was worshiped by most ancient peoples. It follows that the red planet was the subject of much attention by ancient skywatchers, who regarded it as a malevolent force to be feared and propitiated. Indeed, Mars was associated with spectacular disasters of one form or another, not the least of which was a great flood of water descending from the sky.".....132

Involuntary Spontaneous Human Invisibility (SHI)
by Donna Higbee

One of the author's correspondents writes: "I've had this happen in stores, in restaurants, and many places. I remember joking to a friend of mine one time that I could walk into a bank, help myself to a pile of bills, and no one would ever see me beca use I was invisible.".....156

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